• c. -7700 DR
  • Rise of the Marid States
    Rogue marids from the Calim Empire enter Selmalyr (undersea Vilhon Reach), sparking war with the sea elves. Within a year, the marids and their jann spread into Seros, allying and sharing their power with the other aquatic races. Because these new Marid States are located in deep water beneath the Hmur Plateau, their residents face no direct retribution from the elves for their expansionist activities. »

  • -7687 DR
  • The Steam Clashes
    Ajhuu, a greater marid, breaks away and establishes a realm within Calim's lands while the noble djinni is away. On Calim's return, the Steam Clashes begin between them. This conflict leads to the creation of the Maridflow and Hajiuar's Falls (present-day Azure Falls) in the Alimir Mountains. »

  • -7684 DR
  • End of the Steam Clahses / The Shattering
    With this event, the Steam Clashes end and Ajhuu and his rebels are destroyed by Calim. The coastline between the mouth of the River of Ice and the southern tip of the Alimir Mountain range is forever changed, and the Spider Swamp comes into being. »

  • -6676 DR
  • The Golden Era of Aryselmalyr Begins
    With the end of koalinth border wars against the elven cities of the Hmur Plateau and the Selmal Basin, and a peace accord with the Marid States (as some jann join the Dukar Orders), this marks the beginning of 5,000 years of general peace in Seros. »

  • -6100 DR
  • End of the Marid States
    The deep-water Marid States mysteriously vanish or fall prey to kraken attacks. Many marids and jann also vanish or die over the course of sixteen years, though the bulk of the disappearances occur this year. This ends the major challenge to Aryselmalyr's control of Seros, thought the Dukars temper their rule. »