• c. -25000 DR
  • First mentions of Ironfang Keep, a stronghold built on the cliffs of the White River overlooking the Dragons' Sea (modern-day Moonsea) appear in draconic legends. »

  • 329 DR [Year of the Closed Scroll]
  • Hlondeth is abandoned when the encroachment of Anaurach begins to destroy its fields. Its inhabitants migrate east to the Moonsea and south into the Dalelands. »

  • 348 DR [Year of the Dagger]
  • Work begins in the founding of Northkeep, the first human settlement in the Moonsea North. »

  • 367 DR [Year of Shying Eyes]
  • The city of Phlan is founded on the northern shores of the Dragon Sea (Moonsea). »

  • 442 DR [Year of the Relic's Vigil]
  • First mention of the Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) in the book To Serve Fair Fortune, written by the adventurer-priest Ithlom Dhaunart (although it is believed that the Flame's origins are much more ancient). The book describes the Flame as a holy item kept by the Faithful Sisters of Tymora at their temple-farm at Smiling Lady Well (now sunk beneath the waves of the Moonsae along with nearby Northkeep) is borne out by the fact that the center of their compound is marked by a shrine called "The House of the Holy Flame" (the only instance of a "flame" being associated with Tymora). »

  • 672 DR [Year of the Angry Caverns]
  • Many dwarf settlers of Myth Drannor, most of them refugee clans from the fallen Realm of Glittering Swords, leave the city and move north to the southern shore of the Dragon Sea (Moonsea). They reopen the westernmost mines of Sarphil, known as the Lost Way, which honeycomb a lengthy escarpment (known as the Scarp) that looms over the eastern reaches of the Tailings Bay. »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Alturiak 1 Faloncourt (Weeping War: Campaign #9)
    A.K.A.: Elven Court's Clearing, the Cleansing Conflict, the Darkwoods Purge, the Spearshattering
    Yet again another two marches of the Army of Darkness (having fallen back from the main group to arc around the southern end of Elven Court) surged into the Darkwoods and Elven Court. After nearly faltering due to their unpreparedness for battle (with more than half the allied forces involved with rebuilding and resettling the city), the elves surged back with more anger than ever witnessed in battle since the Crown Wars and slew most of the mezzoloths within the first few hours of battle. This turned the orcs' and ogres' fearsome charge into a panicked rout out of Elven Court and into the eastern woods. The now-broken troops of the Army of Darkness in this part of the forest either pulled together much farther north of simply slipped away to become raiders along the Moonsea and the Dragon Reach. Still, many elves spent the next months ensuring that no other forces lay within the area.

    This event lasts until Ches 27, 714.

    Among the deaths in this battle included General Epyv, Colonel Agos "Charnelblade" and Major Russ "the Chain-Bearer". »

  • 747 DR [Year of Stagnant Water]
  • Founding of Flostren's Hold at the mouth of the River Tesh on the Moonsea. »

  • 800 DR [Year of the Black Fist]
  • Thentia is established on the Moonsea by three noble families. »

  • 913 DR [Year of the Watching Raven]
  • Sembia founded under the Raven banner, the personal emblem of Rauthauvyr "the Raven", a human war-leader who gathered and commanded a standing army to police the roads of the fledgling human territory. Rauthauvyr forces the elves to allow a road through their forests, linking the northwestern shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars to the Moonsea, ensuring the growth and prosperity of Sembia. Hailed as the founder of the realm, he refuses to rule it, preferring to serve a succession of elected-by-merchant-council "evermasters" until he grew old and infirm - whereupon he rode off alone into the forest, never to be seen by humans again. »

  • 934 DR [Year of Fell Wizardry]
  • Mulmaster is established as a trading fortress between the Moonsea, the River Lis and the Dragon Reach. »

  • 974 DR [Year of the Haunting Harpy]
  • The stronghold of the retired half-elf adventurer Sulass Drowsbane grows into the city of Sulasspryn on the Moonsea. »

  • 1110 DR [Year of the Bloody Fields]
  • Hulburg, a Moonsea city, is sacked by an unexpected giant attack. »

  • 1164 DR [Year of Long Shadows]
  • Human clearing of formerly elf-held forests south of the Moonsea continues, marked by the founding of the farming community of Voonlar. »

  • 1212 DR [Year of Ocean's Wrath]
  • Galthont "the Inspirer", a young but capable swordsman, begins touring the Moonsea North, working as a caravan guard and personal bodyguard. Wherever he went, Galthont kept an eye out for warriors who exhibited noble loyalty and diligent obedience and inspired them to the worship of Torm. Many worldly paladins credit the Inspirer with their start in Torm's faith. »

  • c. 1240 DR
  • Agents of Tyranthraxus convince the bronze dragon Srossar to bathe in the Pool of Radiance saying that it will grant him greater wisdom and understanding. Instead, exposure to the Pool grants Tyranthraxus to posses his body.
    Tyranthraxus raises an army of orcs, hobgoblins and similar creatures and storms Phlan. A magical barrier formed by the Moonsea and the forces of Zhentil Keep prevents his expansion. »

  • 1276 DR [Year of the Crumbling Keep]
  • The powers at Zhentil Keep meet with representatives of the other Moonsea cities and suggest that a joint force man the Citadel of the Raven. The cities of Hillsfar, Phlan, Mulmaster, Voonlar, Melvaunt, Thentia, Sulasspryn, Yulash, and Zhentil Keep send forces to repair and occupy the citadel. Some of these cities use criminals, prisoners, and malcontents to make up their forces.

    In a plot to increase the number of Zhentish troops posted at the Citadel of the Raven, Zhentil Keep grants Yulash "independence" (but secretly still maintains control). The troops sent by Yulash are actually Zhentish troops. »

  • 1307 DR [Year of the Mace]
  • The Moonsea city of Sulasspryn suddenly and inexplicably collapses on itself, dropping into a large sinkhole. An entire city, 7,500 people, are crushed in less then ten minutes. Sulasspryn is promptly abandoned for all time. »

  • 1350 DR [Year of the Morningstar]
  • The evil god Bane, in an attempt to increase his own power, tries to draw a group of Moonsea cities into the Lower Planes. The Heroes of Phlan, who vanquished Tyranthraxus a decade earlier, foil the plot and the cities are returned. The Warhammer of Tyr is stolen by Bane. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • Zhentarim forces from Zhentil Keep attacked the then-united Moonsea forces of the Citadel of the Raven. While the main army of the Citadel, led by Galauntar Hawkhelm, were engaging a horde of orcs in battle, Zhent spies and wizards attacked the defenseless Citadel with poison and magic, claiming the fortress for their own. As the Citadel forces battled the horde, they were soon forced to retreat, returning to their home in which they were routed and shut out. With the orc horde approaching and the Zhentarim waiting at the Citadel, Galauntar took the remainder of his forces into the mountains and in hiding, though he would die from the wounds he recieved in battle. Galauntar's remaining members form The Knights of the North. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Marpenoth After a particularly vicious battle between the forces of Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep, the Hillsfar faction, led by Maalthir, wins control of Yulash. Zhent forces begin massing in Voonlar to strike back, and preparing for war in Zhentil Keep itself.

    Zhentil Keep's grip on the cities of the Moonsea was expected to loosen as the Zhents become distracted by warfare further south. »