• -137 DR [Year of Blooded Sunsets]
  • The paladin Gen Soleilon of Lathander leads a company that destroys the vampire Orlak "the Night King" and is crowned the new king of Westgate. Gen becomes known as "the Radiant King". »

  • 808 DR [Year of the Crescent Moon]
  • The Zealot Fires
    The temple of Shar, Sharess, and Ibrandul in Calimport are destroyed by zealous Lathanderian priests. »

  • 916 DR [Year of the Sinhala]
  • The Harpers arrange an ambush of Sammaster and his Cult of the Dragon entourage as they travel to visit two green dragons just outside the tiny village of Hap in Battledale. Despite their efforts, Sammaster and his followers proved too powerful, until an avatar of Lathander appears and seemingly obliterates Sammaster. »

  • 998 DR [Year of Much Iron]
  • War Lord Lauroun establishes a naval guard to protect the city and its trading partners. Construction begins on fortifying the harbor and Deepwatch Isle. A temple and monastery to Lathander breaks ground far to the north of the city (at the present site of the Spires of the Morning). »

  • 1101 DR [Year of the Maelstrom]
  • The Spires of the Morning, the abbey and temple to Lathander in Waterdeep becomes part of the city as the walls expand to accommodate more settlers. (The perimeter approximates the current paths of Trader's Way and Andamaar's Street). The plateau north of the city is all irrigated farmland. »

  • 1146 DR [Year of the Tardy Guests]
  • The Tome of the Morning is revealed by Brother Quitherus Ardabad, an elderly underpriest when Lathanderian lay adventurers come to the Sunrise Spires temple located on the north bank of the RIver Chionthar several days travel upstream from Baldur's Gate looking for aid.

    The First Prior of the monastery reacts with shock and fury to learn that a holy relic of Lathander could be in his monastery without his knowledge. Lathander himself manifests in support of the elderly underpriest.

    The adventurers, The Rose-Red Shield, leaves the monastery with the elderly Quitherus in tow.

    The First Prior is later found dead, blasted to ashes before his own alter. The four surviving Holy Priors of the monastery conclude (after much prayer and divination) that the First had turned so far from the faith as to challenge Lathander and compel the god to return the Tome back to the temple. »

  • 1152 DR [Year of the Portentous Wave]
  • Brother Quitherus Ardabad, priest of Lathander and possessor of the Tome of the Morning dies to the rigors of travel and battle in Velen. During his travels with the Rose-Red Shield company, he uses the Tome to good use, saving the lives of various members many times. He even attracts four fellow priests of Lathander to join the Shields. At his death, the four priests engage in a bitter struggle for supremacy. One of the priests dies, a second is cast out. The two remaining priests, Lithconter and Voraux, come to a truce, and jointly wields the Tome with the Shields up and down the Sword Coast. »

  • 1168 DR [Year of the Leering Orc]
  • The members of the Rose-Red Shield company begins to grow tires of dodging all the enemies they had made. Matters come to a head in this year when their leader, Daranthas Pelodir, the "Sword of Lathander" is lured into a trap by brigands and slain by their leader, a beholder.

    The surviving Shields hurl themselves recklessly into a hunt for revenge, and by the time the beholder is slain, only Lithconter, Voraux, and a half-elf mageling, Verendra Tathtar are left alive. The three decide the the Shields should vanish, and they end up in the village of Broken Blade, a now forested hamlet west of Eversult. Verendra would sometimes pose as the wife of Lithconter, and sometimes as the bride of Voraux.

    In the years to follow, the half-elf would out live the Lathanderian priests, and the mage would live out alone in the woods, except for the occasional visit from Harpers. »

  • 1221 DR [Year of the Frozen Flower]
  • The half-elf mage Verendra Tathtar dies. The Tome of the Morning is not found in her home in the woods. Only a note scratched into the front door, "Lathanderians, seek your book where the Morninglord walked twice".

    Only senior clergy of the faith knew of the lore, a certain mountaintop in the Orsraun Mountains north of Turmish. One priest acts on his knowledge and brings the Tome in triumph to a Lathanderian temple in Arrabar in the fall of this year.

