• 616 DR [Year of the Ensorceled Kings]
  • Delimbiyran, the human kingdom of Phalorm, claims all the lands of that realm and establishes a new alliance with gnome and halflings of the area. The new realm is called the Kingdom of Man. »

  • 697 DR [Year of the Triton's Horn]
  • King Davyd dies without an heir, plunging the Kingdom of Man into an ill-timed civil war. Several kingdoms, including Calandor, Scathril, and Loravatha, break away. »

  • King Davyd of Delimbiyran is assassinated and dies without a legitimate heir. This causes the fall of the Kingdom of Man and its dissolution into petty kingdoms such as Calandor, Scathril, and Loravatha. »

  • 702 DR [Year of the Clutching Death]
  • Unbeknowst to the humans of Delimbiyran, and the settlers of Starshadow Vale, the orcs of the western High Forest consider Starshadow Vale to be a sacred burial ground, and it is the founding of the barony and subsequent wave of settlement in the region that forms a great orc horde.

    Orc raiders form the High Forest inflict heavy losses on the splinter kingdoms of Delimbiyran that were formerly part of the Kingdom of Man. Many of these lesser realms are destroyed before the armies of the Duke of Calandor finally defeat the orcs.

    Among the realms left shattered in the horde's wake was the Barony of Starshadow Vale, just eleven winters after its founding (and 1 winter short of fulfilling King Davyd Snowsword's requirements for Baron Erthaer Javilarhhsson taking rightful lordship of the lands). In defiant anger, the Baron Erthaer defies the gods and becomes a ghost, haunting the Starshadow Vale, and longing to restore Dautylgar to its earlier status and maintained for at least one full winter. »