• -30000 DR
  • War of the Seldarine
    Araushnee is cast down into the Demonweb Pits, where she becomes the demon-goddess Lolth.

    For his betrayal, the solar Malkizid (who served the whole Seldarine and seduced into betrayal by Araushnee) is branded (a constantly bleeding wound on his forehead, giving him the title "the Branded King") and thrown down into the Nine Hells by Corellon Larethian. There, he quickly rose in the hierarchy of Hell and soon controlled his own dominion (although, at some point later, he loses favor with Asmodeus and is exiled from the Nine Hells to take up residence in the Blood Rift, the native plane of the yugoloths). »

  • c. -24400 DR
  • Lolth's attention is drawn to Toril for the first time as the moon elf Kethryllia battles her minions in the Abyss before returning home to Faerun. »

  • -24000 DR
  • The Sundering

    Faerun, circa -24,000 DR

    Hundreds of High Mages assemble in the heartland of Faerun at the tower of the Gathering Place to create the new elven home of Evermeet. Ignoring the lesson learned from the destruction of Tintageer centuries earlier, they cast a spell of elven High Magic designed to create a glorious elf homeland. On the Day of Birthing, the magic reaches its apex as the spell extends both back and forward in the mists of time. Merrourboros, the one land, is sundered apart by the unbridled force of the Sundering. As a result, hundreds of cities are washed away, thousands of elves lie dead, and the face of Toril is changed forever. The name Faerun, no longer the One Land, is given to the largest continent. Surrounded by vast expanses of water, the island of Evermeet, thought to be a piece of Arvandor and a bridge between worlds breaks the surface of the Tracklass Sea. Blessed by the goddess Angharradh, verdant forests and wildlife soon flourish across the island. Corellon Larethian wards Evermeet against Lolth, Malar, and the other powers of the anti-Seldarine and entrusts a unique seed to the Fair Folk of the isle. The seed soon sprouts, growing into a miniature tree known as the Tree of Souls. Over time, the souls of ancient elves who choose to stay on Toril, rather than pass on to Arvandor, merge into the Tree of Souls, slowly augmenting its power. Prophecies reveal that the Tree of Souls will someday be planted on Faerun when the Fair Folk finally return to the mainland after a period of exile on the Green Isle.

    This event is noted as occurring in -17600 DR by some documents. »

  • -11500 DR
  • Wendonai the balor is tasked by Lolth to seduce the Sethomiir clan, rulers of the Ilythiiri, into her worship and grant them evil magics.

    Thearnytaar and Eiellur band together and declare war on Ilythiir, decrying the Ilythiiri's use of fire and wanton destruction far more than the power plays of the northern elves. They fight a holding action, preventing the Ilythiiri from advancing north. »

  • The Webfire Wars
  • -5112 DR to -4835 DR
    This conflict rages throughout Llurth Dreier, pitting the faithful of the Spider Queen (Lolth) against the followers of That Which Lurks (Ghaunadaur). »

  • -4973 DR
  • The drow city of Sshamath, City of Dark Weaving, is founded deep beneath the Dark Hills by the Lolth-worshiping drow of House Sshamath. »

  • -4400 DR
  • The archer-guard Shevarash, in an anger-tinged prayer to Corellon, vows to become the Seldarine's hand against the drow to extract revenge for the loss of his family during the Dark Court Slaughter. The Black Archer never smiled again, as he sought to kill Lolth and all her followers. »

  • -4070 DR
  • Shevarash the Black Archer dies but undergoes apotheosis to become the Night Hunter and Arrow Bringer. This green elf demigod of the Seldarine is still a hunter and vengeful destroyer of drow, but now hunts Lolth and Vhaeraun directly (though he no longer considers Eilestraee and her worshipers to be among his prey). »

  • c. -3000 DR
  • A quick, bloody civil war leaves all Lolth-worshiping matriarchs dead in Sshamath, and the house wizards in control. »

  • -2872 DR
  • The faerzress around the drow city of Sshamath vanishes, leaving the drow of the city bereft of their magic. The city is on the brink of disaster.

