• 6 DR [Year of the Firestars]
  • Fleeing plague and tyranny in Impiltur, the farmer Ondeth Obarskyr settles a tract of land on the outskirts of the Wolf Wood west of Marsember with his wife Suzara, and two sons, Faerlthann and Rhiiman. He names the settlement Suzara's City, after his wife.

    Baerauble Etharr of the elves introduces himself and becomes a kind of intermediary between the humans and elves. »

  • 289 DR [Year of Waking Dreams]
  • King Torst Obarskyr of Cormyr and his brother Prince Gordroun are slain in the siege of flooded Marsember. King Torst is slain by his illegitimate stepbrother Belorth and his stepfather Kurrurdan (Besmra's first husband). Belorth and Kurrurdan are slain by Prince Gordroun before falling to lizardfolk. Their younger brother Keldroun is crowned king, and the city is abandoned to the lizardfolk. King Keldroun posthumously crowns Gordroun and adds him to the lineage. »

  • 900 DR [Year of the Thirsty Sword]
  • The Battle with the Witch Lords
    King Galaghard III of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords of the Wyvernwater and their undead armies in Wheloon, Juniril, and at Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp. As the battle begins, the Witch Lords unleash bat-mounted units who use lightning-based attacks to pick off some of the Marsembian troops. Thanderahast spots his old enemy Luthax in the air and uses magic to engage him. The fight swings towards the Witch Lords as a large troll is bearing down on Galaghard III when a young Bleth sacrifices himself to give the king more time. At this point, the orcs and goblins are driving the humans back on one flank in a move to encircle them.

    The Cormyrean troops are finally granted victory as the venerable elf lord Othorion Keove and his elves enter the battle and break the orc and goblin advance, slaying their ogre leaders and routing them. This is the turning point of the battle and the zombies are quickly defeated by the elves and the surviving humans. The rest of the Witch Lords army quickly retreat into the swamp, and the battle is won. »

  • 1188 DR [Year of the Soft Fogs]
  • Pryntaler Obarskyr meets with a group of Sembians, consisting of Kodlos, Homfast, Lady Threnka, Old Bennesey and Jollitha Par to discuss the border between Cormyr and Sembia and the ownership of Marsember.

    During the discussions that lasted many days, Pryntaler is attacked by an abraxus, which poisons Juarkin and Thessilion Crownsilver. The High Wizard of Cormyr, Jorunhast, disables the abraxus and it is used as a diplomatic tool to force the Sembians to concede that Marsember is now part of Cormyr and the Thunder Gap is the border between the two nations. »

  • 1227 DR [Year of the Wall]
  • Dhalmass, the Warrior King of Cormyr, seizes the port city of Marsember. He and his queen Jhalass Huntsilver die under mysterious circumstances on their return to Suzail. The Fire Knives assassin guild is suspected. Palaghard II Obarskyr, Dhalmass's second son is crowned king. »

  • 1231 DR [Year of the Bright Star]
  • The Key of Faith (an artifact of Oghma) is found by Oskul's Marauders high on a ledge in a half-flooded cellar in Marsember. »

  • 1286 DR [Year of the Rock]
  • Methlas, a merchant from Marsember, quietly gathers a small fleet of corsairs, crewed with sailors who had left greater navies. Although this fleet was initially established as a merchant fleet, Methlas' ships quickly become involved in various swindles and dodges, with double manifests, "deck cargo losses", and false deliveries being common. Many of the cargoes in these vessels were stolen at sea, but Methlas is careful to ensure that the owners never found out what happened to them. With these stolen cargoes, he begins building and outfitting his fleet. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Narnra Shalace, a loner thief in Waterdeep, follows a disguised Elminster through an alleyway and into a portal to Marsember. There, she become involved with the intrigues of the Cormyrean nation, and eventually discovers that Elminster is her father. Narnra's mother is the song dragon Maerjanthra Shalace, who had faked her death so that Narnra could come of age without her assistance. »

  • Tarsakh 19 The leaders of three leading churches of the Morninglord, High Radiance Ghentilara of Waterdeep, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen of Marsember, and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon of Ordulin meet in secret at Morningmist Hall in Marsember to discuss Daelegoth and the Risen Sun heresy. »

  • Mirtul 5 Word reaches Daelegoth of the secret meeting in Marsember between High Radiance Ghentilara, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen, and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon. »

  • Flamerule 12 The three high priests of the Marsember Conclave (High Radiance Ghentilara, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen, and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon) issue an edict reiterating that the teachings espoused by Daelegoth are heresy and that he risks excommunication from the faith. »

  • Flamerule 21 Emissaries from the temple of the Morninglord in Waterdeep, Marsember, and Ordulin (sent by High Radiance Ghentilara, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon respectively) attempt to meet with Daelegoth in Elversult but are rebuffed when they refuse to acknowledge imminent ascension of Amaunator. »

  • Eleasis 6 The leaders of the Marsember Conclave (High Radiance Ghentilara, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen, and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon) announce their intent to "further study" Daelegoth's teachings. Behind the scenes, the leaders of the faith are hesitant to act, seeking a sign from the Morninglord about whether or not there is some truth behind the Risen Sun heresy. In the meantime, converts continue to flock to the Church of Amaunator in Elversult. »

  • 1486 DR [Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls]
  • Uktar 6 The Shadovar sack Marsember »