• -25500 DR
  • First Rage of Dragons
    In a newly built citadel in the northernmost reaches of Toril, the elves create the Dracorage mythal. Tied to the appearance of the King-Killer Star, the Dracorage mythal incites the Rage of Dragons, a madness driving all dragonkind into mindless destruction as well as turning them against their own offspring. Draconic rule begins to fade from this point on. »

  • c. -5300 DR
  • The elves of Siluvanede erect a mythal in the city of Adofhaeranede and rename it Myth Adofhaer. »

  • -3002 DR
  • Birth of Myth Nantar
    Nantar, a small town on the slopes of the Hmur Plateau and long the center of Dukar culture, becomes Myth Nantar, City of Destinies, as the High Mages raises a mythal around the area. This becomes the site for much magical research and lore. It is the location of a new central academy for the Dukars, and other schools and towers in the city teach numerous other methods of magic brought by the former surface elves (and some hidden marids' magic). Any Dukars trained at Myth Nantar for the first time, must vow oaths of fealty to the empire and the coronal at Coryselmal. »

  • -1588 DR
  • Attempts to raise a mythal over the sea elf capital of Coryselmal fail. Feeling betrayed by the Seldarine, Coronal Essyl Merynth of Aryselmalyr succumbs to the whispers of Dagon and begins sliding quietly into madness. »

  • c. -750 DR
  • An order of powerful Netherese wizards takes up residence amid an unexcavated section of Melairbode, in what is now known as the third level of Undermountain. The name of the outpost is lost to time, though some scholars refer to it as the Sargauth Enclave. They begin experimenting on mantles, magical fields similar to elven mythals. »

  • -375 DR [Year of Clutching Dusk]
  • The city of Myth Dyraalis is founded in the present-day Forest of Mir as a safe haven for elves and gnomes fleeing from their enemies. Myth Dyraalis is known to have a true mythal. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • A huge whirlpool is created from the surface of the Inner Sea down to the mythal at Myth Nantar in Seros, destroying many buildings and dragging surface ships to watery graves. The Netherese enclaves of Nhalloth and Sakkors crash into the Inner Sea, coming to rest from forty to 300 feet beneath the sea's surface. »

  • -220 DR [Year of the Empty Soul]
  • End of the Second Dukars War
    Under mysterious circomstances, the powerful city-state of Nantarum loses the war for the Hmur Plateau while under siege from merfolk forces of "King" Ristan. Foreces at the siege noted only a strange humming rising from the mythal and numerous discharges of magical energy lightning the night-darkened sea. When the forces swam into the city, they found the only person alive was the sea elf Dukar Yupal Narlis, his mind destroyed. His thirty Dukar followers and "nobility" stood along the avenue leading to the Council Acadamy of the Dukars, all transformed into coral statues with looks of contrition on thier faces. »

  • 249 DR [Year of the Crystal Casket]
  • Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl commissions the creation of a mythal over Myth Drannor. »

  • 261 DR [Year of Soaring Stars]
  • The elf city at the heart of Cormanthyr becomes the unified city of Myth Drannor with the completion of its mythal (aided in it's creation by the Srinshee, and Alea Dahast). Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl, in an edict called the Opening, declared that Cormanthyr was to be an open realm, accessible to all non-elves (N'Tel'Quess), following the laying of the mythal and the renaming of the city. »

  • 346 DR [Year of Blushing Stars]
  • Saeval Ammath returns from an excursion into the western mountains and immediately sequesters himself in a House Ammath townholding outside the mythal of Myth Drannor. While many find this behavior curious, none suspect that he has found and claimed a dragon's egg. »

  • 358 DR [Year of the Battle Talons]
  • The dragon Garnetallisar becomes known to the folk of Myth Drannor, as he takes to flying with the wizard Saeval astride his back. Despite much uproar, Garnet proves himself trustworthy and humble before the coronal and others. Saeval's enchantments give this unique dragon a lawful good nature. The coronal grants his trust by providing a means for the dragon and his master to live within the mythal, despite its normal defenses against chromatic dragons. »

  • 555 DR [Year of Dances Perilous]
  • Ondathel's High Mages recreate their city once again as Myth Ondath upon raising a mythal. »

  • 590 DR [Year of the Turning Leaf]
  • Elf and human wizards from Ascalhorn, Eaerlann, Evereska, Silverymoon, and Myth Drannor raise a mythal over the Eaerlanni city of Glaurachyndaar, thereby establishing Myth Glaurach. »

