• 615 DR [Year of the Lamia's Kiss]
  • Lyonarth, the Winter Sphinx of Westgate falls prey to the charms of the lamia Nessmara, who has assumed the guise of a gynosphinx, and they rule in tandem. »

  • 616 DR [Year of the Ensorceled Kings]
  • A wizard known only as the Handweaver comes to Westgate and shatters the illusions cloaking the lamia Nessmara (who had appeared as a gynosphinx). Lyonarth, the Winter Sphinx and the ruler of Westgate, realizing that he had been duped by the lamia Nessmara, battles the deceiver. Nessmara defeats Lyonarth, Farnath I Ilistar, apprentice to the Handweaver deafeats Nessmara and is crowned king, founding the Ilistar dynasty. »

  • 1231 DR [Year of the Bright Star]
  • The Talons of Timindar adventuring band find Yornar's Trail Companion among the ruins of Ilimar, an overgrown, fallen city overcome with nagas, lamia, and gigantic spiders.

    The Talons take the Companion to Kholtar, and there sell it to a mysterious dwarf who went about with two ravens perched, one on each shoulder, and seemed to be a servent or slave of the evil sisters Halatha and Murbreistra Starnar of Phelzol, renegade sorceresses of Halruaa. »