• c. -34800 DR
  • The sarrukh establish the realm of Mhairshaulk, on the Chultan Peninsula westward from the Lhairghal to the Jungles of Chult.  The Mhairshaulkans are believed to have created nagas, pterafolk, troglodytes, and yuan-ti, as well as numerous other races long since lost. »

  • -34,000 DR
  • It is believed that the first human appear in the northern savannas of Katashaka. They soon migrate outward to populate the rest of the world.

    In the lands south of Mhairshaulk, human tribes depended on fishing, hunting and herding to sustain themselves. The tribes of Lopango, however, utilize irrigation techniques which allowed them to take up pastoral farming.

    Unfortunately the proximity of primitive human tribes to Mhairshaulk proved disastrous. Sarrukh raiding parties routinely patrolled Thinguth lands returning to Mhairshaulk with humans for food or slavery. A few are experimented upon by their sarrukh captors. Tainted and augmented by sarrukh magic, these unfortunate individuals in time become known as vrael olo, the yuan-ti. »

  • c. -33500 DR
  • Fall of Mhairshaulk
    Sarrukh-ruled Mhairshaulk, faced with starvation, declines gradually, sinking slowly into somnolence. The sarrukhs begin a cycle in which thousand-year hibernations alternate with brief periods of activity, during which food gathering and procreation could take place. The empire becomes the domain of the yuan-ti.

    With the fall of Isstosseffifil, this marks the Fall of the Sarrukh Empire. »

  • c. -31000 DR
  • In the weeks following the Tearfall, tens of thousands of dragon eggs begin hatching across Merrouroboros. These precursor wyrms are not the mighty dragons known today for they possessed no wings, no magic, no dragon breath, and in the case of seawurms no legs. Nor are they a new species of the great thunderers common in Mhairshaulk, for they are warm blooded and possess greater intelligence. »

  • c. -24000 DR
  • Yuan-ti ruled Mhairshaulk has all but collapsed, thanks to repeated assaults on its cities by the great wyrms of the south. »

  • -304 DR [Year of Erupting Crypts]
  • The serpent god Sseth, an avatar of Merrshaulk, founds the yuan-ti empire of Serpentes amid the ruins of the ancient sarrukh-empire of Mhairshaulk. »