• c. -2709 DR
  • Lizardmen begin living in the Marsh of Simplicity in Netheril. »

  • -2686 DR
  • The enclave of Quagmire levitates over the Watercourse and the Marsh of Simplicity in this year. The city streets are bathed in constant rainfall and slippery moss, and the buildings are always in a state of mildew. The archwizard who controls the floating city is extremely secretive, and not even the other archwizards knew who he was. Some thought he was a lizardman shaman form the Marsh of Simplicity who was slowly draining the resources from the city and giving it to his ground-dwelling associates. Others believed he was a vampire whose skin could never touch the light of day, feeding upon anything that approuched Quagmire from the ground, including the lizardmen living in the marsh.

    Aboard this flying citadel is a temple to the god Targus (Garagos). The archwizard forced his army to follow Targus, who taught bloodthirsty, single-minded battle lust. It was said that the fiercest warriors hailed from Quagmire, and the next barbarous lot followed a distant second.

    The temple, built to look like a huge helm with two axes above the metallic roof, looked subtly like crossed bones. The building is six stories tall, allowing those within to look upon its eerie exterior. The first five floors are dedicated to the practice of skill-at-arms. Archanists and priests are not allowed into the school, since they had a more mystical approach to warfare skill.

    The higher into the building one traveled, the more powerful and more skilled one became. The first floor taught warriors of 1st through 6th level; the second prepared those 7th through 12th level; the third floor educated those of 13th through 18th level; the fourth taught 19th to 24th level; the fifth floor-schooled those of 25th level and above. The sixth floor of the building housed 66 priests and underpriests who taught and brainwashed followers into Targus' service. They were very effective, yet they couldn't seem to convert all within Quagmire to the Brotherhood of Blood. »

  • -1732 DR
  • After centuries of intermittent clashes with the ruling yuan-ti, the Lapal tribes flee north and east. They settle on the southern shores of the Shining Sea and in the lands that would one day become Halruaa.

    After the Lapal tribes escape their yuan-ti masters, the serpentfolk import large numbers of lizardfolk from the Great Swamp of Rethgild. Upon reaching the shores of the Lapal Sea, many of these lizardfolk either escaped or were released into the territory claimed by the Thinguth humans. »

  • c. -1459 DR
  • A particularly long-lived lizardman shaman known as Gr'Zhad takes control of the lizardman of the Marsh of Simplicity. The shaman directs frequent forays against the village of Zenith, raiding for food and other Netheril supplies. Despite numerous expeditions by adventuring companies, explorers, and militia, Gr'Zhad evaded all attempts at removal.

    Many in Netheril believed that Gr'Zhad was actually Ioulaum, acting in a way that showed the groundling cities how much they needed the protection of the archwizards. Ioulaum denies such accusations, of course, and no one could ever prove otherwise. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • Quagmire plummets into the Marsh of Simplicity when magic ceased. Its survivors are forced to battle their way out of the swamp as the lizardmen, led by Gr'Zhad took over the broken enclave. »

  • -189 DR [Year of Sunned Serpents]
  • The lizardfolk/yuan-ti armies of Serpentes complete their conquest of the Tashalar. Most of the wealthy Calishite expatriates flee back to their native land. »

  • 285 DR [Year of Wasteful Pride]
  • The Shoon Imperium seizes control of Lapaliiya, through the region's cities remain effectively independent during the reign of Qysar Shoon V.

    The Shoon Imperium's reach also extends westward into the savage land of Thindol. Conflicts with the lizardfolk of the region sharply reduce their number of the central Chultan Peninsula. »

  • 289 DR [Year of Waking Dreams]
  • King Torst Obarskyr of Cormyr and his brother Prince Gordroun are slain in the siege of flooded Marsember. King Torst is slain by his illegitimate stepbrother Belorth and his stepfather Kurrurdan (Besmra's first husband). Belorth and Kurrurdan are slain by Prince Gordroun before falling to lizardfolk. Their younger brother Keldroun is crowned king, and the city is abandoned to the lizardfolk. King Keldroun posthumously crowns Gordroun and adds him to the lineage. »

  • 293 DR [Year of Hounds]
  • The Thinguth are liberated when soldiers of the Shoon Empire defeat the lizardfolk tribes. »

  • 931 DR [Year of the Penitent Rogue]
  • While traveling north with a merchant caravan hailing from Baldur's Gate, Tyndal, the son of a merchant commoner, slays a group of lizardfolk near the site of ruined Morlin Castle. »

  • 993 DR [Year of the Slain Mountain]
  • Many of the lizardfolk tribes that had long inhabited the northern Serpent Hills migrate eastward into the newly forming Marsh of Chelimber. »

  • 1330 DR [Year of the Marching Moon]
  • Lizardfolk and troglodytes join the grimlock population of Reeshov after being freed from mind flayer control. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Mirtul 20 After five months of battling phaerimms and armies of bugbears and lizardfolk thralls led by beholders and illithid generals, the relief army led by Laeral Silverhand Arunsun and her sister Storm arrives in Evereska. »

  • 1489 DR [Year of the Warrior Princess]
  • The black dragon Throstulgrael tries to enslave a lizardfolk tribe in the Twilight Marsh near Phlan. His plot is ruind by some adventurers.

    Later this year, he is confronted by adventurers sent to recover some items from his lair but when he seems to have been killed, he mysteriously resurrects as a dracolich and flies away. »