• 812 DR [Year of the Gem Dragons]
  • The Mask of Mysteries first appears in Realmslore when it is found on the face of a corpse in a tomb on the Dragonisle in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The human buried there is thought to have been Arnthas "the Sky", much maligned among elves as a smooth-tongued "false friend" of the elves who in the guise of companionship learned many secrets of elven magic - and stole powerful magical items from the proudest families of Myth Drannor before its fall.

    The Mask of Mysteries is actually a black silk mask of unknown age. The magical properties of the Mask are awakened by kissing it, speaking the name of the god (either Mask or one of his secret names, such as Veldraeos or Ondoum), and then kissing the Mask again. »

  • 1335 DR [Year of the Snow Winds]
  • Erevis Cale, future Chosen of Mask (First of Five), is born in Westgate. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Alandrina Emmeril, possessor of the Mask of Mysteries (an articaft of Mask) perishes at the hands of no fewer than 16 black-masked individuals in Sembia. One of the killers takes off with the Mask.

    Alandrina Emmeril had come into the possession of the Mask by marrying the previous owner, Rellogur Asannath. The two were members of the Scarlet Song Company. Rellogur had slain the original owner, Arnthas in Yhaunn. Rellogur and Alandrina enjoyed long lives for over 500 years before Rellogur suddenly crumbled away to nothing. Some suspect Alandrina's hand in his death. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • The Mask of Mysteries (an artifact of Mask) appears to be in the hands of a Sembian noble family, as a certain "masked lady" is seen briefly at evening revels in Selgaunt with the artifact.
    (It is worth noting that the wearer of the Mask need not be a priest or even a worshipper of Mask.) »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Flamerule During the months of Flamerule, Eleasias, and Elient, the Night Masks battle the Shore Patrol for control of Westgate's criminal underworld. Adventurers, hired by the city's merchant nobility as bounty hunters, deliver a sharp check to the ambitions of the Night Masks. Their efforts thwart a plot by the ruling Pentad of Night Masters to transform Westgate into a theocracy of the god Mask. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Eleint 26 Cyric slays Bhaal using the sword Godsbane (Mask in disguise) at Boarskyr Bridge. »

  • Marpenoth 15 A great battle in Waterdeep sees Myrkul destroyed by Midnight, Shar and Selune do battle. Cyric slays Kelemvor Lyonsbane with his sword Godsbane (actually an aspect of the god Mask). The Tablets of Fate are returned to Overlord Ao, creator of the Realms and of the gods themselves. He descends upon Toril and speaks to its inhabitants. Lord Ao declares that all gods become servants to their followers, that Midnight take Mystra's place as Goddess of Magic, and that Cyric shall take control of what was left undone by the deaths of Myrkul, Bane, and Bhaal. And, while Cyric found this responsibility quite an honor, Lord Ao was unsure he'd continue with that reasoning.

    Siamorphe manifests in Waterdeep and protects North and Sea Wards from much of the damages caused by Myrkul's Legions. »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • A thief tries to steal the Mask of Mysteries from the unknown Sembian noblewoman who bore it. However, removing the Mask causes her face to erupt into a mass of tentacles - tendrils like those of a mind flayer, save that these were gray, knobby, and ended in snapping mouths that devours the thief's face and hands. The guards attack the noblewoman turned horror, who escapes into the night.

    Claiming to the rightful owners of the Mask, the Asannath family offers 100,000 gold pieces for its return.

    Less than a month later, a Calishite merchant offers the Mask for sale in Scornubel. This causes a battle between priests of Mask and multiple independent thieves for the Mask. During the battle, a late arrival slew the merchant and made off with the Mask, but is himself slain in some mechanical trap in a nearby cellar. When the body of the thief was recovered many days later, the thieves hands were cut off and the Mask was gone again.

    Rumors of the Mask have surfaced in Waterdeep, Skullport, Westgate, and in Arrabar. The Dark Hand of the Shadowlord, the most influential cleric of Mask in Calimshan calls for all faithful to search for the Mask. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Cyric commissions the creation of the Cyrinishad. Three hundred and ninety-seven versions were created until Cyric was satisfied. The tome, dubbed "The Book of Lies" by other gods of the pantheon, outlined the "true" history (in Cyric's mind) of the "One True God." But Cyric did not stop there. The Cyrinishad was a magical creation, with the intention that anyone reading the tome would believe the Cyrinishad as truth.

    Many gods could not abide by these actions. Mystra, with the help of Oghma (The Binder) and Mask, The Cyrinishad's final version was placed in protective custody, but not before it had been read by Mask. Cyric had gained yet another follower. »

  • Nightal 27 Fall of Zhentil Keep
    Fzoul Chembryl reads aloud from the True Life of Cyric, revealing the dark god's betrayal of his faithful at Zhentil Keep. Xeno Mirrormane, High Priest of Cyric, is struck by powerful divine fire from Mask. The flames devour Xeno, then proceeded to do likewise to the temple of Cyric. Fzoul flees the falling city to Teshwave as Cyric-summoned giants, dragons, and other monsters sack much of Zhentil Keep.

