• -3654 DR
  • A sarrukh lich of tremendous power disguises himself as a human archwizard and appears to the Netherese who have begun to learn magic from the Earlanni elves. Although he calls himself Arthindol, the Netherese dub him "Terraseer" for his power to see events all over the world. The Terraseer teaches secrets of the Art to humans and reappears to help them over the coming centuries, never seeming to age. Among his achievements are translations from many of the nether scrolls, the exploration of the Sword Coast North, the occupation of Old Owl Well, and the warning of impending doom at the hands of Karsus among many other prophecies and teachings. »

  • -2237 DR
  • The Netherese arcanist Trebbe is killed when he attempts to enchant a magical crown and the spells go awry somehow. This crown becomes known later in history as the Crown of Horns.

    He was also known for his expertise in magic that protected the spellcaster, permitting spell duels to last beyond the first fleeting moments of concentration as well as increase the life spans of those arcanists who experimented with volatile magic (including Karsus's experimentation with Heavy Magic). »

  • -696 DR [Year of Great Rain]
  • Birth of Karsus, the greatest archwizard of Netheril. »

  • -694 DR [Year of Embattled Ground]
  • The retired arcanist, Candlemas is killed by his rival for the affections of Lady Polaris, Sysquemalyn.

    Sometime ago, Karsus had time traveled into his past and inadvertently kidnapped Candlemas into the future with him. There, they became friends. While Candlemas was impressed by Karsus' genius and achievements, he became more and more disillusioned with what Netheril had become and how the archwizards cared less and less for the people under their control. Candlemas tried to stop Karsus's plans. But he was unable. Candlemas also visits his mentor (and the woman of his affections), Lady Polaris. Candlemas was disappointed at the loss of the lady's beauty and her descent into paranoia. Upon his return to the present, he left the service of Lady Polaris (which was only a few short years ago). »

  • -674 DR [Year of Dwarves Besieged]
  • The archwizard Karsus of Netheril creates the floating enclave of Eileanar. »

  • -645 DR [Year of Maleficent Counsel]
  • Birth of Shadow of Netheril. He would be the first to theorize the idea of demiplanes. His research would become banned and assassins would be hired to slay him for his theories. However, with the backing of Karsus, he would publish conclusive proof of the existence of demiplanes, and the first discovered demiplane would be named after him, the Demiplane of Shadow. With this proof, Shadow would no longer be hunted for his theories. »

  • -609 DR [Year of Six Cats]
  • Buoyance makes a covert attempt to kill a young Karsus, but immediately backed off when he realized Karsus's power. »

  • -442 DR [Year of Kings Arising]
  • Doubloon is now the center of a counterfeiting and gem operation, and Netheril desires to bring Tempera to justice. Karsus nearly traps the city in this year, but Doubloon simply disappears as the two cities close with one another. It is widely believed that Tempera had discovered a method for rendering the entire city invisible, although many more believed that Karsus banished Doubloon and its inhabitants to some fiendish demiplane that Shadow had discovered. The truth remains unknown even after the fall of Netheril. »

  • -408 DR [Year of Sleeping Dragons]
  • Karsus discovers heavy magic. In the process of experimenting with it, he slays Wulgreth of Netheril, a renegade arcanists, and transforms him into a lich. »

  • -390 DR [Year of Enchanters]
  • Lord Shadow becomes involved with the beautiful bard, Alashar Crywinds of Xinlenal. As the two planned to get married, Alashar reveals that she was actually an assassin sent to slay the arcanist for his work on demiplanes (despite the fact that the death mark had been lifted years earlier) by the arcanist Grenway. Since neither could stand the thought of killing the other, they came up with a different plan.

