• -6060 DR
  • Fall of Calim's Rule
    Lands east of the Calim Desert and south of the Marching Mountains become the human nation of Coramshan after the humans win a rebellion (with the aid of the dwarves) against surviving minor genies. Calimport and Keltar are rebuilt. The alliance between the humans and dwarves quickly founders, however, because the rulers of Coramshan soon turn to the worship of evil gods. »

  • -664 DR [Year of Turning Tides]
  • The drow nearly destroy the town of Keltar in Calimshan over the course of a 37-hour battle, given their magical superiority and a globe of darkness that they use to surround the city. Calimport's army arrives after the drow conquer the city and have shipped more than half of the surviving population into the Underdark as slaves. Although the Calimshites free the town and force the drow back to the Underdark, more than 3,000 Keltams are never seen again. »

  • 320 DR [Year of the Bright Plumage]
  • The Infernal Death
    A plague characterized by mild fever and mania strikes the cities of Memnon, Teshburl, Keltar, Calimport, Myratma, and Shoonarch in Calimshan. Combusting corpses during the plague-filled summer lead to the Plague Fires in Calimport. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • The Eight Age of Calimshan
    The dragon Sapphiraktar the Blue comes from the Calim Desert and destroys Calimport and Keltar, bringing an end to the Seventh Age of Calimshan. Beginning of the Eighth Age of Calimshan. »

  • 1265 DR [Year of Flowers]
  • The Spontaer, senior Sage-Priest of Ilmater at the House of Holy Suffering in Mussum receives in a vision, certain spells to make the Tome of Torment only usable by priests of Ilmater, and therefore render it less attractive to thieves. The Spontaer works the magics, and in the process, sacrifices his life in the process. Upon his death, despite his express instructions to the contrary, the leader of the temple, Exalted Sufferer Shrymaun Beldaerth, refuses to send the Tome to the most important Imatari temple in Faerun, the House of the Broken God at Keltar in Calimshan.

    The head priest of the House of the Broken God, Archsufferer Bloirt Waelarn calls on true Ilmatari to cast out "all heretics" in the House of Mussum. A few minor priests obey him, calling on the Holy Warriors of Suffering, the Knights of the Bleeding Shield, and the paladins of the Order of the Golden Cup. In response, the Archsufferer of Mussum calls on the holy knights of the Companions of the Noble Heart to defend them. »

  • 1331 DR [Year of the Leaping Dolphin]
  • Numerous high-ranking wizards among all the Guilds Arcane of Calimport, Almraivne, Volothamp, Memnon, and Keltar mysteriously abandon their homes and positions to depart on some mysterious mission within the Marching Mountains. More than thirty in all, they abandon their holdings and responsibilities for this unknown calling. »

  • 1341 DR [Year of the Gate]
  • The High Mistress of Worthy Suffering of Ilmater, Althea, passes from the mortal world. The sorrowing Daern is appointed Guardian of the Tome of Torment.

    He enjoys this ceremonial post for less than a year however. The one-time Archsufferer Bloirt Waelarn, who had escaped his hermitage when storms drove a pirate ship out of the Nelanther aground on Falconsrise, and crept into Keltar seeking revenge. Bloirt takes the Tome and starts to head towards Mussum.

    At Thorlor's Well (a campsite north of the western end of Ankhwood) he is halted by Sir Guth Ormpetarr, a knight of the Order of the Golden Cup, who challenges him to single combat. Waelarn accepts, and uses the Tome to cast a cairn spell to bury the knight. He then takes pick and axe and digs the cairn, severing any arm or foot revealed by his digging. Ilmater, raises the knight as a zombie to give chase to Waelarn. The former Archsufferer finally succumbs to exhaustion near the ruins of Elbulder and is strangled in his sleep by the remains of Sir Guth. The zombie hides the Tome, builds a pyre, burns Waelarn's body, then walks into the fire himself (apparently following the will of Ilmater).

    Visions sent by the Suffering God to a certain underpriest in Mussum, Kortolt Rushtyn, leads the young cleric to the hidden Tome, which he takes not to Mussum or Keltar, but to an isolated shrine of Ilmater, Raven's Rack atop Tanarspear Hill, west of Hlondeth along the coast road. There he preaches of the glory of Ilmater. »

  • 1343 DR [Year o the Boot]
  • Brigands slay Kortolt Rushtyn, the possessor of the Tome of Torment, and takes the Tome to try to sell it. They are slain by enraged citizens, many of whom had come to regard Kortolt as a boon sent by the kindly gods to keep them all safe. They present the Tome to Graycloak's Wolves, a local adventuring band, to take to Master Sufferer Olbedan of the House of the Harmed in Aralent, whom all agreed was a saintly and trustworthy Ilmatari.

    The winter is harsh and Irmar Graycloak's band never reach Aralent, succumbing to the attacks of leucrotta and dopplegangers. The Tome is lost in the snows.

    The Tome is found in the spring and sold in Amn. There it is sold just before Midsummer at a market in Crimmor by Beguld Thormon, a long-respected merchant who had been murdered and replaced by a doppleganger sometime during the previous summer. The purchasers were Thayan agents. They were still in possession of the Tome when an Ilmatari strike force stormed their house in Athkatla in the fall.

    Enduring Servant Elisker Hagathan triumphantly brings the Tome to the House of the Broken God in Keltar in the close of the year. »

  • 1362 DR [Year of the Helm]
  • The Tome of Torment is stolen from the House of the Broken God in Keltar by unknown hands. »