• 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Cormyr suffers greatly from dragon attacks throughout the kingdom. Arabel, Dhedluk, Eveningstar, and a score of other settlements go up in flames. Suzail itself is set upon by three red dragons and the Purple Dragon himself, Thauglorimorgorus. High Mage Thanderahast is grievously wounded in an aerial battle against Thauglor. Brought to the ground in the King's Forest, the dragon is finally slain by Crown Prince Azoun II (using the sword Orbyn) and the Mage Royal's apprentice Jorunhast. »

  • 1188 DR [Year of the Soft Fogs]
  • Pryntaler Obarskyr meets with a group of Sembians, consisting of Kodlos, Homfast, Lady Threnka, Old Bennesey and Jollitha Par to discuss the border between Cormyr and Sembia and the ownership of Marsember.

    During the discussions that lasted many days, Pryntaler is attacked by an abraxus, which poisons Juarkin and Thessilion Crownsilver. The High Wizard of Cormyr, Jorunhast, disables the abraxus and it is used as a diplomatic tool to force the Sembians to concede that Marsember is now part of Cormyr and the Thunder Gap is the border between the two nations. »

  • 1286 DR [Year of the Rock]
  • Salember, the Rebel Prince, refuses to abdicate the throne of Cormyr to Crown Prince Rhigaerd II Obarskyr. The younger prince gathers an army, the Purple Dragons, under his standard to fight the Red army. During parley, Salember attacks the crown prince but is himself slain by Jorunhast. Thankful for his life, King Rhigaerd II nonetheless exiles his High Mage for regicide. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Alturiak 6 Gayar the morkoth (and Dukar paragon) dies after a racially based attack by a recent sea elf arrival from Selu'Maraar (who joins the Dukars in penance). Jorunhast is summoned from Qatoris to become the acting paragon of the Order of Kupav. »

  • Mirtul Elves of Selu'Maraar and Naramyr open small amounts of trade with the surface-world in Suzail and Selgaunt. Cormyr sends a representative down to Myth Nantar to open dialogue with the Dukar Orders, who is shocked to meet Jorunhast, the exiled Royal Mage. While this does not strain relations, it prevents the unscrupulous lesser Cormyrean nobles from abusing his welcome. »