• -22900 DR
  • The elf settlement of Illefarn (present-day Ardeep and Kryptgarden Forests and parts of Dessarin Valley) is founded, and green elves join their moon elf cousins in Ardeep. »

  • c. -1100 DR
  • Illefarn's last coronal, Syglaeth Audark, commands a Retreat to Evermeet. The remnants of the elf empire fragment into the independant realms of Ardeep, Iliyanbruen (in Neverwinter Wood), and Rilthar (in Westwood and Kryptgarden Forest). »

  • -1100 DR
  • Aelinthaldaar, the capital city of Illefarn, is razed by elven High Magic on the order of Illefarn's coronal, Syglaeth Audark and then orders a retreat to Evermeet. Virtually nothing is left to indicate that an elf city had stood on the site for seven millennia. Illefarn fragments into the independent elven realms of Ardeep (present-day Ardeep Forest), Illiyanbruen (present-day Neverwinter Wood) and Rillthar (present-day Westwood and Kryptgarden Forest). By year's end, human barbarian trives are using the site for its excellent deepwater harbor. »

  • 1303 DR [Year of the Evening Sun]
  • The green dragon Claugiyliamatar establishes a lair in the Deeping Cave in the depths of the Kryptgarden Forest. »

  • 1489 DR [Year of the Warrior Princess]
  • The Green Dragon Mask is recovered from the lair of Claugiyliamatar in Kryptgarden Forest. Old Gnawbones himself is injured while blows were struck against Thay, the Cult of the Dragon, and the Zartruss hobgoblin clan.

    Claugiyliamatar arrives near the realm of Whitchthorn, an Unseelie Lord. His presence corrupts Ishaldra, the dryad spouse of Whitchthorn and Ishaldra's treant bodyguard. Whitchthorn, an archfey and now fey king, unleashes his evil against the dragon, but Old Gnawbones is too powerful.

    Ultimately, an adventuring party of Harpers hired to defeat Claugiyliamatar gains an audience with the fey king and Whitchthorn agrees to aid them to defeat Old Gnawbones, but only if the adventurers make a pact with him. »