• -1838 DR
  • In retribution for Calishite adventurers plundering her hoard and slaying one of her brood, Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon destroys Calimshan's army, the Caleph's Court, the Raor Bakkal, and two-thirds of Calimport before she settles onto the bakkal's throne and rules the heart of the empire. Much of Calimport Muzad (the subterranean portion of the city) comes into being as a result of the red dragon's attack, as her demands for the city's immediate reconstruction forces builders to simply smooth out the rubble and begin again on top of the old structures. »

  • -649 DR [Year of Falling Copper]
  • Large parts of Calimport are purposely destroyed to bury the drow temples and partially subterranean villas, but some remain relatively intact though buried. Those same wizards who burned the city help rebuild it and seal off all areas between Calimport and the Underdark with stone and new buildings. Despite their diligence, the drow reopen those passages within a decade and reestablish their hold on Calimport Below, the Muzad, now nicely protected by the city overhead. »

  • -370 DR [Year of Rent Armor]
  • Hammer The Empire Plague ends. Syl-Pasha of Calimshan, Akkab el Evyrtaan reenters Calimport and initiates a bloodbath that destroys all those who remain in the city as traitors or plague carriers. Many folk, including the clergy of Talona that ruled the city, survive by fleeing into the Muzad (undercity). »

  • 701 DR [Year of the White Jonquil]
  • The Moon Plague
    In Calimport, there is a lycanthropy (werewolves, wereboars, weretigers, and wererats) outbreak (due to the entry of three weretigers and two werewolves). 2% of Calimshite population (12% of Upper Calimport, 5% of Calimport Docks).

    Many lycanthropes leave Calimport after the full moons of Tarsakh and Mirtul to spread their lycanthropy to the Tashalar and the Shaar. To the present day, it is unknown what drew so many lycanthropes together into Calimport for these two summer months, though some remain in Calimport Muzad. »

  • 911 DR [Year of Ruins Reborn]
  • Midsummer The Deepblaze
    Vizar Bollus el Kahdan proclaims himself syl-pasha of Calimport. Nearly all of the surface ruins are cleared of danger. However, Bollus finds some ares hard to restore due to interference from powers down below. He and his forces fill the ancient Muzad (undercity) with oil and set it all afire. Just as planned, the Rune's other agents used the fire to destroy nearly all the surface ruins and those foolish enought to be drawn there.

    The resulting fumes and heat kill nearly all others in the port area, but after five tendays of fire and smoke, Calimport begins to cool and the powers of the Muzad are now more secure than ever. They have been given a huge amount of stone upon which to build and the access they wanted to both the city above and their lairs below, thanks to the fires.

    Curiously, a number of buildings such as the House of the Murabirs survived the destruction without any explanation of how or why. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Rumors of 80,000 dark elves living in the Forest of Mir lead some to panic in Calimport, with many entering the Muzad beneath the city with thoughts of exterminating all they find below. Others more pragmatically arrange slave-trade agreements with known drow agents, lining their pockets with Underdark coin. Most sensibly laugh at the unfounded rumor and at the panic it causes Tethyr and Calishite holdings. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • The Trades Conflagration
    This blaze in Calimport engulfs over 60 percent of Emerald Ward and 50 percent of Grand Ward. Marekh Sabban is destroyed by the fires, along with numerous areas in the Muzad beneath it. »