• 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Marpenoth Maddgoth grows careless and lures a wizard known as Bhellis Malysax and a trio of apprentices into his castle on the promise that he knew of a way to counteract the magical chaos of the time. After Maddgoth captured and imprisoned the enchantress and two of her apprentices in his castle, Bhellis' newest apprentice, the young Syriana, revealed herself to be Ynim Ceriople, a wizards working secretly at the behest of Open Lord Piergeiron.
    During the spell battle that followed, Ynim and Bhellis are slain, but they managed to allow the two apprentices to escape back to the city with the knowledge of Maddgoth's activities.

    Once the extent of Phyrgoth's madness was known, a group of wizards is dispatched to the townhouse to dispel the magic of the two-way gate. The presiding guild mage, one Maxehl Khovtoll, pronounced it destroyed in a report to the city. Unknown to the watch or the Lords, Maxehl and his compatriots planned on using the gate and taking all of Maddgoth's possessions for themselves. The case is never followed up on, since the distractions of the following days included Myrkul's minions invading Waterdeep! »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Eleint 20 Maxehl Khovtoll and his compatriots invade Maddgoth's lair in an attempt to seize the transmuter's castle. Maxehl and his fellows are overpowered by Maddgoth and his homunculus servants (Brawn, Ardor, Proxie, Skulker, and Spider). Maddgoth then learns that the Lords of Waterdeep have no idea that the gate is still intact. He then assumes the guise of Maxehl, and in time, arranges his death, and the selling of his home to another wizard, whom Maddgoth plans to kill and then assume his identity. The home is eventually sold to one Sandoth of Silverymoon.

    Just days after arriving to Waterdeep, Sandoth is slain by Maddgoth, using the still functioning gate to his castle. He had used the still functioning gate to his castle in an attempt to steal Sandoth's possessions. The faerie dragon's initial attack destroyed the homunculus servant Brawn, and Maddgoth was forced to flee back to his castle before gaining anything, pursued by Sandoth's two faerie dragons (Ottolenszilasla and Alustriel). The general public is unaware of the details of Sandoth's death, and assume that the dragons are the culprits.

    Once the dragons got their bearings, they managed to disable Maddgoth with their breath weapons and keep Maddgoth's homunculi at bay with their spells. Otto imprisons Maddgoth in a cage of his own making. Triel insists on returning to the surface and for an old cursed item of Sandoth's (a hat of stupidity) which she places on Maddgoth's head as a cruel joke.

    Once the crisis was passed, Otto decides Otto decides to stay a while in the castle both to bear their young and to torment the wizard who slew their friend. Otto likes the castle and begins taking the necessary steps to purchase the home that Sandoth had bought to control the two-way gate in the cellar that leads to this level of Undermountain.

    Maggdoth's remaining homunculus servants continue to serve him (and are in contact with him through Proxie). They are simply unable to fight past the dragons to rescue their master. »