• -2809 DR
  • The Eshowe, the Tabaxi, and the Thinguth tribes, as well as several others that accepted Ubtao's message, follow the couatls in a great pilgramage across the seas of the Jungles of Chult. The tribes land on the Wild Coast and march inland to the Peaks of the Flame, where the avatar of Ubtao welcomes them. »

  • 10 DR [Year of Dreams]
  • The realm of Serpentes goes into rapid decline when its emperor Sseth vanishes beneath the Peaks of Flame. The once-allied yuan-ti tribes begin to feud over the succession.
    Ss'inthee'ssaree, capital city of Serpentes, falls into ruin. »

  • 77 DR [Year of the Quivering Mountain]
  • A volcanic eruption creates the Emerald Crater in the Peaks of the Flame, making it a place sacred to the wild dwarves of the region. The emerald great wyrm Esmerandanna claims the Emerald Crater as her home and becomes known as the Resplendent Queen. »