    Shadow's research had provided him with the knowledge he needed to transfer himself into the Demiplane of Shadow, leaving his physical form behind on the Prime Material Plane. Creating a simulacrum of Alashar, they sent her duplicate back to Grenway to report her success (where she was promptly executed). Karsus oversaw the marriage of the two in a secret ceremony, and Shadow cast his spell that drew them both into the Demiplane of Shadow forever. »

  • -360 DR [Year of Autumnfire]
  • An attack of extra-planar fiends raises havoc within Unity, the fiends trying to take control of the city to have a base from which to launch attacks against the Karsus enclave. Karsus and his advisors begin using heavy magic to deal with these outsiders. »

  • -357 DR [Year of Sycophants]
  • The fiendish invasion on Unity ends as Karsus himself finally ejects the fiends from the Prime Material Plane or slays them outright. »

  • -345 DR [Year of Good Courage]
  • Arthindol the Terraseer appears for the final time. Upon arriving in the enclave of Karsus, he warns that the goddess Mystryl is about to face her greatest challenge - one that could alter the Netherese perception of magic for all time. »

  • In the spring of this year, Unity begins seeing an infiltration of magically mutated beings come out of the Far Horns Forest. It is believed that the use of heavy magic by Karsus and his advisors in the war of -360 DR caused the anomalies. »

  • -341 DR [Year of Weeping Minstrels]
  • Lady Arilain discovers that Karsus was creating his Karsus' Avatar spell. She warns the other leaders of Opus Enclave and then goes to confront Karsus. She is never heard from again. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • Fall of Netheril
    Nearly all of the Netherese enclaves fall to the earth and are destroyed due to disruptions in the Weave brought about by the casting of the epic spell, Karsus's avatar and the subsequent death of the goddess Mystryl (Mystra). The body of the momentary god Karsus falls to earth in the eastern region of the High Forest.

    Karsus, also known as THE Archwizard, believed that the gods were nothing more than mortals who had mastered magic that he hadn't yet discovered. When he began researching 12th-level magic in the early -459 DR, he concluded that this was the power that the gods themselves wielded. His mistake was believing that common magic was what separated the gods from the archwizards, but it wouldn't be until the Time of Trobles in 1358 DR until Ao, the Overlord of the gods, demonstrates that there is more than just magic at work in the rise and fall of gods.

    Karsus was a man full of self-confidence and an unshakable faith that what he believed was the way things really were. Not even the pleadings of his closest advisors could sway him once a decision to do something was made. This character trait applied itself from the smallest of enclave decisions to the creation of the most powerful spell ever created, Karsus's avatar.

    Another facet of Karsus's personality also shined through to anyone who met him: He was stark, raving mad. He acted like an excited child most of the time, and his tantrums were to be avoided at all cost. He could be warm and friendly or ruthless and tyrannical; there really wasn't anything in between.

    Karsus went through many "special friends" during his lifetime. These were individuals whom he suddenly took a great liking to, spoiled for a while (obtaining information or services from them) and then tossed aside like a forgotten toy. Some in the Karsus Enclave viewed the designation of "special friend" as a death mark. »

  • The Sargauth Enclave in present-day Undermountain is partially destroyed as a result of Karsus's Folly, and the Netherese arcanists that survive are twisted into magically potent undead that will become known as the Skulls of Skullport. These Skulls find that they are now part of the mantle that they were working on, and now cannot travel beyond it's borders. »

  • Death of Lady Polaris of Netheril. Near the end, her beauty begane to wane. Her once slim and defined figure begane to mutate into obesity. She became obsessed with assassination plots and pretty much locked herself away from the "suitors" that kept calling on her.

    Even when Candlemas, her trusted servant who was propelled into the future by Karsus, arrived to talk to her, she could see nothing but fear, treachery, and deceit. She huddled in her castle until her death. During his time in the future, Candlemas attempted to thwart Karsus's plans that would eventually cause the down fall of Netheril. Candlemas then returned to his own time. »

  • The Opus Enclave is spared the destruction of Netheril by divining the effects of Karsus's avatar spell and evacuating mere moments before magic failed. The truth behind their salvation was somewhat hazy, however, and other sources stated that the goddess Selune personally delivered them from destruction. »

  • 883 DR [Year of the Giant's Oath]
  • Wulgreth of Ascalhorn flees Hellgate Keep and takes refuge in the ruined city of Karse. While attempting to tap the immortal power of the dead god Karsus, he is slain by his servant Jhingleshod. The magical energies unleashed upon his death create the Dire Wood and transform Wulgreth of Ascalhorn into a lich. »