• -7800 DR
  • The Great Arrival
    The noble djinni lord Calim arrives in Faerun by the Djen, an entourage of genies and their human and halfling slaves. The djinni lord quickly seizes all the lands south and west of the Marching Mountains and founds the Calim Empire on the present-day site of Calimport. »

  • -7790 DR
  • The Dragon Wars
    A Flight of Dragons destroys the city of Calimport. This event initiates a century of war pitting Calim and the genies against the dragons. By its end, every dragon of the Marching Mountains dies at the hands of the genies' magic. The genies' magic rebuilds Calimport within a year of its initial destruction. »

  • -7690 DR
  • Calim negotiates the border of his empire with the elves and dwarves and finally claims the lands south of the River Agis and east to the western slopes of the present-day Alimir Mountains. Calim continues warring with the giants and dragons of the Marching Mountains. »

  • -6060 DR
  • Fall of Calim's Rule
    Lands east of the Calim Desert and south of the Marching Mountains become the human nation of Coramshan after the humans win a rebellion (with the aid of the dwarves) against surviving minor genies. Calimport and Keltar are rebuilt. The alliance between the humans and dwarves quickly founders, however, because the rulers of Coramshan soon turn to the worship of evil gods. »

  • Third Age of Shanatar
  • -5960 DR
    King Adiir Velm of House Axemarch leads 5000 dwarves onto the plains of former Memnonnar (north of the Marching Mountains) as their own and founds the realm of High Shanatar. Over the next few centuries they settle the lands now considered Tethyr. »

  • 236 DR [Year of the Plague Clouds]
  • In a secret meeting, Iryklathagra and Shoon IV plot the destruction of Rhimnasarl the Shining, a great silver dragon of the Marching Mountains who has long opposed the oppressive ruler of the Shoon. After the death of Rhimnasarl, the qysar betrays Iryklathagra, keeping the silver dragon's hoard. In reaction to this event, Iryklathagra establishes a secret lair of her own elsewhere in the Marching Mountains and set about building its defenses. »

  • 245 DR [Year of the Dun Dragon]
  • Iryklathagra launches a reign of terror on the lands surrounding her lair in the Marching Mountains that bedevils a succession of qysars. »

  • 1331 DR [Year of the Leaping Dolphin]
  • Numerous high-ranking wizards among all the Guilds Arcane of Calimport, Almraivne, Volothamp, Memnon, and Keltar mysteriously abandon their homes and positions to depart on some mysterious mission within the Marching Mountains. More than thirty in all, they abandon their holdings and responsibilities for this unknown calling. »

  • 1332 DR [Year of the Sword and Stars]
  • Numerous goblin and hobgoblin tribes are reported on the move among the western Marching Mountains. Some reports have numerous wizards at the heads of these hordes - the same wizards who went missing late last year under some mysterious calling. »