• c. -33500 DR
  • Rise of the Batrachi Empire

    Early batrachi. Sarrukh empire remnants.

    The batrachi (creator race) are also known as amphibioids or creators of the bullywugs, doppelgangers, kopru, kuo-toa, locathah, sivs, tako, and other shapeshifters, amphibious or piscine races. The first sea born batrachi begin to flourish in the mild northern currents of the Black Sea knwon as the Fertile Crescent. The supply of mussels and other shell fish are so rich that in some areas the hunter-gatherer population could settle in semi-permanent villages. During this time, many batrachi begins to undergo metamorphosis to walk upon the land. »

  • -20000 DR
  • Evidence from the carvings in some sea caves suggests that the merfolk, locathah, and sahuagin exist in Seros and have battled each other since that time. »

  • The Second Seros War
  • -8298 DR to -8282 DR
    The elf empire uses locathah forces to rally the enemies' enslaved locathah against them, as well as merfolk and crabmen. »

  • -240 DR [Year of Enslaved Swords]
  • End of the Elf Purges
    After fifteen years, the worst of the backlash against the sea elves dies down in Seros. Those who survived the attacks from Koalinth, merfolk, and locathah zealots, and the newly returned (and far more evil) morkoth do so by use of magic (including High Magic) and some Dukar protection. »