• 954 DR [Year of Perilous Halls]
  • A rogue son of the family, Rondyl Darusk, is said to have stolen the Leaves of Green (artifact of Silvanus), when he slips out to seek his fortune. »

  • 966 DR [Year of the Squire]
  • Rondyl Darusk meets a bloody end at the hands of the "Bandit Wizard" of Chondath, a brigand harrying between the Vilhon and the lands of Chessenta and Mulhorand. The Leaves of Green (artifact of Silvanus) is lost. »

  • 1167 DR [Year of the Parchment Heretical]
  • The Leaves of Green does not reappear until now. The Gray Druid of the Ash Circle tries to sweep away all walls and buildings (with the folk dwelling in them) in what is now Amn, raising an army of treants and forest beasts to accomplish the task. The druid is defeated early in his campaign of destruction by the Wild Helms adventuring company from Waterdeep. They cut the book from the old madman's dying hands and hurl it away. It stops in mid-air the moment it left the gauntlet of the young Waterdavians hands who threw it, and drinks the fireball that his fearful brother mage cast upon it. Convinced that it was an item of great power, the Wild Helms gingerly close a strong-chest around it and carry it back to Waterdeep for examination.

    There it is seized by the priest Angluth Eriduth, Watcher of the Seatress Shrine. Angluth declared the tome to be a holy item of the god Silvanus, but his taking of the book is not readily accepted by at least two of the noble families whose sons had brought it to the city. There is a nasty confrontation, but Angluth survives by using the spells of the Leaves of Green.

    This does not stop A Waterdavian thief from stealing the tome almost immediately. The artifact is sold in Calimport to Torast Haeluth, a wealthy collector of magical curios.

    An unknown mage opens a gate into Torast's bedchamber and steals the Leaves of Green along with many other magical items, and slays Torast. »

  • 1212 DR [Year of Ocean's Wrath]
  • A young supplicant of the Grand Old Druid of Waterdeep comes before the Grand Druid with news of seeing a female half-elf dancing in a fairy ring of mushrooms that shone pearly-white in the dusk, somewhere along the western edges of the High Forest. She gave her name as Ghalashalue, Servant of Silvanus, and the supplicant, one Faern by name, saw her cast no less than nine spells from "a floating book of bark, show pages were glossy green leaves".

    Angluth, content the artifact of Silvanus was in good hands, dies in Faern's arms. Many lesser druids go searching for the Leaves of Green, but none find the druid or the artifact. »

  • 1248 DR [Year of the Cockatrice]
  • Adventurers under the command of Endruth Immister, the "Unicorn Knight" (a paladin of Tyr) of Westgate, finds the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) among the Ghost Holds of Battledale along with a huge sword whose blade was a leafy spar of living oak. They bring both items carefully back to Westgate, to the druid Raevarl. Raevarl's Circle of Silvanite priests examine the tome and the sword carefully. »

  • 1255 DR [Year of the Raging Flame]
  • Priests of Bhaal from Amn organize a "Crusade of Slaughter". They come to the walls of Westgate before being broken by hastily hired mercenaries. Amid all the death, the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) disappears. »

  • 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • The Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) is purchased in Scornubel by the merchant trader Aughen of Athkatla. Aughen had intended to take the tome to Sembia and there auction it, but his ship is sunk in Suzail by a golem rising up, appearing from the bottom of the harbor. In the wreck, the book vanishes again. »

  • 1331 DR [Year of the Leaping Dolphin]
  • The Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) appears in Turmish when a nameless forester gambles it away in a game of highcard in a tavern, losing it to the adventurer Murkiltan of Ormpetarr. »

  • 1332 DR [Year of the Sword and Stars]
  • Murkiltan of Ormpetarr, possessor of the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) is set upon by orcs while in the Orsraun Mountains this spring. The Leaves of Green, along with his entire backpack of belongings, fall into a rift that opened deep down into the roots of a mountain. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • An elven burial barge that drifts into the nets of pirates in the open seas west of the isles of Sarr proves to contain a fortune in gems, a sword whose blade is visible only in moonlight (or when bathed in gore!), and the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus). These riches overcame the usual superstition of the pirates of the Fallen Stars, and they fairly tear apart the corpse of the elf and its slender ship of rest in their eagerness to become men of wealth. The barkscrap is retained by a pirate named Skirpo as something "that no one else was grabbing, which just might be of value".

    It was valued by someone on the Dragonisle not long after, because they kill Skirpo and take the Leaves. It is sold in Sembia the next spring, briefly surfacing in Ordulin in a merchant's hoard for which two rival band of adventurers find to the death in an inn, and is claimed from the last reeling survivor of that fray by the innkeeper as part payment for the damages done to the rooms. It disappears again only a tenday later, when ambitious Zhentarim magelings riding feywings tear the top right off the inn to get at anything of value they might carry off while they practiced blasting the angry owners of said items to ashes with spells in the progress.

    After the destruction of Zhentil Keep, a caravan master finds the book floating in the ruins. Fearing to examine the Leaves too closely, he wraps it in an old cloak and takes it to Arabel on his regular caravan run, selling it there to someone who takes it into the Stonelands and is devoured in that place by predators. The book lays beside his gnawed bones for a winter or more before adventurers find it again and take it to the House of the Morning in Eveningstar to be identified. They reclaim it then, and set off into the Haunted Halls, never to be seen again. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • The Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) is seen at an inn in Iriaebor, when a traveling hiresword brings it out to back up a boastful tale of adventure. His bedchambers are attacked in search of the Leaves. The hiresword departs (possibly for Waterdeep or somewhere in the norther Sword Coast). »