• 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Bhaal is banished from the Moonshae Islands and Tristan Kendrick becomes the high king of the Moonshaes. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • The god Talos acts to supplant the worship of the Earthmother of the Moonshaes with the gods of Faerun. The legendary "Elf-Eater" is defeated. Alicia Kendrick is crowned High Queen of the Moonshaes. Piergeiron Paladinson of Waterdeep attends the coronation (and it is rumored that Piergeiron is taken with the new queen, but she is not taken with him. Rumor spreads quickly throughout Waterdeep).

    Seeking to reinvigorate the economy and promote trade with her neighbors, the High Queen established the Royal Office fo Commerce and Public Works. Within this new bureaucracy, she appoints the title of Master Shipwright to a young journeyman named J.P. Bozeman. He is tasked with building the High Queen a navy.

    Abandoning the oar-powered vessels crafted by their people for centuries, Bozeman instead chose to build large, sail-powered ships modeled after the great warships coming out of the shipyards of Amn and Tethyr. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Eleasis High Queen Alicia Kendrick appeals to the Lords of Waterdeep to allow her to establish a Moonshae embassy in the city. The move is hailed as a splendid one and an official royal visit is planned for Ches of the next year. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Bozeman delivers the Royal Navy of the Moonsaes to its queen, Alicia Kendrick, which numberd a total of 13 vessels. Comprised primarily of deep-hulled knarr for trade and fast-moving drakkar for defense, the Queen is quite pleased with her new navy and the craftmanship of J.P. Bozeman. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Queen Alicia Kendrick of the Moonshae Isles weds Keane.

    Later this same year, J.P. Bozeman delivers to the royals the flagship of the royal navy, an imposing carrack named Callidyrrr Hugh.

    Following the delivery of Calidyrrr Hugh and with the High Queen's blessing, J.P. Bozeman left the Royal Office of Commerce and Public Works to establish his own company of carpenters and shipwrights he names the Bozeman Line. A smart merchant in his own right, Bozeman secures an exclusive contract with the High Queen to maintain her navy and the royal shipyards indefinitely. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • The Northlander kings swear fealty to High Queen Alicia Kendrick, giving birth to a new nation, the United Moonshae Isles. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Mirtul 11 A circle of powerful druids led by Robyn Kendrick teleport to Callidyrr and drive Hoondarrh off. The damage left in the wyrm’s wake will take years to rebuild. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Eleint 30 Kendrick Selkirk, Overmaster of Sembia, is murdered. »

  • 1407 DR [Year of the Halls Unhaunted]
  • After the unexpected death of High Queen Alicia Kendrick of the Moonshae Isles, loyalists of Lionel Carrathal begin uprisings in Caer Corwell and Caer Callidyrr. »

  • 1408 DR [Year of the Solitary Cloister]
  • In the Moonshae Isles, Lionel Carrathal claims the throne of Corwell in challenge to newly ascended High Queen Feithline Kendrick of Callidyrr. »

  • 1412 DR [Year of the Dauntless Dwarves]
  • Battle of Mog Goidel
    High Queen Feithline Kendrick's armada (of the Moonshae Isles), led by Admiral Felim Voel, is victorious over Amnian warships in the epic Sea Battle of Mog Goidel. »