• 330 DR [Year of Roused Giants]
  • Arun Maerdrym is born the first half-elf among the senior noble Houses of Myth Drannor, to the surprise of many elves, he is accepted by the patriarch and allowed to retain his name and position in the family and clan. »

  • 386 DR [Year of Dawn Moons]
  • Arun Maerdrym, called the Half-Elven among the nobles, joins the Harpers in Twilight. »

  • 414 DR [Year of Omen Stars]
  • Highharvestide Arielimnda, a human ranger, fellow Harper, and wife of Arun Maerdrym, delivers a human son on Highharvestide. Since he is a human, the boy is not allowed to bear the Maerdrym name. Arun follows an ancient elf custom and does not name the boy, allowing him the freedom to earn a name (and perhaps a place in the clan) later. »

  • 426 DR [Year of the Black Dawn]
  • Arun Maerdrym's human son joins students of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor as a pupil of Mentor Wintercloak in the school known as the Incanistaeum. At age twelve, he remains unnamed, though he has a number of nicknames some elves gave him, including Biir ("garbage", used by the commoner elves) and Zenar ("Less than half", as a noble's double insult against himself and his half-breed father). His few green elf friends call him Bhin, or "young human". »

  • 449 DR [Year of Killing Ice]
  • The son of Arun finishes his tutelage under Mentor Wintercloak and leaves Myth Drannor to learn of the world and teach it the ways and magics of the City of Song. Secretly, he also plans on proving his worth to his father's clan and becoming one of the first Harpers outside Cormanthyr and the eastern lands. He takes the only name he has been called of which he is proud; Arun's Son. He vows to claim his place among the Maerdrym once he has earned a new name. »

  • 464 DR [Year of True Names]
  • While wandering across Anauroch, Arun's Son comes across his father who was escorting some Evereskan elves, his then wife and children, westward when they had come under attack from phaerimm. After both Arun's Son and Arun ran low on spells and hiding under a protective sphere, Arun strikes the Duskstaff of Sareal using his Lupinaxe, killing them both and transforming the surrounding desert into a crater of glass.

    Arun's Son is resurrected by Mystra and becomes her Chosen, "he whom magic, duty, and honor defines". As the Nameless Chosen, he becomes the first human ever to stay among Evereska's glades. »

  • 678 DR [Year of the Poignant Poniard]
  • Lord Councilor Kharis Maerdrym and his hunting party, which included several humans of note, mysteriously disappear off the coast of Delthuntle during a Grand Hunt of a near-legendary greater quelzarn. Agents of Unther are suspected in the attack (as are some of Lord Maerdrym's usual political foes). »

  • 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Marpenoth 9 The Tomb Wars of Trohiilaern (Weeping War: Campaign #7)
    A.K.A.: The Battle of Running Rocks, the Rout of the Griffonwing, the Trenches at Trohiilaern, "Dying among the Dead", the War of Artifacts-Lost, the Seven Rings Raid, the Sundering of the Ruby Rod
    The Fourth Legion finally received reinforcements of both cavalry and Akh'Faer magic, and Artair Tromostar overruled the petty arykerym and took command of the remnants of the Fourth Legion. In fact, rather than face court-martial proceedings after the war, the craven Iolas Eyriendor fled Cormanthor with the arrival of the reinforcements, never to return to the forest or the War (and his fate remians unknown even today). Still, despite some masterful strategies and a final coalescing of the allied forces, the Army of Darkness had taken the measure of the troops and knew just where to hit them. Of course, they'd also found the time to unearth the Tombs of Trohiilaern, plunder the magical treasures, and learn how best to use them in the month before this final battle. While casualties were far lower than they might have been, the gnomish Councilor and a number of other, far more competent officers fell during the four-day assault among the opened and desecrated tombs.

    This even lasts until Marpenoth 12, 713 DR.

    Deaths in this battle include:
    Faernaa Artair Tromostar (Akh'Faern illusionist officer and gnome Councilor), Faernil Wyqhael Maerdrym (3rd of the House, lesser Akh'Faern officer). »