    Fortunately, in the three centuries before the faerzress collapse, Sshamath's matron mothers gave birth to an unusually large number of males. This imbalance leads to the sizable expansion of the city's corps of skilled wizards and a corresponding decrease in the number of Lolth priestesses. Coupled with its relative geographic isolation from hostile rivals, the abundance of wizards leaves Sshamath uniquely positioned to survive.

    As the scope of the disaster became apparent, Sshamath's wizards initiated wave after wave of expeditions to plunder Netheril, Oghrann, and other lost realms. Lesser mages repaired or duplicated every artifact and fabrication, initiating a burst of creative output that leads to countless new magical creations and incantations. Over time, the role of the noble houses and the matron mothers fade (but never disappear), and the true power in the city shifts to those largely responsible for its continued existence - the archmages. »

  • -2549 DR
  • Tired of the balor's attempts at gaining more personal power, Lolth withdraws her favor from the balor Wendonai, and the matrons follow suit. »

  • 1136 DR [Year of the Shadowkin Return]
  • House Jaezred returns to Chaulssin and established the House of Hidden Masters. The Jaezred Chaulssin, as they take to calling themselves establish secret fosterages in seven drow cities ruled by followers of the Spider Queen, Lolth. »

  • 1317 DR [Year of the Wandering Wyrm]
  • Drizzt Do'Urden, having turned 20 years old, is sent to Melee-Magthere, Menzoberranzan's warrior academy. Being far more skilled then everyone in his class, the academy masters raise him to the class 3 years ahead. Drizzt defeats everyone there also.

    During his graduation ceremony, he refuses to take part in an orgy with high priestesses. Vierna, angered by Drizzt's actions, shows him the fate of defiance by taking him to a drider's lair. Vierna spares Drizzt's life and returns him to the graduation ceremony, where no one noticed their absence and graduates with honors.

    He soon after begins patrolling the Underdark with his assigned patrol group, where he first begins fighting along-side Guenhwyvar, a magical figurine owned by Masoj of House Hun'ett.

    Not long after, he participates in his first surface raid. He spares the life of a surface elf child, Ellifain Tuuserail, by hiding her body underneath the corpse of her dead mother. This action causes House Do'Urden to fall out of favor with the Spider Queen, Lolth. »

  • 1328 DR [Year of the Adder]
  • Zaknafein, believing that Drizzt had succumbed to the evil ways of the drow, decides that killing Drizzt would be better than allowing his son to live out an evil life. Zaknafein confronts Drizzt in battle. However, Drizzt reveals the truth and Zaknafein, relieved, reveals to Drizzt that he is his father and together they formulate a plan to escape from Menzoberranzan to live in peace.

    Unfortunately, Matron Malice and her daughters, in a bid to find out why House Do'Urden was no longer in Lolth's favor, discovers their plan. Malice informs Zak of her plan to sacrifice their son, but Zak offers himself as a sacrifice instead of Drizzt, which was Malice's plan all along. Drizzt is offered to serve as the house's new Weapons Master, but Drizzt refuses and escapes into the Underdark. Before leaving the city, Drizzt is confronted by Masoj. Drizzt defeats him and takes Guenhwyvar with him. Drizzt survives the next ten years of self-imposed exile in the Underdark by embracing a more savage side of his psyche he calls "The Hunter". »

  • 1338 DR [Year of the Wanderer]
  • Drizzt Do'Urden arrives in Blingdenstone, where he befriends the Svirfneblin Belwar Dissengulp. The admittance of the drow renegade and his brief residence therein marks the end of centuries of isolation for the deep gnomes.

    Drizzt is later forced to leave Blingdenstone, due to the fear of its citizens and Drizzt's mental state. Belwar chooses to join the drow. The pair later teams up with Clacker, a pech that was turned into a hook horror by an evil wizard.

