• -102 DR [Year of the Spiked Gauntlet]
  • Desva, a cleric of Malar, attains a position of power among the ghostwise hins of Luiren and begins leading them into darkness and evil. »

  • -68 DR [Year of Discordant Destinies]
  • The Hin Ghostwars
    In response to the evil acts of Desva (in Luiren) and the ghostwise hins, Chand, a strongheart hunter, becomes warchief of the Strongheart Tribes. The Strongheart and Lightfoot Tribes unite against the Ghostwise Tribe and begin exterminating its members. »

  • -65 DR [Year of Monstrous Appetites]
  • Warchief Chand of the Strongheart Tribe slays Desva the cleric of Malar of the Ghostwise Tribe in battle. Almost all the ghostwise hin are either slain or driven out of the Lluirwood, and the Hin Ghostwars at last draw to a close in Luiren. »

  • 14 DR [Year of the Unknown Beloved]
  • Beluir is founded in Luiren. »

  • 47 DR [Year of the Crystal Orb]
  • The settlement of Chethel is founded in Luiren. »

  • 116 DR [Year of the Mortal Promise]
  • The settlement of Shoun is founded in Luiren. »

  • 148 DR [Year of the Blue Ice]
  • Merrow from the Mortik Swamp attack Chethel of Luiren. Half the town is destroyed before the hin drive back. »

  • 218 DR [Year of the Dancing Lights]
  • The settlement of Krenadir is founded in Luiren. »

  • 383 DR [Year of the Quelzarn]
  • The settlement of Ammathluir is founded in Luiren. »

  • 447 DR [Year of the Awakening Treant]
  • Ogres swarm down from the Toadsquats and rampage through the northern section of the Lluirwood for several years. »

  • 450 DR [Year of the Corrie Fist]
  • Batle of Three Stumps
    Ogres savaging the Lluirwood are defeated by an army of hin from Lluiren at the Battle of the Three Stumps. »

  • 461 DR [Year of the Lissome Apprentice]
  • The settlement of Ammathtar is founded in Luiren to facilitate trade between the hin and the Arkaiun humans of future Dambrath. »

  • 546 DR [Year of the Rusted Sabre]
  • Luiren is invaded by Arkaiun barbarians from Dambrath. The majority of the halfling population is enslaved, but some individuals go into hiding. »

  • 554 DR [Year of Waving Wheat]
  • Mycontil Sulaziir, the Wizard-King of Halruaa, assembles an army to drive the Arkaiun invaders back to Dambrath. In the city of Sulaziir, he slays the barbarian king, Reinhar I, with a devastating spell that also consumes Mycontil and his circle of apprentices.

    Reinhar I's son, Reinhar II becomes the new king and leads the army in retreat to Dambrath.

    The defeat in Halruaa sees Luiren and Estagund regain independence from Dambrath, the Latter uniting under King Bonrial. Var also declares its independence from Dambrath and its nobles, merchants and religious factions begin squabbling over who will become the new Rajah. As a consequence, the Golden War begins between these rival groups, named after the endless wheat fields where much of the fighting take place. »

  • 572 DR [Year of Writhing Darkness]
  • The marchwardens, a form of standing army, are established to protect and defend the hin realm of Luiren. »

  • 636 DR [Year of the Luminous Tabard]
  • Ammathtar is destroyed by an evil force from deep inside the Southern Lluirwood. (A beholder is responsible for the destruction, but no one realizes it at the time). »

  • 709 DR [Year of the Earnest Oaths]
  • Hin begin disappearing inside the Southern Lluirwood in Luiren. Unbeknownst to them, the yuan-ti are using a portal to abduct halflings and take them to the Black Jungle for experimentation. »

  • 922 DR [Year of the Spouting Fish]
  • Crinti raiders from Dambrath attack Ammanthlauir of Luiren. The hin, led by the marchwardens, turn back the invaders after three days of fighting. »

  • 1105 DR [Year of the Gaurdian]
  • In Luiren, a great storm from the sea nearly destroys Deluir and causes widespread damage to Chethel and Krenadir. »

  • 1264 DR [Year of the Shattered Alter]
  • The druid Voolad Espiral, with the help of dark trees and other monsters, sacks Thruldar, an Estagundan community on the edge of the Lluirwood. Marchwardens and local ghostwise hins slay Voolad and contain his spirit inside the ruins with magic. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Parts of Abeir and Toril switch planes, swapping Maztica and the continent of Laerakond, which is now known as "Returned Abeir".

    Mulhorand is completely destroyed, and the Mulhorandi pantheon disappears. The land is later settled by Deep Imaskari and becomes the empire of High Imaskar.

    Unther is obliterated when a fragment of the dragonborn nation of Tymanchebar is transplanted from Abeir onto it, eventually becoming the realm of Tymanther.

    Chult becomes a large island.

    The Shaar becomes a wasteland called the Shaar Desolation.

    The region surrounding the Great Rift collapses into the Underdark, creating an enormous cataract in the earth called the Underchasm.

    The hin realm of Luiren is completely submerged underwater, becoming the Gulf of Luiren.

    Lantan is hit by massive waves and flooded, killing all of its inhabitants.

    A storm begins over the Mhair Jungle in Halruaa and quickly grows to a large size, blue flames visible in the sky. It lays waste to Halruaa due to the heavy wild magic activity in the area.

    Where once stood the realm of Sespech, the Golden Plains, and the Nagalands, the Spellplague reveals a surreal landscape breathtaking in its beauty, grandeur, and changeability. For the next century, active Spellplague cavorts on this territory called the Plaguewrought Lands, contorting terrain, natural law, and the flesh of any creature that dares enter.

    Evermeet vanishes. While the island remains, all it’s people and buildings are gone, not even ruins are left. All of Evermeet’s closest allies, who have lost all contact assume that Evermeet has been destroyed. However, Evermeet survives in the Feywild, and the fey of the island nation can step back and forth between the Feywild and the ‘echo’ that is left on Toril.

    Sildeyuir rejoins with the Feywild. »