• -1895 DR
  • When Netheril first hit its magical peak, Macht Lake is named after the Rengarth word for "power" or "might". Despite the fertile land around the lake, however, no villages or outposts placed there survive very long due to the merrow population. The aquatic ogres proved ruthless in their dealing with any creatures they came across; orc, human, or otherwise. »

  • The Third Seros War
  • -1539 DR to -1502 DR
    Coronal Essyl lashes out against minor koalinth and scrag raids to the north and ignaites the war by uniting the koalinth (aquatic hobgoblins) and merrow (aquatic ogres) against a common foe. »

  • -1537 DR
  • The merrow kingdom of P'karnis falls to the sea elves of Aryselmalyr. »

  • -1525 DR
  • Merrow and koalinth band together into the Horde of Bloodtide, only to be defeated again by the mad King Kyron of Thalorlyn. The rebel Republic of Tivaan rises among the merfolk to unite the Hmur Plateau against Aryselmalyr's mad ruler, once spies reveal that Coronal Essyl and King Kyron have allied with kraken to supplement their power. »

  • The Fourth Seros War
  • -1399 DR to -1396 DR
    The Hmur Plateau becomes overrun by a horde of koalinth and merrow, ending the peaceful merfolk Republic of Tivaan. A desperate mermaid steals the Emerald Eye of Kyron from the Dukars' Tower at Myth Nantar to drive the horde off the plateau, only to become corrupted by its power and lead the horde herself against her remaining people and the rest of Seros. »

  • 3 DR [Year of the Faded Flower]
  • Rise of the sahuagin empire of Aleaxtis. The sea devils emerge from a century of war with the merrow of the Alamber to claim more than half of that sea as their own. »

  • 148 DR [Year of the Blue Ice]
  • Merrow from the Mortik Swamp attack Chethel of Luiren. Half the town is destroyed before the hin drive back. »

  • Start of the Ninth Seros War
  • 653 DR to 656 DR
    The initial combatants in this conflict are the merfolk of Hmurrath and the merrow Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk. »

  • 654 DR [Year of the Coveted Briars]
  • Battle of the Haunted Plains
    After their defeat here, more than 80% of all merrow in Seros flee or are driven south, behind the Sharksbane Wall. The remainder survives within the Hmur Plateau or among the ruins on the Haunted Plains. »

  • 655 DR [Year of the Volanth]
  • Three years of war destroys the two Axe Kingdoms of the merrow along the Dragon Coast and Sembia coasts. The Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk are the last pretenses of "civilized" merrow in Seros. »

  • 656 DR [Year of Peaceful Seas]
  • End of the Ninth Seros War
    Due to merrow invading their territory and adding to their enemies' populations, sahuagin send massive raiding parties storming over the Sharksbane Wall. All this serves as retribution for the other races invading Aleaxtis, and that continues the Ninth Seros War for another year. »

  • 1363 DR [Year of the Wyvern]
  • Ruathym defeats a merrow army sent to conquer it by the illithid Vestress, a servant of Slarkrethel, Chosen of Umberlee. »