• -777 DR
  • End of the Fifth Seros War:
    The Fifth Seros War ends following the deaths of Vaeqiis II Merynth and her kraken allies, the result of sacrifices by a small band of Dukars of the Jhimari Order, but not before the destruction of the shalarin kingdom of Es'krin and the morkoth magecracy known as the Arcana of Humbar. Aryselmalyr's new ruler (approved by the four Grand Dukars as well as the elf nobility) is Coronal Pravis Orlson, who restores the peace missed for over six centuries. Kayas the Krakenscourge the traditional weapon of the Triton Protectorates of the Sea of Fallen Stars, passes into the possession of the Orlson Dynasty. »

  • -107 DR [Year of Tapestries]
  • The Krakenscourge resurfaces during the Seventh Seros War in the hands of a storm giant adventurer named Lorthar of the Waves. »

  • -106 DR [Year of the Valorous Kobold]
  • Lorthar dies in combat with a legion of elite morkoth warriors during one of the last battles of the Seventh Seros War. The Krakenscourge briefly falls into the hands of the Theocracy of the Deep Ones before it is reclaimed by the tritons, whose unexpected emergence from the deeper trenches of the sea ensures the morkoths' defeat. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • The Ahlors Protectorate is ravaged by an attack from an unexpected quarter. Iryklathagra, exploring a saline environment wholly unlike that in which she was born by means of an iridescent ioun stone, plunders the trade city of Otanyn. In addition to seizing a fortune in pearls, she makes off with Kayas the Krakenscourge and the corpse of the weapon's last triton wielder in her claws. The Krakenscourge has since lain unused in her hoard. »