• 158 DR [Year of the Imploring Widow]
  • Uth Myrmoran, king of Myrmoran and lord of Uthtower, begins to feel the effects of old age. His eldest son, Ornoth Myrmoran begins to run the government. »

  • 168 DR [Year of Scattered Stars]
  • Ornoth Myrmoran becomes king of Myrmoran with the death of his father, Uth.
    Ornoth gives nobility status to seven of his closest allies, who had long been his counselors. This core of noble houses soon make up the Council of Lords, and the leader of each house occupies one seat on the council. »

  • 191 DR [Year of the Broken Lands]
  • The realm of Yarlith is formed north of Uthtower and south of Eigersstor to prevent dynastic squabbling between the twin heirs (Uth II, and Ornoth II) of Ornoth Myrmoran to the thrown of Uthtower.

    Iniarv creates the Twinned Crown of Yarlith »