• c. -33500 DR
  • Rise of the Batrachi Empire

    Early batrachi. Sarrukh empire remnants.

    The batrachi (creator race) are also known as amphibioids or creators of the bullywugs, doppelgangers, kopru, kuo-toa, locathah, sivs, tako, and other shapeshifters, amphibious or piscine races. The first sea born batrachi begin to flourish in the mild northern currents of the Black Sea knwon as the Fertile Crescent. The supply of mussels and other shell fish are so rich that in some areas the hunter-gatherer population could settle in semi-permanent villages. During this time, many batrachi begins to undergo metamorphosis to walk upon the land. »

  • c. -3000 DR
  • Sloopdilmonpolop, the City of Pools, is founded by the kuo-toas in the Underdark off the coast of Tethyr. »

  • 531 DR [Year of the Lily]
  • A tribe of kuo-toas discover the power of the Shadow Weave. In pursuit of Shar, they left their city in the Upperdark and travels to the southern Darklands. Guided by Shar's whispers, the quo-toas discovered a long-abandoned city built around a nexus of portals leading to all corners of Faerun. The kuo-toas name their new city LoobliShar, meaning "forsaken for Shar". »