• 627 DR [Year of the Bloodcrystals]
  • Ecamane Truesilver and his nine apprentices arrive in Silverymoon. Claiming that five goddesses (Eldath, Mielikki, Lurue, Mystra, and Sehanine) drew them there, the mages create a school of magic pattered on elf teachings. »

  • 629 DR [Year of the Empty Hearth]
  • The Silver Lady's Library, named after Mielikki, is established adjacent to Ecamane' Truesilver's manse in Silverymoon. Ecaman donates his collection of rare tomes from Myth Drannor to the library. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Ches 2 The Templestar's Rise (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Three Fronts of Myth Drannor, the Mauling, Advance of the Three Battalions, Gaulguth's Bath, the River's Reprisal, the Elemental Strikes, the Drowning
    Considered one battle, this seven-pronged attack by the Army of Darkness on the city of Myth Drannor marked its first invasion by external enemy troops in over 600 years! The Army of Darkness, while holding more than two-thirds of its forces back either at their nerve center in Olorill or in encampments surrounding the mythal, sent three battalions - the Agonists (first Legion), the Chaoslayers (first legion), and the Merciless (third legion) - and Gaulguth the Reaver into Myth Drannor.

    The three battalions spread out into their respective regiments, though they remained under the commands of Generals Khitax, Vroyxax, and Ollyq. The First Regiment of Agonists, under the direct command of Gaulguth and Colonel Szelmsevv, spearheaded the charge on Castle Cormanthor, while others concentrated attacks on all areas of Cormanthor, Kerrandunath, and Sheshyrinnam. For reasons unknown, none of the initial attackers approached the city from the east or disturbed the city east of the stream (leaving elves to later mutter and suspect that some N'Tel'Quess in Dlabraddath was responsible for the whole Fall of Myth Drannor). Even though the elves were nearly outnumbered two-to-one, they held on and destroyed over nine regiments (three of General Ollyq's Merciless, two of General Khitax's Agonists, and nearly the entire Chaoslayer battalion) in 19 solid hours of combat and spellbattles!

    This battle's title comes from its most prominent military (and spiritual) victory at the height of the fray. Under the moon's light and the constant press of enemies, the elves and other defenders of the realm suffered miserable losses for much of the early hours of the battle. By highmoon, more than half the western city was dominated and controlled by the Army of Darkness. Of the three Merciless regiments invading the peaceful temple ward of Sheshyrinnam, two were focused on military tactics and control of conquered territory, while the third took to desecrating and destroying the temple they everwhelmed.

    The aging priest Artox Frayhammer, with his lusty war cries and the compelling battle songs of his clergy of Moradin, turned the tide of battle for all Myth Drannor as he saw another, smaller temple fall. Leading the charge and rallying other temples' faithful behind him and his dwarves, Artox met and slew five mezzoloth officers - four majors and General Ollyq himslef - within mere minutes, as the Merciless expected resistence as feeble as they had encountered before. Soon, the army of the Templestars took rough shape as the temple defenders of Moradin, Garl Glittergold, Labelas Enoreth, Selune, and Mielikki united and destroyed all invaders with Sheshyrinnam. These victories in turn fired the hope of the other allies, and the tide turned in favor of Myth Drannor!

    The final note of the battle that ended this conflict (and quickly ignited the next) was a major summoning by Symruster, four baelnorn, and the fledgling Elementalists' Guild (until recently a minor part of the Guild of Wizards, Conjurers, and Enchanters). As the Army battalions were forced back to the stream by victorious elf troops in the western city, the stream Oacenth and Glyrryl's Pool erupted with gargantuan water elementals which literally leapt over the banks to wash away the surviving enemy regiments of the Merciless and Chaoslayer battalions. Even Gaulguth was forced to teleport to safety as three elementals tried to drown him in the depths of the pool!

    By dawn of the third day of Ches, the Army of Darkness was forced east of the stream and Glyrryl's Pool, where many of thier number drowned before the elementals were dispersed. In all, the invading Army of Darkness suffered the loss of 12 regiments - over 35,000 gnolls, hobgoblins, ogres, and orcs - before their retreat and fight, rather than one over which victory is assured.

