• c. -33800 DR
  • Fall of Isstosseffifil:
    In an effort to drown the phaerimm of Phaerlin (known today as the Buried Realms in the Underdark) and dispatch their enemies in one masterful stroke, Isstossef wizards rerouted the Narrow Sea so that it ran from east to west, inundating the land around the chain of hills known today as the Tagorlar with water.  Although the Isstossef succeeded in driving the phaerimms deep into the Underdark, the massive ecological change resulting from their weavings of Art caused the Isstosseffifil empire to collapse.

    Although most of the sarrukh of Isstosseffifil died with the city's decline, many survived. The survivors retreated into lichdom in the depths of Oreme where they are protected by the asabis they had created. »

  • -3654 DR
  • A sarrukh lich of tremendous power disguises himself as a human archwizard and appears to the Netherese who have begun to learn magic from the Earlanni elves. Although he calls himself Arthindol, the Netherese dub him "Terraseer" for his power to see events all over the world. The Terraseer teaches secrets of the Art to humans and reappears to help them over the coming centuries, never seeming to age. Among his achievements are translations from many of the nether scrolls, the exploration of the Sword Coast North, the occupation of Old Owl Well, and the warning of impending doom at the hands of Karsus among many other prophecies and teachings. »

  • -1965 DR
  • Dethed becomes a lich at the young age of 25 years. He becomes known as the "Death Lich" and spends most of his time holed up in his laboratory in Ioulaum's enclave, Xinlenal. He takes no students, preferring instead to remain in isolation as he works on new spells. He creates a variety of spells that were harmful to living creatures, and he greatly enjoyed creating magical traps that killed the living. »

  • -1838 DR
  • Dethed uses his spell Dethed's Trap to take over the body of another arcanist's apprentice. Ioulaum destroys Dethed. »

  • -843 DR
  • Belevan Crell becomes Nentyarch of Narfell with the death of Arthauld. He eventually becomes a lich. »

  • -800 DR
  • Start of the Twelfth Rysar of Rystall Wood. Synnorha Durothil becomes a baelnorn to guard the Library of the Durothils, far beneath the petrified roots of its original villa. »

  • -559 DR [Year of Hidden Passions]
  • Buoyance's body finally fails him and follows the path to lichdom. For the next 150 years, he avails himself little into the pressing affairs of Netheril as the other archwizards tried to deal with the phaerimm. »

  • -408 DR [Year of Sleeping Dragons]
  • Karsus discovers heavy magic. In the process of experimenting with it, he slays Wulgreth of Netheril, a renegade arcanists, and transforms him into a lich. »

  • -371 DR [Year of Bruins]
  • Although he has already survived for centuries, Ioulaum embraces lichdom since life-supporting magic and potions ceased functioning as the phaerimm's life drain spells permeate Netheril, and establishes a heavily fortified lair in the Northdark. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The archwizard Larloch escapes the destruction of his floating enclave Jiksidur, which crashes on the northern borders of Narfell. He discovers the ruins of Orbedal, the floating enclave of his rival Rhaugilath "the Ageless", and builds present-day Warlock's Crypt. He also discovers the remains of Rhaugilath, whom he binds to his will after a fierce battle, making him the first of his many lich servitors. »

  • The archwizard Aumvar is transported by contingency magics to his secret lair in the heart of the High Forest, where he undergoes the transformation to lichdom. Aumvor never returns to his castle, leaving it and the fruits of his studies to his great-grandneice, Morasha. »

  • The city of Buoyance plunges into the Netheril River. The towers snap from their foundations from the impact, but perhaps 150 citizens survive its fall. None are sure what became of Buoyance, but many believe that the lichlord survived. »

  • -286 DR [Year of Foul Awakenings]
  • Bitter disputes among the inhabitants of Karse eventually lead to the destruction and abandonment of the city. Wulgreth of Netheril, a Netherese lich arcanist, takes up residence in the ruins. »

  • -8 DR [Year of Wraths]
  • The liches Thakloamur and Mingaudorr destroy Helbrester with arcane magic. The ruins are sacked by the outlawed Tethyrian Clan Fyrson and pirates based elsewhere in the Nelanther. »

  • 211 DR [Year of Spoiled Splendors]
  • Clan Melairkyn, forced to retreat to successively lower and less important levels of the Underhalls by the drow, finally vanishes. The drow name thier new holdings Kyorlamshin and claim most of fallen Melairbode as their demesne.

