• The Dawn Ages / The Time of Dragons
  • -30000 DR to -24000 DR
    The empires of the creator races fade into memory, ushering in the Time of Dragons and the Time of Giants. Individual dragons and dragon clans rule large swaths of territory and battle with their rivals for control of the lands, seas, and skies. During this period of devastating warfare among the dragons of Faerun, isolated pockets of formerly dragon-ruled territory fall under giant control. Over time, such giant-ruled kingdoms come to threaten the hegemony of dragonkind, leading to great battles between giant kingdoms such as Darchar, Grunfesting, Helligheim, Nedeheim, Ostoria, and Rangfjell, and dragon-ruled realms such as Argissthilliax, Caesinmalsvir, Darastriverthicha, and Tharkrixghontix.

    This time of conflict plunges Merrourboros into a four-thousand-year-long "dark age". The fey are particularly active in Merrourboros during this period, using their small size and potent magic to aggrivate the wyrms at every opportunity. »

  • Giant Wars
  • -5360 DR to -5350 DR
    More than five thousand giants of Nedeheim fall to the dwarves of High Shanatar under the leadership of Karlyn of House Kuldevar. By the war's conclusion, more than half of the entire giant population south of the Cloud Peaks is exterminated, and the giant realm of Nedeheim is reduced to scattered clanholds. »

  • -5350 DR
  • Battle of Karlyn's Vale
    The dwarves of Shanatar slaughter the last major giant tribes of the south (including the giant realm of Nedeheim). Later, monstrous likeness of Karlyn, the warleader of the dwarves, is built over the course of two centuries to honor him. »

  • -160 DR [Year of the Stone Giant]
  • A cairn (undead stone giant) called the Dodkong, or "King of Death", appears from the dark below with the crown of Obadai. On his arrival, he gathers the stone giant clans and refounds the kingdom of Nedeheim as Cairnheim. »

  • 1376 DR [Year of the Bent Blade]
  • The Swordbelt Alliance sacks the subterranean city of Oaxatupa, scattering the tlincallis like a giant stepping on an anthill. In the years that follow, the stingers boil up to attack targets throughout Amn and Murannheim without warning, forcing the two neighbors to maintain their uneasy truce. Although the Armory of Nedeheim is never recovered, adventurers return from ruined Oaxatupa with reports of a portal to the Abyss from which demonic servitors of Obox-Ob continue to pour forth in support of the tlincallis. The Council of Six institutes a heavy war tax on Amn in preparation for years of warfare. »