• 812 DR [Year of the Gem Dragons]
  • The Mask of Mysteries first appears in Realmslore when it is found on the face of a corpse in a tomb on the Dragonisle in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The human buried there is thought to have been Arnthas "the Sky", much maligned among elves as a smooth-tongued "false friend" of the elves who in the guise of companionship learned many secrets of elven magic - and stole powerful magical items from the proudest families of Myth Drannor before its fall.

    The Mask of Mysteries is actually a black silk mask of unknown age. The magical properties of the Mask are awakened by kissing it, speaking the name of the god (either Mask or one of his secret names, such as Veldraeos or Ondoum), and then kissing the Mask again. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Alandrina Emmeril, possessor of the Mask of Mysteries (an articaft of Mask) perishes at the hands of no fewer than 16 black-masked individuals in Sembia. One of the killers takes off with the Mask.

    Alandrina Emmeril had come into the possession of the Mask by marrying the previous owner, Rellogur Asannath. The two were members of the Scarlet Song Company. Rellogur had slain the original owner, Arnthas in Yhaunn. Rellogur and Alandrina enjoyed long lives for over 500 years before Rellogur suddenly crumbled away to nothing. Some suspect Alandrina's hand in his death. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • The Mask of Mysteries (an artifact of Mask) appears to be in the hands of a Sembian noble family, as a certain "masked lady" is seen briefly at evening revels in Selgaunt with the artifact.
    (It is worth noting that the wearer of the Mask need not be a priest or even a worshipper of Mask.) »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • A thief tries to steal the Mask of Mysteries from the unknown Sembian noblewoman who bore it. However, removing the Mask causes her face to erupt into a mass of tentacles - tendrils like those of a mind flayer, save that these were gray, knobby, and ended in snapping mouths that devours the thief's face and hands. The guards attack the noblewoman turned horror, who escapes into the night.

    Claiming to the rightful owners of the Mask, the Asannath family offers 100,000 gold pieces for its return.

    Less than a month later, a Calishite merchant offers the Mask for sale in Scornubel. This causes a battle between priests of Mask and multiple independent thieves for the Mask. During the battle, a late arrival slew the merchant and made off with the Mask, but is himself slain in some mechanical trap in a nearby cellar. When the body of the thief was recovered many days later, the thieves hands were cut off and the Mask was gone again.

    Rumors of the Mask have surfaced in Waterdeep, Skullport, Westgate, and in Arrabar. The Dark Hand of the Shadowlord, the most influential cleric of Mask in Calimshan calls for all faithful to search for the Mask. »