    Among the deaths of this battle included:
    [Myth Drannor]
    Kovimal Honedaxe (Councilor and clan chief), Aesar "Moonwing" (Court Mage)
    [Army of Darkness]
    General Ollyq of the Merciless, General Vroyxax of the Chaoslayers

    This battle lasted until Ches 3, 712 DR »

  • 964 DR [Year of the Pickled Privateer]
  • Yornar, the ranger hero of Mielikki is lost in the woods and beset by bugbears. He asks Mielikki for aid, and she grants him Yornar's Trail Companion and instructs him to keep and then give it to the one of her choosing. Eventually, Yornar passes the Companion to the priestess Emthreena Gulkryn in this year (who was fighting the spreading influence of Hellgate Keep in the eastern High Forest).

    She also recieves instruction to pass on the Companion, and so forth, as the Companion passed on from one needy ranger to the next priest, as Mielikki willed. This process comes to be known among Mielikkans as the "the Rightful Cycle", from priest wielder, to ranger carrier, to priest wielder. »

  • 1184 DR [Year of the Howling Hourglass]
  • One of the rangers who carried Yornar's Trail Companion on the Rightful Cycle was the tireless Rhighaermon O'Antlers, a nobleman of Waterdeep, who had renounced his surname, kin, and riches to travel the unspoiled backlands of the Realms.

    A thief steals the Companion in this year and sells it to Lord Lathamp of Elupar. Rhighaermon gathers a half-dozen fellow Mielikkians and raids Lathamp's vaults and regains the Companion. »

  • 1196 DR [Year of the Shrike]
  • Rhighaermon O'Antlers, possessor of Yornar's Trail Companion weds Dathae of Essembra. During their honeymoon journey, taking the Companion to the priest Klavaeron of Cedarspoke, Dathae is revealed to be a swanmay.

    Years later, after Rhighaermon had finally laid to rest, it is Dathae that took the Companion on its "Rightful Cycle". »

  • 1214 DR [Year of the Walking Wrath]
  • A flight of seven wyverns (thought to be under the spell-control of an evil mage who employed them in several thefts and raids at about this time, although his identity and fate are unknown) tear apart the Mielikkian temple of Highluthholt (which stood in the High Forest some days' travel east of Secomber). Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielikki) is among the temple treasures taken in the raid. This is the first recorded break in the Rightful Cycle. »

  • 1231 DR [Year of the Bright Star]
  • The Talons of Timindar adventuring band find Yornar's Trail Companion among the ruins of Ilimar, an overgrown, fallen city overcome with nagas, lamia, and gigantic spiders.

    The Talons take the Companion to Kholtar, and there sell it to a mysterious dwarf who went about with two ravens perched, one on each shoulder, and seemed to be a servent or slave of the evil sisters Halatha and Murbreistra Starnar of Phelzol, renegade sorceresses of Halruaa. »

  • 1244 DR [Year of the Defiant Keep]
  • Andaren Robyth, a thief, sneaks into the Starnar sisters mansion and steals away a sack containing several magical items, including Yornar's Trail Companion. Unfortunately, Andaren's left arm was transformed into a scaled taloned arm, effectively ending his life in polite society and forcing him into a life as a sell-sword. »

  • 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • Hoth of the Six Curses, a mage hired by a man that Andaren Robyth had not quite killed finds Andaren in his cave overlooking Phannaskull to kill him. Andaren buys his life by giving Hoth Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielliki). Hoth takes the Companion and teleports the thief to Westgate, where he enjoys a short but colorful career.

    When Hoth discovers that the Companion contained nothing he could use, he disgustedly sells it in a bazaar in Morghyr. The man who bought it made the mistake of double-crossing a fellow merchant - who turned out to be part of a druuth (a small band of dopplegangers working for a mind flayer).

    The leader of the druuth tries to trade the Companion for a more useful magical item, but happened to choose the wrong man to try to trade with: the Elderly Rhighaermon O'Antlers, who uses every thing in his power to slay the illithid, seize the Companion, and take to to the nearest temple of Mielikki. He is successful, though sorely wounded and hotly pursued by dopplegangers. The priests of the temple were about to aid Rhighaermon when Mielikki herself appeared and took the Companion and slayed the pursuers. The next day, the Companion was found on the alter with a command from the goddess to continue the "Rightful Cycle". »

  • 1335 DR [Year of the Snow Winds]
  • The Rightful Cycle is once again broken when the treespeaker Elanalue Sharrith (a moon elf of the Border Forest) is enslaved by drow coming up out of the depths. It is unknown if the drow also took Yornar's Trail Companion or if Elanalue was able to hide it before being captured, although many believe that the Companion is somewhere in the Underdark. »

  • 1336 DR [Year of the Highmantle]
  • The Scepter of Mystra is found floating down the Delimbiyr River by the ranger Lastern Mendever. He takes the artifact to the nearest Mielikkian shrine where the priestess advises him that it is not something that followers of the forrest should have and advises him to throw it back into the river.

