• Age of Humanity
  • -3000 DR to 1358 DR
    With the elf and dwarf empires in decline, this era marks a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The Mighty human empires of Calimshan, Mulhorand, and Unther arise during this era, as well as the now lost empires of Nethril, Jhaamdath, Narfell, and Raumathar.

    Towards the end of this era is a time of exploration and discovery, when new continents are discovered in the west (such as Maztica) and trade is reestablished with the east (Kara-Tur). The Great Glacier retreats, uncovering the realms of Vaasa and Damara. »

  • -2460 DR
  • The Nar human tribes and the hobgoblins of the northern mountains and tundra, pushed south by the expansion of the Great Glacier, come into conflict with each other and the elves of Lethyr. »

  • -1967 DR
  • Unther and Mulhorand clash at the River of Swords, beginning the First Mulhorand-Unther War. Rashemi, Raumviran, Sossrim, and Nar tribesfolk are employed as mercenaries by both sides. »

  • The Orcgate Wars
  • -1076 DR to -1069 DR
    The Orcgate opens in the southern portion of the Plateau of Thay. Renegade Mulhorandi wizards employ Imaskari portal magic to open planar gates to an orc world. Hundreds of thousands of orcs inundate the northern territories of both Mulhorand and Unther. Mulhorand hires Nar, Raumathari, Rashemi, and Sossrim mercenaries to fight the orc invaders.

    Yuireshanyaar is pressed hard by the invading orcs.
    Rashemen is overrun by the invading orcs. »

  • -1069 DR
  • End of the Orcgate Wars
    The Orcgate is destroyed, and the invading orcs and their deities are defeated in the Priador. Tribes of Nars, Rashemi, Raumvirans, and Sossrim return home. Over the next century, the Nars found a series of petty kingdoms, the most prominent of which is Ashanath, along the western shore of Lake Ashane. »

  • -1025 DR
  • Thargaun Crell, the first ruler of Tharos (Narfell) is born. »

  • -1020 DR
  • After decades of skirmishing and raiding against the Nar humans, the elves of Lethyr are forced to abandon their holdings in the northern woodlands of the Riildath and retreat to more defensible settlements to the south. »

  • -1015 DR
  • The Nar chieftain Tharos leads his people into the Riildath and discovers the ruins of Narathmault. He and his people uncover many secrets of demonic lore, a legacy of the original Ilythiiri inhabitants, and soon abandon their gods and turn to the worship of the powers of the Abyss. »

  • -987 DR
  • Thargaun Crell, son of Tharos Crell assumes rulership of his father's tribe with the death of his father and establishes the kingdom of Tharos (Later Narfell with Thargaun's death). He becomes a worshiper of Orcus. »

  • -970 DR
  • The Nentyarch (Thargaun) of Tharos (Narfell) builds his capital at Dun-Tharos and forges the Crown of Narfell. He begins conquering the surrounding Nar kingdom and uniting them under his rule. »

  • -963 DR
  • Derevan Crell, first son of Thargaun Crell is born in Narfell. »

  • -946 DR
  • The armies of the Nentyarch of Tharos destroy Shandaular, capital of Ashanath. All the petty Nar kingdoms are now united into the Empire of Narfell.

    The people of Shandaular flee by means of the two-way portal around which their city is built, leaving their leader Arkaius behind to seal it. These people, now in the Council Hills area of the Shaar, name themselves the Arkaiuns in honor of their fallen ruler. »

  • -929 DR
  • Arthauld "the Accursed" Crell, second son of Derevan Crell is born in Narfell. »

  • -912 DR
  • Derevan Crell becomes the second ruler of Tharos (Narfell), with the death of Thargaun. »

  • -891 DR
  • Belevan "the Unliving" Crell, son and sole heir of Arthauld is born in Narfell. »

  • -890 DR
  • Arthauld "the Accursed" Crell, second son of Derevan Crell becomes the third ruler of Narfell with the death of of his father. »

  • -843 DR
  • Belevan Crell becomes Nentyarch of Narfell with the death of Arthauld. He eventually becomes a lich. »

  • -667 DR [Year of Harrowing Legends]
  • Ayanna Orgolath submits herself to the demon lord Graz'zt and becomes pregnant with twins, Ulthas and Ulthar (the future rulers of Narfell). »

  • -666 DR [Year of Hording Armies]
  • Ulthas "the Darkwing" Orgolath and Ulthar "the Darkhorn" Orgolath, twin half-fiend sons (known as the demon twins) of Ayanna Orgolath and the demon Graz'zt are born in Narfell. »