• 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • Hoth of the Six Curses, a mage hired by a man that Andaren Robyth had not quite killed finds Andaren in his cave overlooking Phannaskull to kill him. Andaren buys his life by giving Hoth Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielliki). Hoth takes the Companion and teleports the thief to Westgate, where he enjoys a short but colorful career.

    When Hoth discovers that the Companion contained nothing he could use, he disgustedly sells it in a bazaar in Morghyr. The man who bought it made the mistake of double-crossing a fellow merchant - who turned out to be part of a druuth (a small band of dopplegangers working for a mind flayer).

    The leader of the druuth tries to trade the Companion for a more useful magical item, but happened to choose the wrong man to try to trade with: the Elderly Rhighaermon O'Antlers, who uses every thing in his power to slay the illithid, seize the Companion, and take to to the nearest temple of Mielikki. He is successful, though sorely wounded and hotly pursued by dopplegangers. The priests of the temple were about to aid Rhighaermon when Mielikki herself appeared and took the Companion and slayed the pursuers. The next day, the Companion was found on the alter with a command from the goddess to continue the "Rightful Cycle". »

  • 1409 DR [Year of True Omens]
  • An epidemic ravages the metallic dragons of the Copper Mountains. Several survivors flee south, crossing over the dark eaves of the Great Wild Wood. One fleeing dragon named Skalnaedyr, more through accident than design, hit upon an ingenious method to assure his survival. Hungry and feverish from his close call with the draconic illness, he alights in a village called Phannaskull. The village ataman thought to protect his people by offering obedience to the dragon. Taken aback, Skalnaedyr agreed, becoming the first dragon prince and setting an example for the swarm of dragons that would come to follow him south from the mountains. To show his respect, the ataman immediately changed the name of the town to Skalneadyr.

    Other dragons fleeing the same infection soon learned of Skalnaedyr's ploy. After that, the largest dragons each sought a village to rule, either through fear, deciet, or promise of protection against later waves of dragons that might be less diplomatic. »