  • 633 DR [Year of Chasms]
  • Myth Ondath is destroyed, mythal and all by the Ice Queen's use of the Gatekeeper Crystal. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Alturiak The First Sieges (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Cat-and-Mouse Conflicts; the Mythal's Mettle Campaign
    Despite the speed of this campaign and the great destruction if visited upon the elves of Cormanthyr, the Army of Darkness hardly took this campaign seriously. With their overwhelming, monstrous hordes, the nycaloths played with their prey, almost visibly toying with the elves throughout the early battles. While seeming to allow them some small victories, Aulmpiter and his comrades merely spent their time placing their forces in their usual tactical plans: Surround the battle zone to prevent any escape, and slowly crush all within it. Always in mind was Aulmpiter's (and thus, the Army's) ultimate target: the mythal and Myth Drannor!

    With the Army of Darkness on the move, the elves continued to fall in stopping them. The nycaloths and their generals ably place their troops where they would, due to a general lack of order from the leadership at Myth Drannor. Instead of working together, the generals of the Akh'Faer and Akh'Velahr squabbled over commands and troop movements. To add fuel to the fire, many elves went rogue and became individual strike units and adventuring bands due to their lack of faith in their leaders. Thus, the Allies of Cormanthyr were in utter disarray, acting individually without any strong central leadership, until the end of this campaign.

    Secret: One of the greatest victories of the War occurred more than two miles beyond the city, along the outskirts of the mythal during this campaign. Unfortunately, most people have hardly ever heard of the feat, even among the elf high commanders.

    This event lasts for 25 days into the month of Ches. »

  • Alturiak 11 Tower's Falling (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Out-Mages' Stand
    Attacks on the lone towers and outlying schools beyond the mythal signaled the 12-day ongoing series of skirmishes now called the Towers Falling Battle. Significant as the first true meeting between the Akh'Velahr and Akh'Faer and the Army of Darkness, this battle's primary defenders and forces were the besieged mages and adventurers who lived outside the mythal. In all, the First Legion destroyed numerous mages and schools and towers, and pressed onward toward Myth Drannor almost undeterred.

    Still, while the armies of Cormanthyr were pushed back, they gained a pyrhic victory in the cost the Army of Darkness paid in lives: The dying mages often took hundreds of orcs and gnolls and even mezzoloths with them in death, as they or their towers exploded in arcane fury upon their deaths.

    This event lasts until Alturiak 21, 712. »

  • Alturiak 22 The Onslaught on the Weave (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Maligning of the Mythal

    While not specifically a battle, this event is significant in that history of the war as the first major incursion of infernal forces into the mythal surrounding the capital. Whether Aulmpiter planned the assault as such or not, the First and Third Legions collectively advanced along an arcing front that saw them all contact the mythal almost simultaneously. With that major invasion of forces bringing the mythal's defenses surging into play along a mile-long arc, a massive surge of wild magic arced along and the mythal fell or exploded due to the wild surge, while other long-standing spell effects either died or went out of control. With the advancing forces of yugoloths and the hordes piercing the mythal on a number of fronts, the wild magic surged and corruption of the mythal powers continued through until autumn. At that time, the Woodsheart Wars forced the bulk of the Army of Darkness east and outside of the mythal, granting it a reprieve from the corrupting touch of the yugoloths and other creatures anathema to it.

    While the long-term effects on the mythal were unguessed for much of the Weeping War, there were a few immediate changes to the nature of the mythal with the incursion of the Army of Darkness. The most obvious was the fall of the prohibitions against certain races entering the area, and the orcs and ogres long kept out of the forest's heart saw their first chance to plunder the capital in five centuries. A far more spectacular effect was the initial wild surges' effect on the gold and silver dragon allies of the elves: Sixteen gold and silver dragons had arrived at the summons of the High Mages and other allies of Myth Drannor, and as the wild magic arced around and through them, half the dragons dissolved into the energies and arced into the nearest dragon, the golds and silvers instantly formed eight unique electrum dragons! While all survived the shock of transformation, they were nearly comatose due to the radical changes within them, falling collectively in the Dragons' Glade north of Warriors' Gate and northwest of the city. Unconscious for nearly a month, these electrum dragons were watched over by dragonrider cavalry of Wing and Horn, whose dragon members were not within the mythal at the time of the surges, and were thus spared this strange fate.

