• -9000 DR
  • As part of the great migration caused by the loss of Bhaerynden to drow, one isolated branch of dwarves settles amid the isolated peaks of the Novularond, eventually becoming known as the arctic dwarves. »

  • -901 DR
  • Iulutiun representatives from Gronne attempt to establish formal relations with the Innugaakalikurit (arctic dwarves) in Novularond by inviting them to participate in the koatulit. The Innugaakalikurit decline, but the invitation marks the beginning of a long and cordial relationship between the Innugaakalikurt and the Ulutiuns. »

  • -598 DR [Year of Quiet Thunder]
  • A party of Innugaakalikurit (arctic dwarves) discovers a crude catapult on a high peak in Novularond. The Innugaakalikurit disassemble the device and take the parts home with them. A day later, an enraged group of frost giant tracks down the Innugaakalikurit and demands the return of the weapon. The Innugaakalikurit refuse. The frost giants respond by attacking and destroying an Innugakalikurit village.

    To avoid an all out war, the elders of Gronne intervene, volunteering to negotiate a settlement. The Gronne elders ultimately find the Innugaakalkurit guilty of theft; the frost giants are awarded custody of the dwarven thieves. The frost giants make slaves of the prisoners; descendents of the prisoners remain enslaved today. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Dabron Sashenstar of Baldur's Gate charts a passage through the Novularond Peaks to Sossal. He also discovers the tower of the long-dead mage Caddelyn. Inside they discover the spellbook Caddelyn's Workbook. They examine it but do not take it. On their return trip, they stop by the tower once more, but discover that the spellbook is missing. »