• 982 DR [Year of the Scythe]
  • Jorthan Twocastle, a lovable rogue who served the a Tymoran temple in Sembia and member of the Brave Broadsword Band, escapes from the lair of the red dragon, Thungarbarath in the Thunder Peaks with a handful of coin and the Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora). Jorthan is the only member to survive.

    Jorthan tries to sell the Flame in Archenbridge, but Jorthan did not known that only worshippers of Tymora may handle the artifact and not be burned by it. An interested merchant is engulfed in flames and no one shows any further interest in the Flame.

    Jorthan hides the Flame in one of the Brave Broadsword's favorite caches: an empty coffin in the Mulsiner family crypt deep within Ordulin's Graveyard of the Sleeping Gryphon and hires on as a caravan guard. When he returns, the Flame is gone. Not knowing what to do next, Jorthan forgets about the Flame and moves on with his life.

    He eventually tells his tale years later, as he lay dying in the care of the monks of Old Hazard Hill Farm, a monastic Tymoran retreat north of Huddagh. »

  • 1187 DR [Year of the Arcane Guise]
  • The Key of Faith (an artifact of Oghma) first surfaces in Sembia, when a merchant by the name of Feldro comes to the Hall of Scrolls in Ordulin (a fledgling "rent-and-read" library founded and maintained by Oghmanyte clergy). He begins babbling about a "Holy Quest" of which the Wise God had spoken to him at a chance meeting in the backlands. The Lord Librarian of the Hall receives a dream-vision that featured a frowning Oghma pointing sternly at Feldro!

    So it was that the Holy Quest for the Key began, drawing Oghmanyte priests from all over Faerun to the Hall. Priests of Bane, who had long battled the priests of the Binder for influence in upland Sembia, sees an opportunity to rid themselves fo many rivals at a stroke. They summon literally tons of monsters down onto the roof of the Hall without warning, and the fell creatures infested the Hall. The Banites spread word that Oghmanytes dabbled in dark beast-magics and had died by thier own misadventures, and the Hall and most of the Sembian priesthood of Oghma perished in one afternoon.

    The surviving priests of Oghma set forth on two quests, one to slay two Banite priests for every Oghmanyte killed in the collapse of the Hall, and the other to find the Key.

    Of all the priests of Oghma who undertook the Holy Quest, only 26 reached the final room. Oghma declares the quest fulfilled, and that the Key is not ment to travel the Realms. After each priest touched the Key, if vanished. It is understood that the Key would lie in dungeons and lairs and ruins and tombs, to be found by adventurers, to be serve them briefly and then vanish of its own accord. »

  • 1316 DR [Year of the Gulagoar]
  • The arch-mage Orcrommor the Mighty and Asblan the Bold destroy each other in an aerial battle over the city of Ordulin. »

  • 1334 DR [Year of the Blazing Brand]
  • A spell-duel in Ordulin between Thindol of the Zhentarim and the awakened lich Bhalgustrin ends with the death of Thindol. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • An elven burial barge that drifts into the nets of pirates in the open seas west of the isles of Sarr proves to contain a fortune in gems, a sword whose blade is visible only in moonlight (or when bathed in gore!), and the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus). These riches overcame the usual superstition of the pirates of the Fallen Stars, and they fairly tear apart the corpse of the elf and its slender ship of rest in their eagerness to become men of wealth. The barkscrap is retained by a pirate named Skirpo as something "that no one else was grabbing, which just might be of value".

    It was valued by someone on the Dragonisle not long after, because they kill Skirpo and take the Leaves. It is sold in Sembia the next spring, briefly surfacing in Ordulin in a merchant's hoard for which two rival band of adventurers find to the death in an inn, and is claimed from the last reeling survivor of that fray by the innkeeper as part payment for the damages done to the rooms. It disappears again only a tenday later, when ambitious Zhentarim magelings riding feywings tear the top right off the inn to get at anything of value they might carry off while they practiced blasting the angry owners of said items to ashes with spells in the progress.

    After the destruction of Zhentil Keep, a caravan master finds the book floating in the ruins. Fearing to examine the Leaves too closely, he wraps it in an old cloak and takes it to Arabel on his regular caravan run, selling it there to someone who takes it into the Stonelands and is devoured in that place by predators. The book lays beside his gnawed bones for a winter or more before adventurers find it again and take it to the House of the Morning in Eveningstar to be identified. They reclaim it then, and set off into the Haunted Halls, never to be seen again. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Khelben steals the Scepter of the Sorcerer Kings from the Harper vault known as the Catacombs of Ordulin and replaces it with an illusory duplicate. »

  • Malarkin Norlbertusz of Ordulin writes the play Much Ado in Sembia. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Tarsakh 19 The leaders of three leading churches of the Morninglord, High Radiance Ghentilara of Waterdeep, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen of Marsember, and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon of Ordulin meet in secret at Morningmist Hall in Marsember to discuss Daelegoth and the Risen Sun heresy. »

  • Tarsakh 21 The remaining leaders of the Iron Throne - Kraskosh, Maready, Hogley, Seecher, and Skitt - meet in secret beneath a warehouse in Ordulin. Although they vow to continue operating as a merchant company, tensions fill the air, and the effects of Sfena's geas spells begin to fade. »

  • Flamerule 21 Emissaries from the temple of the Morninglord in Waterdeep, Marsember, and Ordulin (sent by High Radiance Ghentilara, High Morninglord Chansobal Dreen and High Morninglord Ombital Duskroon respectively) attempt to meet with Daelegoth in Elversult but are rebuffed when they refuse to acknowledge imminent ascension of Amaunator. »

  • Nightal 1 Elyril Hraven priestess of Shar, completes a ritual set forth in the empty spaces within the Leaves of One Night and summons the Shadowstorm. A planar rift is torn open over Ordulin, and that portion of the Plane of Shadow known as the Admbral Calyx pours forth. Ordulin is destroyed in the cataclysm, and the bulk of its citizens are killed. Volumvax the Divine One, also known as Kesson Rel the First Chosen of Mask, emerges from the rift amid an army of shadows and shadow giants. Volumvax raises Ordulin's dead as shadows to bolster his own army. »