• -1535 DR
  • The ixitxachitl Imperium of Ilvanyv falls. In the same year, the long loyal merfolk of Thalorlyn on the Hmur Plateau rebel against the oppressive violence of the war. Coronal Essyl co-opts the rebellion by supporting a merfolk traitor, Kyron the Mad, who had also succumbed to the whispers of Dagon. Kyron rises to a position of leadership among the merfolk while secretly passing military secrets to agents of the coronal. »

  • The Eighth Seros War
  • 319 DR to 321 DR
    Conflict between the shalarins of As'arem and the merfolk of Hmurrath against the ixitxachitl of Paolan Reef. »

  • 321 DR [Year of the Blessed Sleep]
  • End of the Eighth Seros War:
    This war destroys the ixitxachitl kingdom of Paolan Reef off the southern shore of Impiltur, south and west of present-day Thesk. The reef still exists as a geographic point, not a political border, and it is an aquatic wall/reef ten miles wide and two hundred fifty miles long running from Wayrock to Cape Dragonfang. »

  • 750 DR [Year of the Dying Dwarf]
  • End of the Tenth Seros War
    This war destorys the last warring remnants of Hmurrath, though other casualties include an ixitxachitl baron's plan to take over the plateau. Eadraal, having absorbed all of fallen Hmurrath's territory, is now the largest nation to survive into the Forth Epoch, followed by Keryvyr and its sea elf allies to the west and north. »

  • 1003 DR [Year of the Labyrinth]
  • The Kamaar Slaughters
    Five merfolk war parties of Clan Kamaar of Eadraal disregard the Laws of Battle and destroy an entire ixitxachitl city with their ignoble ambush. For their crimes, merfolk King Kosul I exiles the clan to the site of thier massacre and in time the merfolk there form the city of Thuridru. »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • Ixitxachitl temporarily conquer some areas of northern Hmur Plateau (beneath the Fangrocks) in Seros, but are ousted from their redoubts within a year. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Many fishing boats based along the Dragon Coast come under attack by Ixitxachitl, suggesting that something is stirring things up beneath the waves. »