    Bandaerl, son of Rykos, blood of Melair and High Old One of Dumathoin survives the attack in King Melair I's tomb (one of the sub-levels of Undermountain) as an archlich. »

  • 367 DR [Year of Shying Eyes]
  • Shoon VII stages his own "death". Feigning incapacitation stemming from his last battle with Sharpfangs (Iryklathagra), Shoon VII places his daughter Shaani on the throne and manipulates her into poisoning her apparently infirm father. Secretly immune to the poison's effects, the former qysar is now free to research a transformation to lichdom. »

  • 370 DR [Year of Sleeping Dangers]
  • Shoon VII becomes a lich. »

  • 615 DR [Year of the Lamia's Kiss]
  • In response to Uthtower's call for aid, the lich Iniarv floods the land, drowning the armies of Uthtower, Phalorm, and the orcs and forming the Mere of Dead Men. The orcs flee into the Sword Mountains, and Phalorm (the Fallen Kingdom, as it comes to be known) collapse when its Fair Folk abandon Faerun for Evermeet. Ardeep remains an elf realm in name only. »

  • 632 DR [Year of Burning Skies]
  • Eleint The Ice Queen's Winter descends on Myth Ondath. Led by the lich Vrandak the Burnished, the besieging army of Iyraclea the Ice Queen is accompanied by winter storms raised by her magic, that claw Myth Ondath all year long. This attack spreads awareness of Iyraclea's might across the Realms, and makes her claim of being the preeminent cleric of Auril in all of Faerun fact rather than mere hollow boast. The Frostmaiden empowerers Iyraclea with new and mightier cold magics, and the Great Glacier under which she dwells begins to expand. »

  • 697 DR [Year of the Triton's Horn]
  • The Dark Mother of Shar, Lalondra Worul seeks and achieves lichdom. Many of Lalondra's servants die, due to the life linkage magic Lalondra had established with them. Many of the underpriests of Shar riot throughout the Sword Coast, sweeping away the power of the Dark Goddess overnight. Uncarring, Lalondra walks her way in dark places beneath the earth seeking to conquer a new realm for Shar. Displeased, Shar deserts her, stripping away her spells and leaving her only Gorothir's Girdle. Alone and defenseless, lost in the caverns infested with drow and alhoon, Lalondra does not last long. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Hammer 25 Twilight's Falling (Weeping War: Campaign #2)
    A.K.A.: "The Harp Falls Still"; Lady Steel's Last Clash; The Last Scepter War (by schoolars of Hlondath and Neteril); The Two Marches' Terror; "Six Survived under Each Star of Seven"
    Little conclusive information is available on this battle outside of hidden lore kept secret among the modern Harpers. Like many of the activities of the Harpers at Twilight, their victories went unlauded, their losses unmourned. This was the first of two public battles that recorded the Harpers and their good deeds for posterity, though both are tinged with great tragedy. It is believed that the impetus of this battle sprang from the lich Laummas' search for elf magic (a quest that was embraced by Malimshaer and his mezzoloths later).

    While the forces of darkness collected two marches of gnolls and flinds from the Army of Darkness under their new ally the lich (and newly made Major) Laummas, the Harpers at Twilight and some remnants of the slyvan tribes decimated by the Army's advance numbered only a total of a few hundred. For four days, the vastly outnumbered forces held their ground against the Army using their magic and woodcraft, keeping pitched battles limited to skirmishes among small groups (though the Harpers were almost always outnumbered five or more to one). While they almost always won, the Army's victories were not decisive and the Harpers well hidden.

    Much of the Harpers' strategies fell to small groups of spies infiltrating the Army's camp to sabotage supplies and cause disarray among temperamental gnolls and flinds. When Laummas or his traitor-associate Nezras were on the field, the Harpers' magic proved the lesser, and often their own dead would be animated against them. At dusk of the fourth day of battle, Laummas fell before the furious swordplay and spellcraft of Lady Dathlue Mistwinter, the Lady Steel and the Harpers' leader. Emboldened by the death of Laummas, Lady Steel pressed on despite her fatigue and reduced spells and meeting her death soon after from Nezras' spells and her drawing-and-quartering by the animated remains of her own Harper troops. At least in death, her pre-set spells claimed the lives of more than three parties of gnolls. Enraged by Lady Steel's death, the last 90 Harpers forged a charge that cost the enemy over 500 more troops. Unfortunately, rage is a motivator, not a strategic plan. The charge left the final Harpers trapped in the midst of three full squadrons of bloodthirsty gnolls.

    The Harpers battled on, accepting their deaths heroically and united in a strong battle song that sustained them while half of their number fell. Only the chance appearance of a woman spellcaster, upon the low hillock known as Jalmyra's Mound, saved even a few of the overwhelmed Harpers toward the dawn of the fifth day. While she apparently spoke only once when not casting spells of awe-inspiring destruction and power, the wild-haired woman bid the 42 survivors "Flee, lest the Harp be stilled before its tune is done. Seek out those Chosen of Seven Stars, and they shall guide you. I shall hold guard, now and always." Harpers and many bards have since taken to calling her "Darkeyes", Jalmyra's Mage", "the Harper-Mage", Lady Star", or "The Savior of the Harp". Some priests of Mystra insist this was a manifestation or avatar of Mystra, perhaps even her mysterious alias as Myrjala Darkeyes, though no being alive today can confirm this theory. In fact, of the few accounts heard, elves saw an elf save them, while humans saw a human female, thus adding to the confusion about her identity. Regardless of her true identity, her spells (some said to be on par with those of the High Mages) destroyed more than half the remaining forces of darkness and sent them into panicked retreat.

    This event lasts until Hammer 29, 712.

    Other deaths include Ruehar Oakstaff and Major Tlaak (a flind chieftain). »