• 1204 DR [Year of the Private Tears]
  • Urdogen the Red claims the Dragonisle and rule of the pirates of the Inner Sea. Raids against ports and coastal towns begins. »

  • 1286 DR [Year of the Rock]
  • Methlas, a merchant from Marsember, quietly gathers a small fleet of corsairs, crewed with sailors who had left greater navies. Although this fleet was initially established as a merchant fleet, Methlas' ships quickly become involved in various swindles and dodges, with double manifests, "deck cargo losses", and false deliveries being common. Many of the cargoes in these vessels were stolen at sea, but Methlas is careful to ensure that the owners never found out what happened to them. With these stolen cargoes, he begins building and outfitting his fleet. »

  • 1294 DR [Year of the Deep Moon]
  • Methlas had at this time amassed nearly 40 ships to his fleet. He had intended to build over 50 ships before embarking on open piracy, but was murdered by his lieutenant Thevren. Thevren immediately raids the Sembian cities of Selgaunt and Saerloon. The Sembians, having no idea that a force of this size sailed the Inner Seas, was caught totally off guard. After 3 days of looting, Thevren's fleet left laden with booty and either seized or sunk every war vessel in the two harbors.

    The Sembians seek immediate retribution, but their entire naval fleet is gone. They appeal to Cormyr for assistance, but the sent message is somehow misunderstood, and the ambassador from Sembia accuses the Cormyrean Freesails of the attack and demanded immediate reparations. Cormyr of course denies the charges, but the resulting confusion prevents any significant force from being mustered against Thevren and his pirates. »

  • 1305 DR [Year of the Creeping Fang]
  • Thilana, the leader of the pirates is strangled to death by one of her female captains, Laershala of the Emerald Eyes in Tantras.

    She had gathered some support from those pirates who wanted more raiding for ever more gold. Laershala was herself a skilled captain, and many of the pirates chafed under the leadership of someone with little seamanship, despite all the cunning of Thilana.

    Laershala's control of the pirates is not the same as that of Thilana, and pirates who agreed with the late leader were angry that Laershala had killed her, and refused to follow her. Others see this as an opportunity to strike out on their own and the Pirates of the Dragonisle is but a shadow of what it was. »

  • 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • Laershala dies in naval combat with Cormyrean Freesails. The pirates of the Inner Sea break up into squabbling factions. »