    The three are enslaved by illithids of Phanlinksal, only to be saved by the undead Zaknafein (who was raised by Malice using a special necromantic spell of Lolth called Zin-Carla and tasked in finding and slaying Drizzt), and quite separately, Guenhwyvar, who came to this plane by following curious illithids that were traveling the astral plane to examine the magical creature. The surviving illithids flee to Guantlgrym.

    Drizzt and Zaknafein later fight over a volcanic river, and Drizzt's undead father is able to regain control of himself long enough to hurl his body into the lava. This failure to bring the renegade Drizzt under control heralds the end of House Do'Urden. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Artemis Entreri, disguised as Regis (with the aid of a magical mask), arrives at Mithral Hall during the preparation of the wedding of Wulfgar and Catti-brie. Together with Drizz't's sister, Vierna (now calling herself Noamuth Lil), Dinin Do'Urden (turned into a drider by her sister Vierna), Jarlaxle and members of his Bregan D'aerthe mercenaries, Artemis Entreri try and capture Drizz't.

    Artemis and Drizzt fight. Artemis is defeated and left to die, but is rescued by Jarlaxle. Wulfgar appearently dies fighting a yochlol summoned by Vierna, but is actually taken to the abyss, and the clutches of Lolth herself. Vierna is killed by Drizzt.

    After rescuing the assassin Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle takes Artemis to the drow city of Menzoberranzan. Drizzt enters the drow city (after visiting the svirfneblin city of Blingdenstone and his old friend Belwar Dissengulp) to determine what the drow intentions are. He is captured by members of House Baenre.

    Catti-brie follows Drizzt into the underdark. Drizzt slays Vendes Baenre as he and Catti-brie escape (with the aid of Artemis Entrari). After Drizzt defeats Dantrag Baenre, Catti-brie takes Khazid'hea from the fallen Dantrag. Catti-brie causes a stalagtite to fall on the main cathedral to Lolth.

    Artemis joins the two when escaping the drow city. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Zinzerena, a drow demigoddess of chaos and thievery, is slain by Lolth during the Time of Troubles. »

  • House Oblodra of Menzoberranzan, its psionic power unaffected by the disruption in magic caused by the Time of Troubles, attempts to seize control of Menzoberranzan. With the help of Lolth (through the balor Errtu and the demons under his control) and Bregain D'aerthe, House Baenre destroys House Oblodra. Lolth gained the services of Errtu by offering the soul of Wulfgar as payment, who accepted the barbarian to get revenge against Drizzt Do'Urden. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Peace of Lolth
    Lolth sends a Yochlol to Menzoberranzan during a sacrifice of a drow male. The handmaiden decrees the new laws of the Spider Queen. There should be peace among all houses, no drow must be sacrificed, even males and children should be treated well. All this is to strengthen the city after the turmoil and losses of the recent past. Until Lolth declares the end of this peace every house which breaks this rules will be punished by her. The yochlol also named the new twenty strongest houses of the city. »

  • Shakti Hunzrin captures a yochlol in a soul bubble. This yochlol turns out to be the dead soul of Quenthel Baenre. Quenthel is returned to life (by decree of Lolth), who has no memories of time in the Abyss.

    Publicly, house Baenre claimed that Quenthel had been away (and not dead) to avoid embarrassment. The only male drow to have knowledge of this is Gromph Baenre. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Eleasis 28 Silence of Lolth
    Lolth falls silent, denying her followers divine magic. She separates her Demonweb Pits from the Abyss and begins to transform herself into a greater goddess.

    The Jaezred Chaulssin take advantage of the situation, launching attacks on drow-ruled cities throughout the Underdark. By year's end, thanks to their machinations, Menzoberranzan has nearly fallen, Ched Nasad is destroyed, Eryndlyn falls to followers of Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun, and Maerimydra falls (unexpectedly) to followers of Kiaransalee. Smaller strikes in Dusklyngh, Jhachalkyn, and Karsoluthiyl weaken the hold the ruling Matron Mothers and allow male-dominated merchant houses to gain in influence. »