• -17800 DR
  • Establishment of the great elf settlements of Keltormir (present-day Forest of Tethyr that spanned all of Tethyr, Amn, Erlkazar, and Calimshan) by moon elves and green elves, seeking peace and simple lives away from the strife of the other elf realms. »

  • c. -14000
  • Tribal barbarian clans of humans roam Keltormir, hiding and hunting in the great forests and avoiding the greater races of elves, giants, and dragons. »

  • -11700 DR
  • Dragons set aflame the southern expanse of Shantel Othreier (in their war against the giants), separating the soon-to-be-called Wyrmwood from its greater body. Tethir, kin of Keltormir (soon to be called the Dragonslayer), single-handedly slays two ancient red wyrms of the Ridge and saves many elves of his own Keltormir and Shantel Othreier. Tethir's stand earns the elves the respect of the dragons, which had previously dismissed them as ignorant, two-footed cattle. A portion of Keltormir's woods are named in the honor of Tethir. »

  • Human clans settle in the clearings and meadows created by the dragon fires around Keltormir. »

  • -11450 DR
  • The Sable Wars
    Thearnytaar and Eiellur, with minimal allies from Keltormir and Shantel Othreier, invade Ilythiir, intent on destroying or reforming the dark elves before more realms fall. More than half their forces are decimated by the corrupt magic of the dark elves. »

  • -11200 DR
  • End of the Second Crown War
    Thearnytaar falls to the savage and now unrepentant dark elves, who use enslaved monsters and undead to occupy the thorn and bramble choked woods. Ilythiir now directly skirmishes with the major realm of Keltormir along its eastern and southern expanses. »

  • The elven realms of Eiellur, Orishaar, Syorpiir, and Thearnytaar fall to the Ilythiir. The Ilythiiri skirmish with the elves of Keltormir. »

  • -10300 DR
  • The elves of Keltormir, opposed on both sides by the Vyshaan of Aryvandaar and the dark elf Clan Hune of Ilythiir, strategically withdraw from eastern Keltormir, holding their lines at Highland's Edge. »

  • -10270 DR
  • The Stone and Claw Campaigns
    The withdrawal of Keltormir's forces to close and defend its own borders pits the forces of Aryvandaar and Ilythiir against each other. They soon close ranks and fight incessantly for two centuries. Battles rage across the giant-infested mountains and wemic-claimed plains north of Keltormir. »

  • -9800 DR
  • The Vyshantaar Empire's forces occupy all elf realms (except Keltormir) from the High Forest of Aryvandaar to the sweltering southern forests of Ilythiir. They begin the colonization and settlement of Evermeet. »

  • c. -9600 DR
  • Rise of the first drow civilizations in the Underdark beneath southern Faerun and the founding of the drow cities of Telantiwar and Guallidurth. The constant harassment of the Vyshantaar forces over the next five centuries help prevent their annexing Keltormir or any other lands. »

  • Drow harassment of the Vyshantaar forces over the next five centuries help prevent their annexing Keltormir or any other lands. »

  • -9000 DR
  • End of the Fifth Crown War
    The Fifth Crown War ends with the utter defeat of the Vyshaan and the dissolution of Aryvandaar. Much of the High Forest is abandoned for an age, leaving the forest open so the gods might restore its peace. Many elves begin migrating back to the Elven Court in the eastern forests, while others migrate into the Inner Sea (this marks the last great elven migration to Seros). Keltormir and Illefarn emerge intact from the Crown Wars, and the latter realm joins with the vassal realm of Ardeep now that Shantel Othreir is no more. »

  • -8800 DR
  • After an attack by a flight of red dragons on the center of the great elf forest of Keltormir, the dragon fire sparked a forest fire that raged out of control. This fire extinguished four entire clans of elves, eleven giant settlements, at least four green dragons, and thousands of square miles of woodlands (the area between two great rivers, modern Sulduskoon and Ith). The once-unified elves of Keltormir splintered into a number of separate clans. »

  • -8500 DR
  • Keltormir's Fall
    Due to fire-sundered and otherwise ravaged homelands, Keltormir dissolves into three separate forests. The Wyrmwood, Darthiir Wood (present-day Forest of Mir), and the Forest of Tethir. »

  • c. -5000 DR
  • Clash at Earthrift
    Two elven princes are accidentally killed in a dwarven-instigated landslide, and the alliance between the elves of Keltormir and the dwarves of Shanatar falls apart. »