• -24000 DR
  • In the wake of the Sundering, many humans of Azuposi descent find themselves on mainland Faerun or scattered on newly created islands of the Trackless Sea. By -3000 DR these humans would become known as the Illuskan people.

    Other human tribes also find themeslves abandoned on mainland Faerun cut off from their homeland on Katashaka. Concentrated primarily in the south along the shores of the Great Sea, these tribes are knwon as the Tashalan, Lapal, Shaaran, and the Durpari. »

  • -2809 DR
  • Long enslaved human tribes of the eastern jungles (Mhair Jungles), known as the Lapal, rebel against their serpentine masters (yuan-ti). »

  • -1732 DR
  • After centuries of intermittent clashes with the ruling yuan-ti, the Lapal tribes flee north and east. They settle on the southern shores of the Shining Sea and in the lands that would one day become Halruaa.

    After the Lapal tribes escape their yuan-ti masters, the serpentfolk import large numbers of lizardfolk from the Great Swamp of Rethgild. Upon reaching the shores of the Lapal Sea, many of these lizardfolk either escaped or were released into the territory claimed by the Thinguth humans. »

  • -690 DR [Year of Fragile Beginnings]
  • Threatened by renewed attacks from the yuan-ti, the Lapal tribes along the Shining Sea come together and establish the nation of Lapaliiya. The city of Sheirtalar is named the capital. »

  • -569 DR [Year of Silken Sabers]
  • Calishite trading ships laden with unknown luxuries dock at Sheirtalar for the first time. This event ushered in an era of trade and prosperity along the shores of the Shining Sea. Lapal trabal encampments soon become cities. »

  • 671 DR [Year of the Shrouded Slayer]
  • Iryklathagra hunts amid the grasslands of the Shaar, and seizes the Fanged Shields of Shyk Korort from a gnoll shaman of Yeenoghu.

    Outbreak of internal strife amoung the Shaaran gnolls. Gnoll raids against the Lapal League diminish significantly. »