• c. -33800 DR
  • Fall of Isstosseffifil:
    In an effort to drown the phaerimm of Phaerlin (known today as the Buried Realms in the Underdark) and dispatch their enemies in one masterful stroke, Isstossef wizards rerouted the Narrow Sea so that it ran from east to west, inundating the land around the chain of hills known today as the Tagorlar with water.  Although the Isstossef succeeded in driving the phaerimms deep into the Underdark, the massive ecological change resulting from their weavings of Art caused the Isstosseffifil empire to collapse.

    Although most of the sarrukh of Isstosseffifil died with the city's decline, many survived. The survivors retreated into lichdom in the depths of Oreme where they are protected by the asabis they had created. »

  • -3859 DR
  • Several villages on the shores of the Narrow Sea (Fenwick, Gers, Gilan, Gustaf, Moran, Nauseef, and Janick) combine for mutual protection, forming the Alliance of Seventon, which later becomes Netheril. »

  • -3637 DR
  • The small village of Zenith is established and believed to be the northern-most town in all of Netheril. Situated on a narrow strip of land and surrounded by the Narrow Sea, it seemed a logical place to build a great port city.

    Unfortunately, trade was still in its infancy when Zenith was established. By the time trade became a major issue in Netheril, the city of Northreach had already been established and Harborage served as a stopping place for all east-west trade upon the sea. »

  • -3552 DR
  • The Netherese found Runlatha, a port on the Narrow Sea. »

  • -3544 DR
  • The city of Frostypaw is established in Netheril. The city serves as the Rengarth port to the Narrow Sea. The Rengarth traded in furs, rough clothing, and various goods create from the animals that kept them fed. »

  • -2436 DR
  • Bandor Village is established in Netheril. It serves as a mining community for the nation of Netheril. Its nearby mines produce an abundance of silver and gold that the village traded to the nearby cities of Ascore, Sanctuary, and Vandal Station. From these points, the precious metals crossed the Narrow Sea into other enclaves and cities. »

  • -1996 DR
  • Death of Fourfingers of Netheril.
    Fourfingers was a man who considered himself an expert on weather-related matters, Fourfingers lived along the banks of the Narrow Sea in the city of Scourge. He ardently avoided all contact with the other spellcasters of Netheril, preferring to remain in Scourge and continue his weather experiments.

    The residents of Scourge considered him to be the source of the rust that seemed to permeate the very air. While the rusting winds of Scourge were around long before (and long after) Fourfinger's death, it's not quite as clear whether Fourfinger was aware of the source of the rusting winds. He seemed to take great joy when storms rolled in off the sea (many believed he summoned them to the city hemself). Throughout most of his life, seldom a seek went by without a terrible storm rolling in off the sea. »

  • c. -370 DR
  • Work begins on Citadel Adbar, since the Narrow Sea's destruction by phaerimm lifedrain magic leaves Delzoun's eastern front exposed. »

  • -333 DR [Year of Humbling Havens]
  • Ascalhorn and Citadel Sundbarr accept human refugees from Netheril. As the Narrow Sea dries up, the dwarves begin the slow abandonment of Ascore. The elves of Eaerlann allow other Netherese refugees to settle in Ascalhorn. »