    Lord Orgauth had only the small number of troops that hadn't fled the destruction and a few meagre reinforcements from Darkhold. Orgauth died during the siege but a pit fiend named Abarax that had been imprisoned by one of Orgauth's mages escaped from it's bonds and found Orgauth's corpse. The baatezu polymorphed into the fallen leader and effectively took up his life where Orgauth had left it.

    Abarax (as Orgauth) and his troops survived. He then summons the Erinyes Eshaeris to take the place of a courtesan named Desmonda who had disappeared during the siege. Together, they befuddled the remaining lords and took complete, unopposed control of the Keep. »

  • Cyric had sought the soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane, but was unable to find him. Cyric releases Kezef the Chaos Hound from Pandemonium, and commands it to trace Kelemvor's soul. Kezef ended up being trapped again by Mask.

    Kelemvor's soul was trapped in Cyric's sentient sword, Godsbane, actually an aspect of Mask, who planned to steal the portfolio of lies. Mask used Kelemvor's soul to gain the cooperation of Mystra, all the while planning a revolt in the City of Death against Cyric. With the help of Mystra, Torm, Oghma, and Cyric's own high priest Fzoul Chembryl (whose loyalty lay with the dead Bane), great chaos was caused in two of Cyric's most important bases of faith: Zhentil Keep, and the City of Death. A great number of Cyric's follower lost their faith, thus weakening Cyric. In addition, Cyric's nightmare was freed from Dendar the Night Serpent, and the dream found Cyric, causing him to think that Kelemvor had somehow returned to life and to seek revenge. At that moment, Cyric lost his mind, crushed his sword, which freed Kelemvor, and made his nightmare come true. The two fought and Cyric's fear, indecision, and madness caused his defeat, and Kelemvor overthrows Cyric's rule in the City of the Dead. By the wish of all dead spirits and Denizens in the Gray Wastes (some say by Ao's will also), Kelemvor became the new God of Death. Mask also emerged from the sword. Begging for forgiveness as Cyric attempted to salvage what he could of the situation, Mask followed his new master out of the castle. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • The Righteous Man, guildmaster of the Night Knives thieves' guild of Selgaunt and a powerful priest of Mask summons Yrsillar, a mighty greater dread, to his temple beneath the guild headquarters. Drasek Riven, one of his lieutenants and a secret member of the Zhentarim, frees the demon by disrupting the protective circle containing it. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Ches The Church of Tyr builds the Abbey of the Blinding Truth in Westgate as a deliberate snub to the Church of Mask. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Nightal 1 Elyril Hraven priestess of Shar, completes a ritual set forth in the empty spaces within the Leaves of One Night and summons the Shadowstorm. A planar rift is torn open over Ordulin, and that portion of the Plane of Shadow known as the Admbral Calyx pours forth. Ordulin is destroyed in the cataclysm, and the bulk of its citizens are killed. Volumvax the Divine One, also known as Kesson Rel the First Chosen of Mask, emerges from the rift amid an army of shadows and shadow giants. Volumvax raises Ordulin's dead as shadows to bolster his own army. »

  • Mask relinquished his divinity and his life over to Shar to repay a millennia-old debt to the goddess, who is revealed to be his "mother" as well as the person he served as a herald. Just before his death, Shar reveals Mask's true name as Lessinor, though its origin (either as a mortal name or birth name) is not explained.

    A portion of Mask's divinity—the portion stolen by Kesson Rel—was absorbed in equal portions by Erevis Cale, Drasek Riven, and Prince Rivalen of the Shade enclave. Erevis then sacrificed himself to Mephistopheles, the archdevil Lord of Cania, in payment for releasing the half of the soul of Magadon that he ate; Mephistopheles in turn absorbed the portion of Mask's divinity held by Cale.

    When Mask surrenders to Shar, his last thoughts are about the secret he kept from her. He also apparently arranged for Cale's son be born in safety after the Spellplague.

    Riven, ascends to be the demigod of shadows, prophesied to Magadon the return of Mask. »

  • 1484 DR [Year of the Awakened Sleepers]
  • Sembia attacks the Dalelands and captures Archendale.

    Erevis Cale's son Vasen and his companions Orsin and Gerak are transported to Cania by Drasek Riven where they free Erevis from his one hundred year magical imprisonment.

    Vasen Cale uses the power of Amaunator to sever the god Mask's power from Rivalen, Mephistopheles and Drasek Riven with the expectation that Erevis will claim the power. Instead, Riven agrees to accept the burden of divinity and becomes the reborn Mask.

    After existing for one hundred years under the noses of the Shadovar, the oracle of the Abbey of the Rose removes the abbey's wards and shortly thereafter the abbey is found by two servants of Mephistopheles, Zeeahd and Sayeed, who mostly destroy the abbey.

    Both Rivalen and Brennus Tanthul are killed when the mythal powering the Shadovar city of Sakkors fails causing the city to fall on them. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • The Sundering comes to an end during this time. It sees the return of the following gods:

    • Mystra
    • Helm
    • Mask
    • Lathander
    • Bhaal
    • Eilistraee
    • Vhaeraun