• -334 DR [Year of Three Seas' Rage]
  • A group of Netherese arcanists establishes the city of Helbrester in the Nelanther Isles. »

  • -54 DR [Year of Tomes]
  • Pirates settle the Nelanther at this time and begin stealing ships and causing major disruption of the burgeoning sea trade. The pirates are led by Black Alaric the Pirate, the exiled cousin of Clan Chief Darus Fyrson of Tethyr. »

  • -8 DR [Year of Wraths]
  • The liches Thakloamur and Mingaudorr destroy Helbrester with arcane magic. The ruins are sacked by the outlawed Tethyrian Clan Fyrson and pirates based elsewhere in the Nelanther. »

  • 811 DR [Year of Many Tears]
  • A priest of Talos, who was in possession of the Crown of the Mountain to help build his temple-citadel on the Nelanther is attacked by powerful lightning from the sky. The Crown of the Mountain is once again lost to history. »

  • 1016 DR [Year of the Roaring Tempest]
  • High Trident, Arthaeuil Nrensam of Onthalasp, a northerly island of the Nelanther, writes his autobiography, Words on a Wave. In it, he mentions the Orglara, an artifact of Umberlee.

    The "Shell of Spells" is one of the most little-known holy items in all of Faerun; even many Umberlant clergy have never heard of it. Its origin is unknown, but it is believed that Umberlee created it herself and swept it into the hands of a ship-borne Umberlant priest lost overboard in a stormwave, after he cried out in supplication to the goddess in his dire need. Just who this priest was, and the nature of his peril remains unknown. »

  • 1226 DR [Year of the Black Buck]
  • Umberlee's Displeasure
    The island of Onthalaspan in the Nelanther is swept away by a great storm sent by the goddess Umberlee. Onthalaspan housed a temple to Umberlee, Onthalasp. »

  • 1310 DR [Year of Storms]
  • A vast pirate fleet from the Nelanther Isles attacks and conquers Luskan. The leaders of the pirate fleet (Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack, and Rethnor) declare themselves the new rulers of the city, each taking the title of High Captain. »

  • 1341 DR [Year of the Gate]
  • The High Mistress of Worthy Suffering of Ilmater, Althea, passes from the mortal world. The sorrowing Daern is appointed Guardian of the Tome of Torment.

    He enjoys this ceremonial post for less than a year however. The one-time Archsufferer Bloirt Waelarn, who had escaped his hermitage when storms drove a pirate ship out of the Nelanther aground on Falconsrise, and crept into Keltar seeking revenge. Bloirt takes the Tome and starts to head towards Mussum.

    At Thorlor's Well (a campsite north of the western end of Ankhwood) he is halted by Sir Guth Ormpetarr, a knight of the Order of the Golden Cup, who challenges him to single combat. Waelarn accepts, and uses the Tome to cast a cairn spell to bury the knight. He then takes pick and axe and digs the cairn, severing any arm or foot revealed by his digging. Ilmater, raises the knight as a zombie to give chase to Waelarn. The former Archsufferer finally succumbs to exhaustion near the ruins of Elbulder and is strangled in his sleep by the remains of Sir Guth. The zombie hides the Tome, builds a pyre, burns Waelarn's body, then walks into the fire himself (apparently following the will of Ilmater).

    Visions sent by the Suffering God to a certain underpriest in Mussum, Kortolt Rushtyn, leads the young cleric to the hidden Tome, which he takes not to Mussum or Keltar, but to an isolated shrine of Ilmater, Raven's Rack atop Tanarspear Hill, west of Hlondeth along the coast road. There he preaches of the glory of Ilmater. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Nightal The Knights of the Flying Hunt raid the Nelanther Isles. No pirate attacks are reported for a while afterward but several smoking, adrift and deserted ships are reported off the coast of Calimshan. Paranoia grips the Lands of Intrigue, although they laud the knights for the destruction of the pirates, they wonder what would happen if they attacked the mainland.

    Halruaan Skyships are seen heading in the direction of Nimbral. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The ogre mages Sothillis and Cyrvisnea emerge from the Small Teeth with their army of goblins, kobolds, ogres, and hill giants (which they had been preparing over the past 14 years). They attack eastern Amn. After sacking Fort Ishla, the army of monsters attack Esmeltaran with complete surprise and quickly conquer the city. While the ogre mages did not find the Armory of Nedeheim under the castle of Dahaundar, they did find royal records dating back to Imnel's regime suggesting that the armory had been moved to the city of Murann after the Horned Mage's attack.

    The ogre mages then split their forces. Cyrvisnea led a host of goblins and kobolds west to Imnescar, where they and Cyricists of the Twin Towers of the Eclipse together sack the town. In Imnescar, Cyrvisnea searches the old armory hidden beneath the town, confirming that Prince Imnel had indeed looted it of its weapons centuries before. After leaving a garrison in Esmeltaran to occupy Amn's army, Sothillis leds the remainder of his forces southwest through Trademeet to the port city of Murann, where the monsters laid siege on Eleasias 22, 1370 DR aided by a naval blockade by the pirates of the Nelanther (who were contracted by the Rundeen).

    The siege grounds to a halt over the winter while the monsters fortified their rear flank against attack by Amn's army. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Lhammaruntosz "The Claws of the Coast" (female very old bronze dragon), who has two lairs: a bowl-valley amid the heights of Orlumbor (her primary lair) and a hidden hoard-lair in the interior of the High Moor, succumbs to madness and unleashes a devastating series of attacks on pirate lairs and ships throughout the Nelanther Isles. She leaves the pirate port of Skaug a smoking ruin and sinks at least a dozen pirate ships, both at mooring and at sea. »