• The First Age of Calimshan
  • -5300 DR to -2381 DR
    First Kingdom of Mir is founded in lands west of the Darthiir Woods south of the Wurlur (present-day River Ith). Mir and Coramshan aggressively expand eastward and share the conquered territories for the next three hundred years. »

  • -5270 DR
  • In alliance with Coramshan, Mir begins wars of conquest to the east. »

  • Mir-Jhaamdath War
  • -5032 DR to -5005 DR
    The armies of Mir and Jhaamdath clash for the first time north of the small fishing town of Ankport, and Mir is dealt a crushing blow. For the next twenty five years, Jhaamdath pursues and pushes the army of Mir back all the way to Saradush. »

  • -5007 DR
  • The two kingdoms of Coramshan and Mir are united under the rulership of Ukhar IV in response to the threat from Jhaamdath. »

  • -5005 DR
  • Coramshan and Mir unite under Bakkal and Murabir Ukhar IV to form the Calimshan Empire, which claims all lands south of the Wurlur (present-day RIver Ith) and west of the Iltkazar Mountains. »

  • The Third Age of Calimshan
  • c. -1900 DR
    Calimshan rules as far north as the Snowflake Mountains and is composed of four separate kingdoms within its empire: Calimshan (the original lands of Coramshan and the Calim Empire), Mir, Tethyr, and Iltkazar. »

  • 533 DR [Year of the Shattered Manacles]
  • The Mameluk slave warriors overthrow the rulers of Calimport and the other major cities and establish a free country without slavery. Since Calimport had stood long as a slaver's port, the Mameluk rulers abandon the city, taking the caleph's throne to Manshaka, the new capital. They also abandon the title of Syl-Pasha in favor of the far older Murabir (Warlord), not used since Mir's days of independence. »