• 778 DR [Year of Awaiting Webs]
  • The Lash of Loviatar is first heard of in the Tidings of Taldan (written by the news-gathering minstrel Taldan), when it was wielded by Endreira Chathlass, a rising priestess of the Faith of Pain who ultimately becomes High Temptress of Loviatar over all Faerun. »

  • 831 DR [Year of the Deceptive Tongue]
  • Battle of Crimar
    King Reinhar IX Yaerthal and the Arkaiun people are defeated at the Battle of the Crimar by the drow forces of T'lindhet and the treachery of a force of half-elf priestesses of Loviatar, led by Cathyr. Cathyr slays King Reinhar IX personally and agrees to rule Dambrath on behalf of the drow of T'lindhet. She renames the capital city in her honor and becomes the realm's first queen, Cathyr Hazm'cri. »

  • 848 DR [Year of the Vigilant Familiar]
  • Endreira Chathlass, High Temptress of Loviatar, dies of old age.

    Endreira in her past had founded the Black Falcons of Fury, an elite band of female adventurers. The Black Falcons quickly made names for themselves through their daring ruthlessness, raiding various Mulhorand families. Endreira soon demands the use of a cragtop castle from a petty ruler, the Jahorgan of Jahorga (a realm that lay between the Nagawater, the Nagaflow, and the Golden Road). The Hahorgan haughtily refused her. She responded by taking him hostage, slaying all of his citizen, seizing the realm for her own and publicly inviting rebels and outlaws from the lands of the Vilhon, the Old Empires, and around the Lake of Steam to become citizens of her new "pirates' realm", Endrara.

    Even as armies were lined against her, Endreira turned to Loviatar for the first time in her bloody life and made a hold pact: She would slay Jahorgan slowly by torture. In return, Loviatar would aid her with spells, priestesses hastily gathered from all over Faerun, and "torturer-gargoyles" (margoyles). Spells from the sky sent by Loviatar destroys the armies arrayed against Endreira.

    Enraged by his perception that Loviatar was encroaching on his domain, Talos destroys the realm of Endrara. Endriera escapes by the will of Loviatar. Endriera travels the realms, spreading the words of Loviatar.

    Her successor, the ambitious but careless Chalice of the Faith, Imshrara Vlengaun and claims the Lash of Loviatar. »

  • 850 DR [Year of the Empty Throne]
  • Imshrara Vlengaun, the Chalice Supreme of Loviatar, is killed by a roper that had been smuggled into her chambers by unknown hands. The roper is slaughtered by the ever-alert Holy Guards only after it had slain the Chalice Supreme. The underlings rack the church in confusion as they struggle for supremacy and the Lash of Loviatar. »

  • 862 DR [Year of the Snow Rose]
  • Kathlathtra "Talons" Roultym of Sespech wins the bloody internal struggle and takes the title High Holy Temptress of Loviatar, ordering the bones of Imshrara to be taken up from the dusty chambers where they had lain unburied and interred them with honor in a catafalque of black stone in the High House of Pain in Undelos (a town that has since vanished, which stood due east of the Ankhwood).

    Unfortunately, sometime during the period that Imshrara lay dead and forgotten, someone (undoubtedly a priestess of Loviatar) had stolen the Lash of Loviatar and taken or hidden it far away. This was clearly in accordance with the will of Loviatar, for all of Kathlathtra's spells and agents failed to find the Lash. »

  • 870 DR [Year of the Hooded Tracker]
  • Imra, underling to Kathlathtra Roultym, finds and uses the Lash of Loviatar to slay Kathlathtra. Imra takes the Sacred Throne of Skulls that Kathlathtra had just ordered built. Imra is a capable, paranoid, and over-careful bureaucrat, who saw conspiracies and treachery behind every pillar of every Loviatan temple, and in dealing with such "dark rots" slays almost every capable priestess of the faith who had risen to exalted ranks. Imra's actions would slowly cause the church's power to dwindle around her.

    The Lash would be wielded by various low-ranking adventurer-priestesses of Loviatar. Whenever a wielder died, a manifestation of Loviatar would promptly take and present the Lash to another priestess somewhere else. »

  • 916 DR [Year of the Sinhala]
  • Undreena, a priest of Loviatar, slays the Highmost Lash of the Lady Imra, the high priest of Loviatar's church. »

  • 929 DR [Year of Flashing Eyes]
  • Naneethrama Luin claims the rulership of Loviatar's church.

    Loviatar takes the Lash of Loviatar and gives it to the lowest ranking priestess she could find in Undelos, and bade her "take it out into Faerun and give it to the most needy lay worshiper of the faith" she could find. »

  • 955 DR [Year of the Telltale Candle]
  • Highmost Lash of the Lady, Naneethrama Luin (high priest of Loviatar), the Sacred Throne of Skulls, and Undelos are swept away by the horde of orcs from the Orcgate Affair. »

  • 971 DR [Year of the Children]
  • The adventuress of Sheirtalar, Rakharla Lommerekh flays a rival, Klarla of Durgar, to death with the Lash of Loviatar (an artifact of Loviatar).

