• -34,000 DR
  • It is believed that the first human appear in the northern savannas of Katashaka. They soon migrate outward to populate the rest of the world.

    In the lands south of Mhairshaulk, human tribes depended on fishing, hunting and herding to sustain themselves. The tribes of Lopango, however, utilize irrigation techniques which allowed them to take up pastoral farming.

    Unfortunately the proximity of primitive human tribes to Mhairshaulk proved disastrous. Sarrukh raiding parties routinely patrolled Thinguth lands returning to Mhairshaulk with humans for food or slavery. A few are experimented upon by their sarrukh captors. Tainted and augmented by sarrukh magic, these unfortunate individuals in time become known as vrael olo, the yuan-ti. »

  • -27500 DR
  • In Katashaka, Tarrasque's grip over humanity loosens allowing the steppe peoples to pioneer the use of horses. This developement enhances their nomadic lifestyle giving the human tribes sufficient speed and mobility to manage large herds over vast ranges. »

  • -24000 DR
  • In the wake of the Sundering, many humans of Azuposi descent find themselves on mainland Faerun or scattered on newly created islands of the Trackless Sea. By -3000 DR these humans would become known as the Illuskan people.

    Other human tribes also find themeslves abandoned on mainland Faerun cut off from their homeland on Katashaka. Concentrated primarily in the south along the shores of the Great Sea, these tribes are knwon as the Tashalan, Lapal, Shaaran, and the Durpari. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Hondo the Black becomes the first Faerûnian to navigate the Strait of Lopango and explore the fabled Dark Continent of Katashaka. Accompanied by representatives from Chult, Hondo successfully establishes contact with the native tribes of Tabaxi. »