    This event lasts until Eleint 19, 712 »

  • Alturiak 26 War's Awakening (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Mist Melees; the Fog War, the "Deads' Vengeance"
    The forays by Malimshaer and his Second Legion carried this third of the Army of Darkness around the eastern side of the mythal territories. With the heaviest concentration of yugoloths in this legion, the mythal's corruption began strongest here. As the legion spread itself south and west to surmount Myth Drannor, it and the summoning areas became cloaked in arcane fog that proved impossible to dispel. There were large numbers of orcs and ogres among this (and the Third) Legion, yet the mythal eventually allowed them passage on the third day of battle. Previous to this, the only forces in play were mezzoloths and gnolls. This alone was a strong sign that told the nycoloths and the elves both that the mythal was weakening under the onslaught.

    As the elves and allies began to fully realize the dangers posed by the Army of Darkness, they started pulling together their forces and conscripting the able into allied service. Those unable to be of service among the armies were given leave either to defend their homes or to evacuate the outer mythal lands and even Myth Drannor itself. The deep tunnels beneath the city dug 30 years ago by Clan Tarynstone now came into use close to the end of Alturiak as the three Legions closed on the city and laid siege to it. While the battle of War's Awakening was more an internal process for the elves to pull together rather than remain unstable and ineffective, the many skirmishes and smaller battles led to the first sieges of Myth Drannor, as the campaign name says. Still, the elves and allies came together and slowed the Army's advance enough to allow over half of Myth Drannor's noncombatant population to escape to relative safety south of the city. Later, after the furor of the war died down, a number of volunteer adventurers and wizards were honored as heroes for their actions as guardians and defenders of the refugees during the First Sieges, Woodsheart Wars, and Dawn Fronts Crusade.

    This event lasts until Chess 1, 712 DR »

  • Ches 4 The Woodsheart Wars (Weeping War: Campaign #4)
    A.K.A.: "Cormanthyr's Carnage"
    The longest of the campaigns, this operation also has the most objective information to report, despite the wide fronts and constant activity. The bulk of the campaign occurred as skirmishes between small groups of scouts and perimeter patrollers. With the Army of Darkness digging in within the mythal, it took outside allies much of the year to uproot them and drive them from the mythal.

    The brief incursion of the Dalesmen early in this campaign is the only outside support Cormanthyr received during the war, and this lasted merely until the Army was removed from the mythal. Whether the Dalesmen allies left of their own accord or were dismissed by elves believing their aid to be unnecessary is unknown. After Higharvestide 712 DR, the Dalesmen only guarded the fringes of the forest and their own home Dales, with two exceptions: the Dalesmen forces (and those few AWOL War Wizards of Cormyr) sent to the Battle of Snowsblood Trail and Standing Stone's Blood were crucial in gaining a victory after the fall of the limited elf defenders.

    Once the Army of Darkness' choke-hold on Myth Drannor was broken early on, much of the campaign concerned forcing the Army of Darkness out of the mythal and east, since south would expose Semberholme. A secondary action during this campaign involved the drive eastward to re-establish the older seat at the ruins of Old Elven Court. Arms-Captain Hachaam Selorn led the Fourth Legion, the Eagle Wing cavalry of the Akh'Velahr, and the Dragonwing and Wyvernwing of the Akh'Faer as the primary army in change of reclaiming the area from the drow corruption.

    This event lasts until Marpenoth 712 DR (219 days). »

  • Ches 4 Dawn at Erolith's Knoll (Weeping War: Campaign #4)
    A.K.A.: The Fight atop Erolith's Mound, Rise of the Dales
    This battle centered on and Erolith's Mound, the burial place of a noted sylvan elf scout and warrior. The battle at Erolith's Knoll saw the counter-invasion of the Elven Woods by a ragtag army of volunteers led by Mindal the warrior, and they stood to help the elves against their monstrous foes. The battle, coordinated by Lady Alais Dree, saw the First Legion of the Army of Darkness pincered between elves on the north and northeast, and Dalesmen on the west. While initially surprised, the Army's superior numbers still allowed them to hold the ground, and the allies faltered in their attacks. The Army destroyed the elf troops, ignoring the Dalesmen as nearly ineffectual gnats until the timely arrival of the former armathor Elminster Aumar and the Nameless Chosen (both Chosen of Mystra) turned the battle to the Dalesmen and 20% of the elf cavalry, the Allies of Cormanthyr destroyed the First Regiment of the Battalion Grievous and the Third Regiments of both the Agonists and the Painful. As was their intention, they put the Army on the move east and south, skirting them around the city and hopefully out of the mythal.

    This event lasts until Chess 5, 712 DR. »