• -3637 DR
  • The small village of Zenith is established and believed to be the northern-most town in all of Netheril. Situated on a narrow strip of land and surrounded by the Narrow Sea, it seemed a logical place to build a great port city.

    Unfortunately, trade was still in its infancy when Zenith was established. By the time trade became a major issue in Netheril, the city of Northreach had already been established and Harborage served as a stopping place for all east-west trade upon the sea. »

  • -3552 DR
  • The city of Northreach is established in Netheril. When Netheril was reaching farther west in an effort to first find the dwarves, Northreach was one of the settlements that was established in an effort to shore up supplies for the explorers. Behind Seventon, it is probably one of Netheril's oldest cities. »

  • -3458 DR
  • The Netherese discover the shield dwarves of Delzoun. The importance of Northreach increases as it begins to serve as a port of increasing prominence, allowing trade between Delzoun and Netheril. »

  • -3014 DR
  • Ioulaum creates the first mythallar. A mythallar is established in Northreach. »

  • -2758 DR
  • With the Mines of Dekanter producing vast amounts of mineral wealth, the importance of Northreach rapidly diminishes. While still an important port along the Narrow Sea, the prominence of the floating cities is now paramount to Netheril's survival (or so it seems at the time).

    Northreach becomes a home for common criminals, a testing ground for new and ever-more-dangerous spells, and an outpost for trade with the Rengarth tribes. »

  • -2646 DR
  • Whether the dwarves of Delzoun struck a mother lode of precious metals or just decided to increase trade is unknown, but Northreach of Netheril is virtually buried beneath ship after ship of gold, silver, platinum, and bronze. The population doubles, despite a vicious winter that sees the residents battling orc tribes that were starving out on the Rengarth ancestral lands. »