• c. -33800 DR
  • Fall of Isstosseffifil:
    In an effort to drown the phaerimm of Phaerlin (known today as the Buried Realms in the Underdark) and dispatch their enemies in one masterful stroke, Isstossef wizards rerouted the Narrow Sea so that it ran from east to west, inundating the land around the chain of hills known today as the Tagorlar with water.  Although the Isstossef succeeded in driving the phaerimms deep into the Underdark, the massive ecological change resulting from their weavings of Art caused the Isstosseffifil empire to collapse.

    Although most of the sarrukh of Isstosseffifil died with the city's decline, many survived. The survivors retreated into lichdom in the depths of Oreme where they are protected by the asabis they had created. »

  • -2613 DR
  • Reports circulate in Netheril in Basin Lake of a large creature attacking fishing vessel and other small craft. Hunting parties are gathered to hunt down this beast, but it proves too smart to make a target of itself. The monster, nicknamed Diemondar; which translated literally meant "jaws of death", continued its attacks until it was supposedly slain by the phaerimm's life drain spells in -402 DR. »

  • c. -1059 DR
  • It's believed that Tempest Freion Chagringhost of Monikar establishes a working relationship with the phaerimm. By swapping information, capturing arcanists, and aiding one another, it was believed that the will of Kozah would be served. Tempest Chagringhost's brutal tactics earn him the enmity of archwizards all across Netheril. »

  • -690 DR [Year of Fragile Beginnings]
  • Blingdenstone, a deep gnome community, is founded in the North Underdark by svirfneblin fleeing phaerimm expansion. The deep gnomes establish their settlement despite its close proximity to Menzoberranzan, lured by the rich veins of arandur (a metal that holds its sharpness particularly well), iron and rubies. »

  • -637 DR [Year of Velvet Tounges]
  • The archwizards responsible for funding the expedition into the Hollows decide they had other interests to pursue. Many of of the adventurers and explorers left, but a handful remained, shielded from the brunt of Netheril's weather and their emerging conflict with the phaerimm. Holloway's battle are limited to engagements with monsters who are disturbed by their poking around in the ruins. »

  • -559 DR [Year of Hidden Passions]
  • Buoyance's body finally fails him and follows the path to lichdom. For the next 150 years, he avails himself little into the pressing affairs of Netheril as the other archwizards tried to deal with the phaerimm. »

  • -485 DR [Year of Masks]
  • The city of Algid in Netheril is destroyed by the phaerimm. The few people who survive are taken in by neighboring communities or enclaves.

    With the destruction of Algid, the residents of Hoyden starts their immigration south and west. »

  • -477 DR [Year of Legacy]
  • Death of Olostin.
    Olostin had quickly emerged as the most blood-thirsty bandit lord in Netheril's history. By the age of 20, he was already railing against the rule of the archwizards. Others who also shared his distaste for the archwizards joined his cause.

    The Baron of Dread, as he quickly became known, was more than just a rallying point for those who were dissatisfied with the rule of the archwizards. He was a ruthless plunderer whose own exorbitant living conditions rivaled those of the archwizards.

    Olostin and his followers lived in structure known as Dread Keep, west of the city of Unity in the Far Horns. It was a stone structure with high walls that served to prevent all but the most powerful from breaching its walls. The phaerimm had also told him that it would prevent the archwizards from using magic to discover his location.

    Thirty three years after his raids began, however, a powerful arcanists and a group of 250 warriors attacked Dread Keep and killed Olostin with a Noanar's fireball spell. The few notes and scattered plans that survived seemed to indicate that Olostin was in league with the phaerimm, whom the Netherese were still trying to locate. »

  • -475 DR [Year of Glowing Embers]
  • The phaerimm discover the nation of Netheril and begins plotting its downfall. »

  • -461 DR [Year of Bold Pioneers]
  • The phaerimms begin casting their Life Drain spells that eventually lead to the creation of the Great Desert of Anauroch and the abandonment of Low Netheril. »

  • -450 DR [Year of Dwarves' Descent]
  • Large-scale Netherese migration into the Savage Frontier begins when the effects of the phaerimm's lifedrain dweomers became apparent. »

  • -442 DR [Year of Kings Arising]
  • Until now, the city of Blister in Netheril suffers continued attacks from goblinoids in the area, it s unexpectedly attacked by a force of phaerimm that tests the defenses of the stronghold in this year. The attack is repelled, but Blister suffered some heavy losses from which in never recovers. »

  • -427 DR [Year of Breaking Storms]
  • The spells of the phaerimms bring down the floating cities of Lhaoda and Tith Tilendrothael. The other Neterese enclaves set up wards against this form of attack. »

  • -384 DR [Year of True Gages]
  • Bouyance begins researching ways that his body-twisting magic could affect the enemies of Netheril (the phaerimm). »

  • -371 DR [Year of Bruins]
  • Although he has already survived for centuries, Ioulaum embraces lichdom since life-supporting magic and potions ceased functioning as the phaerimm's life drain spells permeate Netheril, and establishes a heavily fortified lair in the Northdark. »

  • c. -370 DR
  • Work begins on Citadel Adbar, since the Narrow Sea's destruction by phaerimm lifedrain magic leaves Delzoun's eastern front exposed. »

  • -369 DR [Year of Falling Gold]
  • The Basin Lake in Netheril had attracted many people to its clear waters since -3109 DR, but the phaerimm's life drain spells destroyed the lake in this year. »

  • -359 DR [Year of Boiling Moats]
  • Three mighty phaerimm sorcerers (who call themselves the Triumvirate; Phindounma the Abominable, Scalmarel the Sage, Ygnaroth the Necroseer) subvert the beholers of Ooltul, the eastern outpost of the great beholder nation Xun'Qoroth. »

  • -354 DR [Year of Many Maws]
  • The first recorded clash between the sharns and the phaerimm occurs in Anauroch. »

  • The arcanist Melathlar flees Netheril and travels to Illusk. Fearing phaerimm assaults, he sacrifices his life to power a mighty work of the Art that raises the great stone Host Tower, walls, and powerful spellwards around this fledgling settlement. »

  • -351 DR [Year of Dark Roads]
  • As the life-draining spells of the phaerimms rapidly despoil central Netheril, several Netherese arcanists abandon their demisnes and begin searching for a place to build a city in the Underdark, beneath the western wilderness. »