• -741 DR
  • Tulan el Akada yi Calimport creates the aranea, a race of lycanthropic arachnids with the ability to disguise themselves as drow or giant spiders. Tulan's magical control make the aranea the most effective soldiers in the war against the drow. »

  • 153 DR [Year of the Wolfstone]
  • Illithids from the Underdark and their lycanthropic thralls conquer Gauntlgrym. A few survivors escape and are taken in by a tribe of Uthgardt. »

  • 245 DR [Year of the Dun Dragon]
  • The city of Vaelen (Old Vaelen) is overwhelmed by werecreatures led by a wererat prince. Thousands of refugees continue to flee to Durpar to avoid the monster incursions. »

  • 467 DR [Year of Four Winds]
  • A hill giant dire wereape named Dermos the Proud emerges from the wilderness into Dambrath, claiming to be a manifestation of Malar. Dermos develops a fanatical following and orders the slaughter of all Arkaiuns who oppose him. »

  • 469 DR [Year of the Dusty Library]
  • Dermos the Proud (a hill giant wereape who claims to be a manifestation of Malar) and all the members of his beast cult are slain at the Ambush of Blackrock Ridge by the Arkaiuns of Dambrath. »

  • 701 DR [Year of the White Jonquil]
  • The Moon Plague
    In Calimport, there is a lycanthropy (werewolves, wereboars, weretigers, and wererats) outbreak (due to the entry of three weretigers and two werewolves). 2% of Calimshite population (12% of Upper Calimport, 5% of Calimport Docks).

    Many lycanthropes leave Calimport after the full moons of Tarsakh and Mirtul to spread their lycanthropy to the Tashalar and the Shaar. To the present day, it is unknown what drew so many lycanthropes together into Calimport for these two summer months, though some remain in Calimport Muzad. »

  • 720 DR [Year of the Dawn Rose]
  • Myth Lharast in Amn is overrun by evil lycanthropes hordes, "lightning bolts from the moon" seemingly blast Myth Lharast out of existence. »

  • 946 DR [Year of the Blazing Call]
  • The Magister Taline Telgara is accidentally killed when her husband, Caldauvur Maerglauthyn (born a weredragon), is forced to change shape.

    Caldauvur becomes Magister. »

  • 949 DR [Year of the Forbidden Tome]
  • The Magister Caldauvur Maerglauthyn (born a weredragon) is ambushed by a group of evil archmages. He is killed, but not before all but one of the attacking mages are slain. The suviving wizard, the Calishite satrap Ildathchance Orlaer, becomes Magister. »

  • 1046 DR [Year of the Twilight Campaign]
  • Mulhorand attacks Vaelen to destroy the wererat presence there. The city is reduced to rubble, but the werecreatures remain in force, mostly underground. »

  • 1183 DR [Year of the Grisly Ghosts]
  • Paladins of Osiris, one of the god kings of Mulhorand, clears the River of Swords of were-crocodiles and worshippers of the crocodile god Sebek. The were-crocodiles re-locate to the Adder River Delta. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Vakennis slays her father, the Bloodmaster of the People of the Black Blood in Cormanthor and becomes the new Bloodmaster. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 26 The Start of the Twelfth Seros War
    Deepwater War
    The monstrous wereshark Iakhovas (known as the "Threat From the Sea") finds an artifact in Coryselmal and uses it to shatter a large section of the Sharksbane Wall, destroying Akhanmyr and one of the Sea Unicorns guardposts in one explosion. The Xedran Reefs take this as a sign that their religious Time of Tempering has begun. Iakhovas and the sahuagin occupy Coryselmal for a time. »

  • Loudwater is assailed by a Malarite-led lycanthrope army which is beaten back with much loss and the death of the Green Regent Galaer Grasswave. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Tarsakh Rusk, Huntmaster of a tribe of the People of the Black Blood in Arch Wood, brings his pack to Selgaunt seeking revenge for the wounds given him by Talbot Uskevren, and in search of answers about the Black Wolf Prophecy. »

  • Kythorn Bloodmaster Jarthon Drael, Bloodmaster of the People of the Black Blood in the Moonwood, begins a series of attacks on the town of Quaervarr, in an effort to stop their expansion into his territory in the Moonwood. Their rallying point is called Claw Hallow. »

  • 1471 DR [Year of the Plagued Lords]
  • A rot angel is found in one of the tombs in the Hills of the Dead Kings, and a contingent of hins from the neighboring villages is sent to dispatch it. Jaeg Felidae, a Malar-worshipping were tiger, also hunting the beast, finds the corpses of the hins that same night. Hours later, he too is dead, having failed to dispatch it. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Aoth Fezim travels with Jhesrhi Coldcreek and Cera Eurthos to Rashemen with the intention of purchasing griffons from the Wychlaren (due to the loss of many griffons in the Battle of Luthcheq). He arrives in Immilmar to find several other buyers.

    The Wychlaren task Aoth and the other bidders to track down the culprits to numerous unexplained attacks and killings in Rashemen in the months prior. Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon ally with a berserker lodge led by Vandar Cherlinka.

    Aoth tracks down a group of werewolves that were commanded by a cyclops from the Feywild. They follow the cyclops through the gate and confront the cyclops' formorian mistress. During this time in the Feywild, Aoth rescues a fire spirit named Zyl, who in gratitude, takes them to his master, the Stag King back in Rashemen. Aoth convinces the Stag King (a dark fey lord who rules part of Ashenwood Forest) to aid the berserkers march on the Durthan stronghold at the Fortress of the Half-Demon. This force defeats the durthans and their army of humanoids and undead and drive them into the tunnels under the fortress. The Stag King is killed in the tunnels by Durthan vampires. Zyl is also slain, defending his master.

    After the battle, Dai Shan, a Threskian noble who was also attempting to purchase the griffons, magically appears in the tunnels and tricks Aoth and his fellow Brotherhood of the Griffon members to enter a pocket plane. They are able to find a way back to Faerun, in Thay. »

  • 1485 DR [Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance]
  • Eleint The Harper agent Aarun recieves a shipment of silvered weapons to help fight the luskar lycanthropes that have infiltrated Bryn Shander.

    Vaelish Gant, a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, attempts to become Speaker of Bryn Shander by undermining Buvessa Shane. »