    There, an ambitious young priest by the name of Tethtor Kandrath reminds the priests that the god wanted the Tome to be out in the hands of the people, and so volunteers to take it. The high priests reluctantly agrees, and Tethtor begins to travel and spread the word of Lathander's faith. »

  • 1222 DR [Year of the Horn]
  • Tethtor Kandrath, possessor of the Tome of the Morning, is found headless amid the trampled ruins of his campsite near Samra. The Tome is gone. »

  • 1260 DR [Year of the Broken Blade]
  • Lathander appears to certain of his clergy, commanding them to build a temple in ruined Myth Drannor, and giving them the Dawnstone for their alter. These clergy form a special order, the Seekers of the Dawn, and found the Dawnspire in the ruins. »

  • 1304 DR [Year of the Stag]
  • The black dragon, Aglistralarraghautha and her brood terrorizes the many farms in the Reddansyr area and Aglistralarraghautha herself tears open a warehouse near Teziir, which was owned by Maeran Faerlin, a rising merchant of Westgate. Maeran declares war on the dragons, and asks for donations from the dragons victims for his "dragon hunt". He hires a trio of mages, a band of archers and a minor priest of Lathander, Alion Narithryn. They are known as the Hunting Hands. Maeran trusts the Tome of the Morning into Alion's hands and has him cast the dragonbane spell.

    The Hands were successful in slaying Aglistralarraghautha and all but one of her brood, but at the cost of all the Hands, save Alion and many farmers. Although Alion was heralded as a dragonslayer, he silently returned to his home in Westgate.

    Less than a month later, a high-ranking Lathanderian priestess appears to him and commands him to go to Reth, where a irresponsible noble merchant had let his pet blue dragon hatchling escape. Alion takes the Tome and presumably ends the threat to the Vilhon, as he, the dragon and the Tome vanish from the notice of historians. »

  • 1345 DR [Year of the Saddle]
  • Night of the Templefall
    Fires consume the Spires of the Morning (temple to Lathander and Waterdeep's oldest temple) and the House of Heroes (temple to Tempus) in early winter (the church is Shar is suspected due to the religious strife between these churches). Both temples are rebuilt within the next year. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • A burning, yet untouched Tome of the Morning is seen carried down the streets of Waterdeep in the summer of this year. A local Lathanderian sees the book and reports it to the local temple. A message is found seared into the gates of the Spires of the Morning temple: "To all who love Lathander, seek the book that burned bright this night and yet was not consumed. Far from here, where men and caravans pass by the frozen Warrior King, however hard he rides".

    Abrith Greilslake, a visiting adventurer from Cormyr, unravels the riddle to refer to the statue of King Dhalmass in Arabel and hastens there. He finds the Tome strapped to the shoulders of the statue and claims it. However, he is forced into hiding in the Stonelands as Cormyrean officials lay claim to the Tome since it was found on crown property. Cormyrean hunting parties give chase, but run into Zhentarim bands, who also were seeking the Tome. The fate of Abrith and the Tome is unknown. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • The Fellowship of the Purple Staff is founded in the Dragon Coast region by a group of like minded priests of Chauntea, Helm, and Selune who united to settle the area of the Gulthmere Forest and the other lands north of Turmish into a more civilized land they would call the "Holy Realm".

    They are soon after bolstered by the local faithful of Lathander and Sune. »

  • Iyachtu Xvim, godson of Bane, attempts to deceive Lathander into rejoining Tymora and Beshaba back into Tyche.

    The kender Emilio Haversack is gated to Sigil. He joins Joel, the Rebel Bard, and his companions in thwarting Xvim's plans. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Following his mother's death, Daelegoth Orndeir inherits her position as archbishop of the Dragon Coast and high priest of the Temple of the Morn. Long welcome at the Temple of the Morn, Brothers of the Glorious Sun soon assumes most of the leadership positions within the church of Lathander in the region. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Midwinter Daelegoth completes the development of his first epic spell, Amaunator's eternal sun. »

  • Alturiak 17 Daelegoth leads an elite company of the Brotherhood of the Eternal Sun in a surprise attack against an encampment of shades exploring the ruined city of Karse in the depths of the High Forest. At the same time, House Dlardrageth also attacks the Shades. The shades suffer severe casualties, and Prince Brennus Tanthul is gravely injured and forced to flee. »

  • Ches 28 Edicts issued in the name of High Radiance Durneth Seafarer, at the Tower of the Morning in Telpir (a large port town located at the northwestern end of the Guthmere Forest) are perceived among the Morninglord's faithful as giving credence to the teachings of the Risen Sun heresy. »

  • Tarsakh 16 Daelegoth's research leads him to conclude that the Shard of the Sun, a holy relic of Amaunator, lies within Hulrundrar's horde. Daelegoth leads a bold assault on the Smokespire, (the westernmost peak of that arm of the Troll Mountains that shelter the upland forest of Amn north of Eshpurta). The Smokespire is one of the lairs of Balagos "the Flying Flame", who captured it in turn from the old red dragon Hulrundrar. Although Balagos is not present during the raid, Daelegoth and his followers defeat the Flying Flame's defenses and servitor dragons left behind to guard the Smokespire and recovers the Shard of the Sun. »