    Soon after, Rakharla comes to the notice of Althatha Ammaeritus, a Tashlutan priestess of Loviatar, and meets a swift end. Althatha then takes the Lash.

    Armed with the Lash, Althatha leads a revolt against the "decadent, pleasure loving self-styled princesses" of the faith and succeeds in storming five of the ornate pleasure-houses that the Tashlutan senior priestess of the faith had established. She is slain during her assault on the sixth temple, The House of the Hand of Torment, and the Lash falls into the hands of its Whipmistress Superior, Jalrathae, who saw it as a conquering crusade among the temples of the faith. She does rather better than Althatha, forcing no less than a dozen temples to obey her commands. »

  • 974 DR [Year of the Haunting Harpy]
  • Lauraera Dlarayna of Arrabar, High Holy Temptress of Loviatar catches up with Althatha Ammaerits and tortures her to death for usurping the many temples of Loviatar to her cause.

    Lauraera commands two of her underlings, the priestesses Falindra and Yathrae to investigate the powers of the Lash of Loviatar (an artifact of Loviatar that Lauraera took from Althatha). The two do their job well, and then together plot to kill their superior - a deed that proves all too easy. Falindra then tries to kill her partner and the claim the rulership of the faith. Nevertheless, Yathrae outsmarts her rival, mastering a spell that enables her to take on a ghostlike form and avoid the multiple blade barriers and wailing whips casts by Falindra (This incident is probably the origin of the persistent but almost certainly false rumors that the Lash can call up and command "ghosts"). She takes the Lash and flees, using spells to conceal herself as a man, and the Lash in the form of a notched and scarred broadsword, a form that the Lash takes from time to time for unknown reasons). »

  • 1036 DR [Year of the Final Test]
  • Yathrae, the priestess of Loviatar and possessor of the Lash of Loviatar gives the Lash to the local Watchful Whip of Loviatar, Mulondrae of Ravvan on her deathbed (Yathrae had been in hiding from her former partner, who had been killed some time ago by an ambitious underpriest, Olyndra Hothyn). Mulondrae keeps the Lash hidden and tells no one of Yathrae's death. »

  • 1048 DR [Year of the Chevalier]
  • Mirtul Mulondrae of Ravvan, priestess of Loviatar and possessor of the Lash of Loviatar is forced to wield the Lash in defense from the attacks of a rival. Mulondrae is victorious, but soon falls to the many priestesses of Loviatar that converges on the scene in the following tenday seeking the Lash. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Waterdeep is hit hard by the plague that is affecting all throughout the Sword Coast. The situation is made worse due to constant attacks by trolls and orcs. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars. »

  • 1167 DR [Year of the Parchment Heretical]
  • The Battle of Yonder Fields
    THe mercenary general Gordurn is known to have wielded the Lash of Loviatar (an artifact of Loviatar) at the Battle of Yonder Fields. »

  • 1177 DR [Year of the Majesty]
  • A rogue by the name of Bredisker finally takes the Tome of Torment (an artifact of Ilmater) east to the Thornwood when fleeing Ilmatari. Soon tiring of constant Ilmatari harassment, Bredisker sells the Tome to a priestess of Loviatar who was willing to endure the pain of using the Tome to get access to its spells. This priestess, Lalaskra of Ormpetarr, becomes known as "Leatherskin" for her habit of always wearing the hairshirt. She only removed it during Loviatan rituals, when she walked slowly through her followers as they scourged her with all their strength. »

  • 1211 DR [Year of the Crimson Crag]
  • During a Loviatan ritual, the Tome of Torment (an artifact of Ilmater) is stolen from the Loviatan priest Lalaskra. The Loviatans scour the entire southern Vilhon Reach for the Tome.

    The thief of the Tome is believed to be a young sage Athorton of Nleeth. He secretly chronicles the Tome's powers. »

  • 1221 DR [Year of the Frozen Flower]
  • The Loviatan priest Lalaskra is killed in a battle between two lovelorn wizards who were fighting each other for her hand in marriage. With the death of Lalaskra, the Loviatans end their search for the Tome of Torment (an artifact of Ilmatar). »

  • 1245 DR [Year of Pain]
  • Loviatar worship gains great popularity - most of the modern temples in the North are founded at this time. »

  • 1322 DR [Year of Lurking Death]
  • The famous freebooter Mirt of Waterdeep is known to have had possession of the Lash of Loviatar (an artifact of Loviatar) for a few days. »

  • 1363 DR [Year of the Wyvern]
  • The yuan-ti abomination Zstulkk Ssarmn and the priest of Loviatar Quinan Varnaed establish the Iron Ring slaver consortium in Skullport. »