    Reluctantly, Lastern does, and is astonished to see two dragons fighting above the river that evening. One of them, a silver dragon, grabs the Scepter and flees, pursued by an amethyst dragon. »

  • 1341 DR [Year of the Gate]
  • Montolio Debrouchee, Mooshie to his friends, invites Drizzt Do'Urden into his grove. There he teaches the drow the Common tongue and the ways of a ranger in service to the goddess Mielikki. Mooshie dies peacefully in his sleep as the first snows of winter descend over the grove. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Mielikki stays in her stronghold, the Tall Trees, within the High Forest during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • The Dwarves of Destiny of Saerloon goes into the Underdark seeking the lost treespeaker, Elanalue Sharrith and Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielikki). »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Nightal After a unicorn is spotted by the road south of Waterdeep, arguments ensue between a priest of Mielikki and a priest of Lurue over which god is responsible for its appearance.

    A party of adventurers devoted to Lurue slay three bands of raiding orcs and a priest of Malar in celebration before a druid in Daggerford claims the unicorn is his friend who fell afoul of a warding spell and appeals to mages to dispel the effects.

    Some faithful still decry the druid as "old and crazy", leading to the continued debate. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • The goddess Mielikki orders a radical reorganization of her priesthood. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The Bouldershoulder brothers (Ivan and Pikel) set out from Carradoon to attend the coronation of King Bruenor Battlehammer in Mithral Hall. They are captured by the moon elves of the Moonwood (specifically Innovindil and Tarathiel) and held captive for a few days. As a test, the elf Tarathiel takes Pikel Bouldershoulder to Mooshie's Grobe where they encountered a unicorn, symbolic of the goddess Mielikki. Pikel befriends the unicorn, and Tarathiel considers him to have passed the test and are released and proceeds to Mithral Hall. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Necrotic energy leftover from the destroyed remains of Crenshinibon, the blind red dragon Hephaestus, and the nearby corpse of the illithid Yharaskrik fuses together and becomes the draco-lich known as the Ghost King.

    Catti-brie is struck by Blue Fire caused by the Spellplague during her meditations. Drizzt takes her to Mithral Hall where eventually Bruenor and Drizzt take her to Cadderly with the help of Jarlaxle through a disguised Athrogate. Drizzt, Bruenor, Jarlaxle and Athrogate team up and help her get to the Spirit Soaring.

    Once they arrive, they faced the threat of the Ghost King. Cadderly sacrifices himself in defeating the Ghost King, and was never able to help Catti-brie. She dies days later in Mithral Hall.

    Mielikki takes her away to a private heaven that had been prepared for her, along with Regis, who suffered the same fate from trying to save her with his charmed gem. They were destined to spend the rest of eternity dancing, completely happy...but alone. »

  • 1463 DR [Year of the Reborn Hero]
  • Spring Equinox The fallen Companions of the Hall (Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar son of Beornegar, Catti-brie, and Regis) whose souls were taken to Mielikki's Iruladoon, are given a second chance by the goddess in order to help their friend Drizzt Do'Urden. They are reincarnated as newborns all across Faerun.

    • Bruenor Battlehammer as Reginald Roundshield (little Arr Arr), son of the captain of the guard of Citadel Felbarr, Reginald Roundshield Sr.
    • Catti-brie as a bedine girl of the Desai tribe named Ruqiah in the Anauroch desert near Shade Enclave. Her parents were Kavit and Niraj.
    • Regis as an impoverished halfling in Delthuntle, whose mother had water gensai blood. He later takes the name Spider Parrafin.


  • 1484 DR [Year of the Awakened Sleepers]
  • Ches 14 Drizz't Do'Urden, Artemis Entreri, Dahlia Sin'felle, Ambergris O'Maul, Afafrenfere, and Effron Aligni awaken from their enchanted slumber in Iruladoon by Mielikki.

    A few days later, Drizz't attempts to end his relationship with Dahlia. Dahlia and Drizzt fight with Dahlia getting the upper hand. Before she can kill the drow, Entreri pulls her away and announces that they are departing. Drizz't, with the help of Guenhwyvar, makes the climb to Kelvin's Cairn where he prepares to die. He is saved by the returned Catti-brie and the rest of the Companions of the Hall.

    The reunion was watched by Lady Avelyere and Parise Ulfbinder »