• Start of the Ninth Seros War
  • 653 DR to 656 DR
    The initial combatants in this conflict are the merfolk of Hmurrath and the merrow Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk. »

  • 654 DR [Year of the Coveted Briars]
  • Battle of the Haunted Plains
    After their defeat here, more than 80% of all merrow in Seros flee or are driven south, behind the Sharksbane Wall. The remainder survives within the Hmur Plateau or among the ruins on the Haunted Plains. »

  • 655 DR [Year of the Volanth]
  • Three years of war destroys the two Axe Kingdoms of the merrow along the Dragon Coast and Sembia coasts. The Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk are the last pretenses of "civilized" merrow in Seros. »

  • 656 DR [Year of Peaceful Seas]
  • End of the Ninth Seros War
    Due to merrow invading their territory and adding to their enemies' populations, sahuagin send massive raiding parties storming over the Sharksbane Wall. All this serves as retribution for the other races invading Aleaxtis, and that continues the Ninth Seros War for another year. »

  • 660 DR [Year of the Morning Horn]
  • The Laws of Battle is drafted by the merfolk, shalarin, and Dukars after the end of the Ninth Seros War to avoid the kind of genocidal violence from ever fouling the waters of Seros ever again. »