• Couatle War
  • c. -24000 DR to -23000 DR
    For centuries the couatls (Called into service by the god Ubtao, an army of winged serpents arrives in the jungles of Chult from Maztica) and the yuan-ti battle each other for control of the Chultan Peninsula. Time and again the yuan-ti are forced to concede their westernmost holdings to the couatls, until the war ends in a stalemate with the Hazur Mountains as the dividing line between the two territories. »

  • -2809 DR
  • The Eshowe, the Tabaxi, and the Thinguth tribes, as well as several others that accepted Ubtao's message, follow the couatls in a great pilgramage across the seas of the Jungles of Chult. The tribes land on the Wild Coast and march inland to the Peaks of the Flame, where the avatar of Ubtao welcomes them. »

  • -320 DR [Year of Netted Dreams]
  • The ophidians of Najara summon the Hss'tafi tribe of yuan-ti from the southern jungles of Chult to increase their strength against the rising power of the Netherese survivor states. The yuan-ti establish themselves as Najara's ruling caste. »

  • -137 DR [Year of Blooded Sunsets]
  • The Eshowe tribes release the Shadow Giant, a monstrous and ancient evil, and unleashes it upon the city of Mezro. Though Mezro lay in ruins as a result, the Tabaxi ultimately repel the lurking gloom. The Shadow Giant then turns on the Eshowe, nearly wiping them out in a genocidal rampage. The Tabaxi named the dark spirit Eshowdow, or Shadow of the Eshowe. »

  • 29 DR [Year of Carved Cliffs]
  • Narubel, the City of Seasnakes, is founded by Tashlutan merchants seeking to plunder the Jungles of Chult. »

  • 863 DR [Year of the Wondrous Sea]
  • The Chultian city of Mezro disappears. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The avatar of Sseth appears briefly above the water of the Lapal Sea before battling the dinosaur avatar of Ubtao on the eastern edge of the Jungle of Chult.

    Sseth stops answering the prayers of the sarrukh of Okoth, and the sarrukh approach the divine minions of the deity Set and agree to bind their god Sseth into eternal slumber if they are granted spells and aid in their battle against the khaasta. At the end of the Time of Troubles, Set claims Sseth's portfolio. »